Peace Coins

English Speaker’s Narrative


Anyone who has been engaged for years with Off-Earth Civilizations has learned much from that experience. It appears that while there may be common events in this association, I strongly suspect that in each case there is very specific reason for the contact. Clearly, the ETs are in control of the situation. Without specific authorization, no Human speaks for ETs. However, there appears to be no restrictions on what Humans in contact with ETs may report about that contact.

There is a complication that needs to be honored about the ET/Human relationships. The ETs are very capable of mind influence. This means they can easily “guide” a conversation without leaving any fingerprints of such activity. This can lead to inflated human egos that sincerely believe that some of the brilliant insights they have are really homegrown. I do not consider this to be a problem in the relationships I have with the ETs. Without exception, my business with them has been focused on peace at all levels of Earth’s civilization. The meeting point within that focus is to save Earth’s troubled civilization from self-destruction.

The good news is that we are working with an ET organization that shares that goal. The other news is that Humans will have to do the work and demonstrate that they have the will and energy to do it.

Some detail about that ET organization will be found in the Moon coin narrative at some future time. The coin narratives link with each other, and in total, reveal details of the strategy and tactics we have jointly developed with the ETs to increase the odds that Earth’s civilization will be saved by dint of work done by Humans on Earth with modest, but critical, assistance from the ET community. If you think this is important there most certainly is a role for you to play.

(The above ad to save Earth civilizations from self-destruction will be repeated as a lead to each coin narrative.)

The United States of America currently has the largest English speaking population on Planet Earth. That may be a changing situation because of the global importance of the use of English in the critical areas of global finance, science, engineering, and across a broad area of developing technologies, and the shear economic and political power of the US.

An additional reason for the inclusion of a coin for English speakers is that it provides an opportunity to honor indigenousness cultures in the United States through a historical lens of three-hundred years of wars to eliminate them because they were perceived to be a dangerous nuisance in the way of a superior White Man’s culture.

The history of this vicious and bloody warfare is rarely taught in US classrooms below college and university levels. The final solution was to force submission to accept reservation life where a corrupt Indian Bureau ruled. The reservation system made the tribes wards of the state and deprived the Indians of the ability to hunt or to make war. At the end of the US Civil War (1865) an estimated 15 million buffalo roamed the Great Plains. A deliberate strategy to eliminate the principal food source of Sioux was devastatingly successful. By 1900 there were only several hundred that had survived the slaughter. As noted in the American Heritage History of the Indian Wars:

Perhaps the tribes could have slowed the process, or compelled a more just conclusion,
had they been able to unite against the common threat. But they failed to see the white
advance as truly apocalyptic until too late, and they never overcame the cultural forces
that made them see other tribes as greater enemies than the white people.

There are a number of lessons to be learned from this sad period of US history. Perhaps the most important of these is that over 300 years of fighting Native American tribes from North to South and East to West, a powerful model of militarism has been available for every US President to use. One of the most successful and powerful military/industrial/congressional troikas the world has ever seen has made the US the most feared and violent country in the world.

When the Pentagon announced years ago that global warming was a national security issue I thought that this would assure that the country would take bold measures in response to global warming. That did not happen. It is ironic that the massive navy complex in the Virginia tidewater area of Norfolk already has serious flooding problems that impact operations. The US and most of the world has failed in a timely response to global warming. The best science describes a future scenario that for many forms of life will be truly apocalyptic.

It is here where lessons to be learned from past history, and recognizable future opportunities to be gained, come together.

If the US decides to take a leading and positive role in post-disclosure of Earth/ET contact, the use of English on Earth will become more dominate until new human generations remember the powerful utility of telepathy in communications and its role in reducing violence and eliminating perfidy and corruption. The transition to mind-to-mind communication will result in a cleansing of politics and finances.

The US could abjure a positive leadership role in this inevitable transformation. That is a possibility if the Republican Party that is currently burdened by a policy of willful ignorance of science, wins control of the White House and both the Senate and House of Representatives in 2016.

Much more than the Democrat Party, the Republican Party has become a handmaiden to special interests and corporations that see no evil in putting profits over the public good.

Addiction to greed has considerable potential for draconian outcomes. Those who have successfully bought control of the levers of government may not be able to recognize when continued denial of global warming has passed the point where amelioration was an option.

Enduring the ultimate consequences of greed and willful ignorance will be fatal to many, perhaps most of Earth’s current population. However, there is an ancient and ongoing ET program that addresses saving the Human genome by including it as part of a unique hybrid program. That program has been erroneously labeled as ET Abduction. The ETs strongly reject the abduction label. They point out that historically it has been a Take & Return (T&R) operation. Working with the Spiritual Hierarchy we have created an important change to the T&R operation. When the new Pilot Program becomes operational, only human volunteers will be involved. The new program will be called Invite & Return.

I will close this tribute to aboriginal cultures with a quote from one of the most memorable Native Americans. Sitting Bull was the greatest chief of the Sioux. He was the architect of the tribal coalition that had wiped out Custer and most of 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn. There was much more to Sitting Bull than his fighting skills.

