Peace Coins

The Spiritual Hierarchy has agreed that the exchange of a small tangible gift with our ET counterparts would be appropriate. An example would be the coin designed for Islamic countries shown below.

Each coin will be engraved with” Cosmic Human” translated in the language of the country where it will be used.


The opening coin page above is an introduction to a new phase of Peace Inc.’s global and cosmic peace programs. It closes out over twenty years of working exclusively with traditional Earth institutions, particularly the academic community.

This new phase is based upon contact with a most interesting, sometimes frustrating, but always positive and hopeful, cosmic organization. Contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy (SH) is through a teacher assigned to us by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Our Teacher has identified himself a Pleiadean. He is part of a group of 152 ETs from many races. This group’s assignment is to be a bridge between individual humans, teams of humans and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Working with the SH, we have created three Pilot Programs of mutual importance to Earth and the Cosmic Community. These are not government programs, and the successful execution of them does not rise to the level of formal disclosure of ET/Earth contact.

The ETs have told us that they are in charge of formal disclosure. They are concerned that without a global dialogue on the anticipated challenges and opportunities of disclosure, there will be political, economic and social chaos. The wild card Is that Earth has also been granted Free Will.

For all others planning to work in collaboration with ETs, we have learned that patience is a cardinal rule. Remember that forever the ET vision has been Cosmic, and our respective concepts of time are certainly different.

The Pilot Programs:

1 .Invite and Return (I&R). This is incorrectly known as the abduction program by the small grays.It is to become a volunteer program. Many of us are graduates of this program, but until recently few knew of its purpose and important to humans and all other sentient life in the
Cosmos. Its importance does not mask the serious ethical issues of taking without consent The purpose and importance of the I&R Program is to create the Indigo Hybrid from Human, Tall Gray and Nordic genetic material. This program has been going on for thousands of years.
The Indigo Hybrid is trained to explore deep space, identify inhabitable planets and to colonize them. These will be the prepared new home planets when natural causes threatened currently existing planets throughout the Cosmos. What a beautiful gift from Humans to all other races in the Cosmos.

A Human Medical Support Team is part of the I&R Pilot Program. This is a group of human doctors, nurses, and physical, occupational and speech therapy rehabilitation technicians. It is being formed to support human volunteers who may suffer some physical and/or
psychological problem from the I&R Program.

2. Treaty to ban all space-based weapons. The SH considers this to be the number one Program to prevent the destruction of Earth’s civilization, and damage beyond that which we can understand.

3. White Paper on Disclosure. Countries that sign the Treaty are also expected to contribute to a pre-disclosure global dialogue on the anticipated challenges and opportunities that will result from formal disclosure. This is Plan C in the old Peace Inc. website. Our guidance is to first set up these programs in the U.S. When we have achieved success in the U.S. we are to export that knowledge to other countries, assist in creating Teams in other countries and to support them. However, each country is responsible to do the work in their country. Teams are being formed in India and China now.

The coins have been coordinated with the ETs as gifts when we meet with our working counterpart on their craft.

The silver coin in the center of the six country related coins is a stand- in for a special Medallion being designed for Heads of States. It will be awarded to them when they sign the Treaty banning all space-based weapons, and identify a university in their country that will research and write a White Paper. The medallion will feature a sample of a very special ET selected space-stone. A large size of that stone will be awarded for extensive analysis. This stone will be selected by the ET Team because when fully analyzed, will be a guide to understand Dark Energy and technologies that may be developed from that knowledge.

The ETs have designed a rigid protocol to assure that successful analysis of the very special space-stone can only be used in service to sustain and support life.

Please don’t miss the central message of all above. Earth is surrounded by ancient friendly races that want to see the Earth experiment succeed.

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