White Paper

Glossary  Alpha listing

Glossary Alpha Listing:

  1. Astral Body, Astral Plane, Astral Judge Self, Astri, Atlantis
  2. Basic Selves
  3. Causal Plane, Christ, Christ the universal consciousness,  Christ the leader of Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth
  4. Devas, Dharma, Divinity
  5. Earth Plane, Elemental Kingdom, Enlightenment , Etheric Body, Etheric Plane, Evolution
  6. Female Self
  7. God, Grace
  8. High Self
  10. Jesus and Oneness with God, Judge Selves
  11. Karma, Karmic Lesson, Karmic Plan, Karmic relationship
  12. Laws, Life, Love
  13. Male Self, Master, Mental Plane, Monad
  14. Non Judgmental
  15. Oneness of Being, Outer Self
  16. Physical Plane, Planes of Existence, Planetary Being
  17. Religions
  18. Sol,  Soul, Spirit
  19. Transition
  20. Universe, Universe Being
  21. Volcanic  and Seismic events
  23. “Wee Folks”
  24. Yeshua (see Jesus)

Astral Body.  A subtle energy human body that expresses emotions, desires, attitudes and expectations. Monitor views human beings as multidimensional, existing on several planes of existence simultaneously.  A person’s astral body exists in an environment called the astral plane, which is the astral body of planet Earth.

Astral Plane.  A subtle energy environment strongly associated with feelings . . . The astral Plane has at least seven ”levels” of distinct variety.  The first level is the densest, a dark, viscous, oppressive “hellish” environment dominated by intense negative emotions such as fear, rage, lust, and greed. . . The second level offers a ”limbo-like” misty gray, twilight environment in which fear, alienation and loss keeps its inhabitants trapped in sad isolation.  The third level presents a “normal” environment similar to physical        existence, where most persons reside in living situations suited to their preferences.  Its residents demonstrate some self-mastery over their desires and emotions and enjoy a greater measure of freedom, yet they are still limited by fears, ignorance, prejudice, and lack of thinking ability. The fourth and higher levels contain smaller numbers of persons than the three lower levels.  Each of the higher levels is attained by those who demonstrate increasing self-mastery and spiritual connection, thus earning greater freedom and harmony.

Astral Judge Self.  This refers to a subconscious aspect of the human personality. It is actually an aspect of a devic species of being who was brought to Earth in an effort to heal the trauma which had severely damaged them when their home planet, Maldek, disrupted on physical and etheric levels. (See also Mental Judge Self).

Astri. This was the name of a group of people that are depicted by the monoliths on Easter Island at approximately 75,000 years BCE. . .

Atlantis. An ancient civilization thought to exist on a continent in the Atlantic Ocean until the continent sank beneath the ocean approximately 12,500 years ago (10,500 BCE). Information about Atlantis has been limited to references in ancient literature, most notably Plato, and to channeled sources such as Edgar Cayce.  Archaeological research has yet to verify its existence.  Altantean culture is said to have achieved high levels of refinement and advanced technology that our present culture is only beginning to attain.

Basic Selves. Monitor calls the masculine and feminine aspects of the subconscious human mind the “Male Self” and the “Female Self.”  The “Selves” evolve through relationship stages over approximately 1,600 physical lifetimes.  They exist at first as separate individuals accumulating awareness and skills.  They can each occupy separate physical bodies.  As they evolve, they are brought together in a single physical body.  As they become acquainted, they relate to each other with fear, alienation and aggression.  Gradually, over a span of 100 lifetimes they learn to respect, support, and love each other to achieve increasing intimacy.  Eventually they merge energetically in achieving androgyny, a state of fulfilled masculine-feminine unity.  The relationship of a person’s Basic Selves often determines  the quality of that person’s interpersonal relationships.

Causal plane.  The plane of existence where Souls live in causal bodies.  According the Monitor, an Outer Self experiences the causal body of its Soul through the sharing of at least one Subconscious Self making Soul contact and linkage. In daily life, altruistic and compassionate ideals, values, and intentions reflect the causal qualities and intentions of our Soul.

Christ. 1) The Divine Presence that infuses the Spiritual Master known as Jesus, Jesua, or Yeshua, whose teachings became the Christian religion. 2) A highly evolved being who works for the benefit of the spiritual evolution of all species, i.e. a “Christed Being.” 3) The “Office of the Christ” which represents a position of high and vast responsibility in leadership of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. 4) A level of highly advanced  collective consciousness sometimes referred to as “Christ Consciousness.”  