If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man he would have made me so in
the first place. He put in your heart certain wishes and plans: and in my heart other
and different desires. Each man is good in the sight of the Great Spirit.
It is not necessary that eagles should be crows.
Sitting Bull (Hunkapa Lakota Medicine Man and Tribal Chief)

Sitting Bull’s observation that “Each man is good in the sight of the Great Spirit,” is obviously difficult for many Humans of various shades to accept.

I have traveled and presented plans for enduring peace at many venues. On one such journey in the United States I visited five Tribal colleges. Two of these were on reservations in South Dakota: Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Reservation, and Sinte Gleska University on the Rosebud Reservation.

At both of these schools I was treated with respect and suspicion. I was advised by a Native American friend to note in my request to visit that I had served in the navy for thirty-years because they will respect a warrior, but be suspicious of every white man because of their history.

At each school I went through a welcoming ceremony that included a visit to their small museums that featured framed copies of treaties they made with the white man and when it was broken at the convenience of the white man.

One framed item in this tour of documented deception was a quote attributed to an Old Sioux: “They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they promised to take our land and they took it.”

At both schools there were posters that referenced the Pleiades. When I asked the significance of this, the answer was: “That is where our most ancient ancestors live.” A fuller response was made in the Indian Country Today (6/28/14) in an article about reclaiming the sacred Black Hills:

To say that the Black Hills (Khe Sapa) hold special significance for the Oceti Sahowin (The Great Sioux Nation) is an understatement. They’re not only our traditional homelands, where our ancestors once lived, there’re sacred. The Black Hills are the birthplace of our Nation, where we rose from Mother Earth’s womb. Our legends took place there. The Black Hills itself is a terrestrial mirror of the heavens above and thus forms the basis of our ancient star maps and Lakota astronomy.

Those who are familiar with the literature about ETs may recall that the creation stories of more than the North American tribes speak of ancient ET links and knowledge. This augers well for the future of these tribes in times to come. We are going to learn of many ET cultures and very likely, over time, have direct and personal contact with some of them.

The coin is for English speakers throughout the world. Where are these English speakers?

A website that lists the top ten English speaking countries by population observes that a working knowledge of English has become a requirement in a number of fields, and as the result more than a billion speak it to at least an income supporting level. It is one of six official languages of the United Nations. The top ten countries are:

United States, 298,444,149; India, 125,226,449; Pakistan, 99,690,000; Nigeria, 79,000,000; United Kingdom, 59,600,000; Philippines, 52,292,884; Germany, 51,584,000; Bangladesh, 29,398,158; Egypt, 28,101,325; and Canada, 28,360,240.

Wait a minute – where is China on this list? That is an excellent question without an easy answer. In 2011, Jon Huntsman, former U.S. ambassador to China who speaks Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese, made the statement “It’s interesting to note that the largest English-speaking nation today, or soon to be, is China.”

All language speaking figures should be considered estimates. The other significant issue is the level of language proficiency. However, Huntsman’s prediction, “or soon to be” very likely means that in 2015 there are 300 million Chinese with increasing English speaking proficiency.

Rounding off the above numbers provides an estimated total of one billion ninety-nine million global English speakers. And then there are 201 additional countries with an estimated total English speaking population of 408 million people.

What is the symbol on this coin for English speakers, and does it have meaning to the millions of English speakers and others who do not reside in the United States?

The major link is indigenousness cultures and how they were treated by European imperial powers and the United States. Another important link is the likelihood that more books are available in English about ETs than in any other language.

Of course the above book situation is both a blessing and a curse. While there are a number of very thoughtful books on ETs, there are also a number of books on ETs that are written only to sell because they pander to fear. P.E.A.C.E. Inc. does not keep a list of books in either category. In the narratives of coins on this website we will mention some authors and books that have been valuable in our research and work with the ET community.

The “fear card” mentioned above is important beyond it is used to sell books. Seventy years ago when a few unrecognized craft crashed on Earth, authorities created cover stories to mask these events because they legitimately needed time to determine if these events signaled a threat.

Since non-human crews were recovered from these crashes, Cold War adversaries could quickly be removed from any threat list of these events. I suspect that at some early point the US, Soviet Union and China shared information on this subject because it was such a confounding mystery.

US President Reagan ran the “threat from an alien source” up and down the flag pole more than several times. While he presented it in terms of “wouldn’t countries of the world come together in face of such a threat,” it would have made much more sense if Reagan had pitched the issue as “shouldn’t the nations of the world come together to seize the opportunities that becoming a peaceful partner with the Cosmic Community will present.” Reagan lacked any vision of such a future.

One of the Pilot Programs we have developed with our ET contacts is specifically designed to start a global dialogue that will access the challenges and opportunities of cooperative relationships with the ETs. Every issue will be on the table. At some point in this dialogue I hope the ET community will suggest that the dialogue be expanded to become Cosmic.

