Problems and Solutions

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. (Herbert Spencer)


The aim of this section is to clearly state the problems of survival, and to identify the action required to reverse the descending death spiral that WE have created.

Basic assumptions

• The first critical step to sustainable peace (survival) is to acknowledge our Extraterrestrial origins and our Cosmic future. We are not alone.

• War settles nothing.

• Peace is more complex than war.

• Establishing and maintaining peace is more difficult than war.

• Wars are caused by man, by the way our political and economic systems have been organized and maintained.

• Extremes of religious fundamentalism lead to violence. This includes all religions.

• Environmentally induced conflict is an increasing reality.

• What man has made, man can change . . . but powerful tools of change are needed.

• Leadership of all nations must face the problems of peace.

• Citizens of all nations must hold their political and business leaders to higher standards of peace fulfilling performance.

• World-wide citizens will make essential contributions to peace when they understand who we really are, where we came from, and that we have a host of Cosmic allies who want the Earth experiment to succeed

• Man's violence to man, and man's violence to Earth are inseparable issues of peace.

What are we going to do?

• Reexamine and question beliefs that have become dangerously dysfunctional.

• Chief among these is that we are alone.

• Fearlessly reexamine the historical evidence of the origins of homo sapiens and our boosted development by the Anunnaki and other Extraterrestrial cultures.

• Engage in an extended international dialogue about the challenges and opportunities when there is no ambiguity about the reality of Earth/Extraterrestrial contact.

• Take critical action to prevent exporting our violence into space. Create international and space law that prohibits all classes of space-based weapons.

• Participate with our Cosmic cousins in a volunteer program to create a special hybrid that explores deep space to locate and colonize human inhabitable planets.

Why is this important?

• When we acknowledge who we are and where we came from, a clearer path of where we can go will emerge.

• The possibility of civilization ending conflict is increasing.

• Huge arsenals of weapons of mass destruction still exist. Some of these weapons may have "disappeared" from former control.

• Ethnic strife and international terrorism are increasing. Borders offer scant protection.

• Ecological crises are transitional, truly global.

• The mess we are in is our responsibility to clean up.

• When we curb our violence we will demonstrate that we are worthy to be considered a candidate to be invited to join a rule-based Cosmic Federation.

How are we going to do it?

• Grounded in the reality of who we really are and the possibility of earning a formal invitation into the Cosmic Community, the rest is merely the work to establish our peaceful worthiness.

Who will do it?

• Students with fresh, hopeful energy to assure their own peaceful future.

• Universities and colleges fulfilling their service obligation to the world community.

• Elders with earned wisdom and life experiences of the futility of war.

• Other people with vision and the uniqueness of their being to contribute.

• Private institutions confident of their ability to contribute to the solution of seemingly intractable ecological and war and peace issues.

• Enlightened governments seeking the best for their citizens and the world through the real security of peace with justice.

• International businesses bold and wise enough to develop economic, manufacturing and trade strategies based upon sustained global peace.

• The disciplined military of the world’s nations with new roles and missions of cooperation needed to save lives at risk from the increasing consequences of global warming and climate change.

When will it be done?

• It is already underway with three Pilot Programs jointly created by P.E.A.C.E. Inc. with the Spiritual Hierarchy, an extraterrestrial organization. One of the Pilot Programs has a major role for the world’s colleges and universities.

What will be the impact?

• Survival of humanity.