Back to the coin image:

The image on the English speaking coin is one that started to be transformed in 1927. Fourteen years later by careful use of dynamite followed by “honeycombing,” over 400 tons of granite was removed and the sculptured countenances of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln appeared. Still known as Mount Rushmore and not the Lakota Sioux name of the Six Grandfathers, it draws about three million visitors each year, and now annually pumps $100 million dollars into white owned business around it. In sad contrast, an hour’s drive east of Mt. Rushmore is the Pine Ridge Reservation of the Oglala Sioux, one of the poorest regions in the United States with an annual unemployable rate of 80%.

In 2008, the superintendent of Mount Rushmore was Gerard Baker. Baker wanted the truth to be told and made controversial changes at the site including a model of a Native American campsite. As a member of the Mandan-Hidatsa Tribe he brought rare understanding to the U.S. National Park Service. Asked once what his favorite view of the nation monument was, he replied “The back, that is the way it was.”

For the Sioux that is the only answer. The Black Hills are considered sacred ground; the monument celebrated presidents of a nation that had killed many tribals; the land it was built on had been taken away from them – returned by treaty and after gold was discovered in the Black Hills, for the second time taken away from them.

The cycle noted in the above paragraph is a classic one in dealing with the “Indian problem.” However, in the case of the Black Hills, something new finally broke the cycle. In 1980, after decades of filing claims against the U.S. government, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Sioux Nation. The finding was that the Black Hills had been illegally taken by the US government when it broke the Treaty of 1868. The court also found that the passage of time made returning the land to the Sioux Nation impossible. Instead, the court ordered a $149 million reparation payment. The Sioux refused the money and the issue remains unsettled with the 1980 reparation payment being held in trust by the US Government and growing with interest in 2011 to an estimated $1.3 billion.

Earlier, I introduced Gerald Baker, a Native American who was then the Superintendent of Mt. Rushmore National Monument. He said his favorite view of the monument was the back because, “That was the way it was.”

It appears that is also a consensus in the Sioux Nation. But there is no solution to this issue that features violence. This White Guy has no responsibility to suggest anything, but to explain why so much attention was paid to this issue.

I have been careful to use words and terms that the Sioux have used to frame the issue. They consistently refer to the Black Hill being sacred. That is a familiar word to followers of every religion. The Bible, the Koran, the Torah are considered sacred by the followers of the great Amharic religions. I know of nothing equivalent in the Sioux spiritual tradition. Similarly, Mosques, Temples and Churches are considered sacred. But again no Sioux structures for religious services are mentioned. Even “religion” has not been used in the Sioux argument to reclaim the Black Hills.

In the quote by Sitting Bull he uses term “Great Spirit” twice. Be careful in assuming that the Great Spirit and God are synonymous. The point I am making is that Great Spirit means what Great Spirit means to the Sioux. The deepest wound the Sioux and other Native Americans suffered was a requirement of the reservation system that their children attend White Man’s schools, and receive the blessing of Christianity.

Perhaps a clue of Sioux spiritual beliefs is suggested by what they called the granite formations that were destroyed to create the faces of four former US Presidents. The Sioux called them the Six Grandfathers. And who were the Six Grandfathers? Wrong question! What are the Six Grandfathers? Answer: The Four Directions and Earth and Sky.

At this point the engaged reader may be wondering if any of Earth’s religions will survive formal disclosure of Earth/ET contact. My early views of this are given in chapter three “The Flat Earth Society” of the book Voices from the Cosmos, co-written with Angela T. Smith. Without hesitation I recommend this book, particularly for the newcomer to the field of ET reality. In chapter three I point out ways that the current great (in numbers) religions can survive. The Vatican is certainly on a fast track to hold on to its flock.

However, the way the political debate is going in preparations for the 2016 US presidential election, the religious right’s influence in the Republican Party may take that Party over the cliff and the religious right will end up a frighten isolated group facing a reality they cannot handle.

The narratives associated with each of the seven coins address challenges and opportunities facing Space Ship Earth and its diverse crew. It is reasonable to assume that what Earth is facing from natural geophysical events is only typical of what many millions of other planets have experienced throughout the Cosmos. That knowledge is virtually unknown to us but it is a normal part the historical database maintained by ET cultures hundreds of thousands years more mature than Human races.

Our experiences with the ETs strongly suggest that they are most interested in what happens to the Earth experiment. When Carol Rosin assembled a team to draft a treaty that will ban all space-based weapons, I was surprised and certainly pleased when the ETs asked if we would consider making them parties to the Treaty. We recognized that this would complicate an already difficult task of getting Heads of States to sign the Treaty. We also recognized that their association with the Treaty would completely solve the issue of verifying Treaty compliance.

In the narrative of another coin I will address how this is playing out. It is a hardball game and taken very seriously by all the players. The ETs do not want Humans to export their violence into space. That was a clear part of the message they sent to the U.S. and the Soviet Union when an ET craft shut down dozens of ICBMs in their underground silos for several days without physical damage to the missiles.

The ETs could easily block any country that tried to place weapons in space. However, our understanding is that they would not take this action but watch the predictable consequences, another arms race and the possibility of an “accident” that would be a disaster to many commercial and vital non-lethal military satellites.