Devas.  A nonphysical species whose purpose is the creation, expression and maintenance of Life forms in all the planes of the “world of forms.”  Their level of development varies from Devine to primitive.  So-called “nature spirits” include devas.  The term originates from Sanskrit and means “shining ones.” While similar to angels in some respects, devas value their individuality and make decisions based on esthetic impulses. Consequently, their appearance frequently changes.

Dharma.  Buddhist and Hindu term from Sanskrit that: 1) in general, refers to the supreme operating function of the universe or cosmos, the underlying dynamic pattern and force which manifests the universe; and 2) individually, refers to one’s activities for evolving beyond personal karma, the manner and principles within which one lives one’s life, and specifically in relate ion to the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.

Divinity. Reference to the high planes of existence and Beings who motivate evolution in and out of the world of forms.  Evolution leads from unity to diversity of forms and function, and then returns to unity enhanced.   

Earth plane.  The physical three-dimensional world that people perceive as a plane of existence among other non-physical planes of existence.

Elementals. 1) nonphysical beings who live in and help to develop Life in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms.  Monitor describes the elementals of a flower as “tenants” and the supervising deva of the flower as the “landlord.”  A balance is needed between elementals and devas to sustain the planetary bodies of Earth through coordination of the four energetic elements of fire, water, earth, and air. 2)  Qualities associated with sustenance of Earth, such as “elemental” or ‘primitive” energies, Humans need to radiate Love to elementals and devas in furthering their evolution.

Enlightenment.  1) The highest state of awareness and being for a human, an indescribable mystical condition in which one directly experiences the unity and oneness of all that exists, seen and unseen, in the universe, including God, the Creator.  2)  A series of partial enlightenments lead gradually to full enlightenment.  Monitor describes this as a sequence of enlightenments occurring to the various Selves of a personality until the bodies and consciousness of the personality are uplifted into higher states of being.

Etheric Body.  An individual body of a person or some other being in the etheric plane.  A person’s etheric body can exist without a corresponding physical body when a person lives in the interlife between physical lifetimes.  When a person enters physical embodiment, their etheric body becomes the template for creating a new physical body.   The etheric body interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body.  The etheric body acts as the dynamic principle, and the physical body reacts to it.  Sometimes called the ”vital body.” 

Etheric Plane.  The level of matter in the universe nearest to the physical plane.  It interpenetrates and surrounds physical matter, giving it vitality, whether organic or inorganic.  The collective etheric body of Earth contains all individual etheric bodies.  In turn, the planetary etheric body is contained by solar, galactic, and universal etheric bodies.  Monitor regards the etheric body as the “real” body and the  physical body as a lower energetic expression of the etheric body.

Evolution. The progress of growth and refinement toward eventual cosmic divinity and return to God, the Creator

Female Self.  The major female Subconscious Self of a personality.  According to Monitor, Male and Female Selves are manifested in the mental plane by a Soul entering embodiment in Earth.  These Basic Selves develop individual characteristics and capabilities over approximately 1,600 physical lifetimes until they voluntarily unite with each other, and then with their Soul. See: Basic Selves, also Male Self.

God.  Monitor usually refers to God, the Creator of all Life, in and out of the world of forms.  They say that most of the illuminating and mystical experiences recorded in history are experiences of Soul contact and linkage, not contact and linkage with God, the Creator.  However, linking with Soul brings us closer to contact with God.

Grace.  Monitor refers frequently to Grace as a resource that we can call on.  They describe it as a response to our requests and prayers from highly evolved Beings in the buddhic plane, given to ease the stress of karmic consequences.  According to Monitor, the Law of Grace represents a higher law or principle than the Law of Karma.  Applying Grace helps us learn our karmic lessons faster and with less stress.

High Self.  According to Monitor, the High Self of a personality is usually a Solar Angel who volunteers to help an embodied Soul in development of a personality until it matures and voluntarily unites with its Soul.  The Solar Angel comes from its home in our sun and is free to return there when its job in Earth is done. One Solar Angel may act as High Self for a number of personalities.  Monitor recommends that the Outer Self frequently ask the High Self for assistance and guidance.


Jesus and Oneness with God.  You have been presented with a concept within the Christian religion, that you must do as Jesus did in order to achieve Oneness with God.  In one sense, we agree with that statement, but in another we disagree.  If you focus yourself on your Soul, and allow your Soul to express through you in your daily living to the degree that Jesus did, you will indeed achieve that Oneness. But you are not necessarily called to do exactly what Jesus did. . . Each person must find his or her creative path to express Oneness.  No formula exists for you.  You must be creative.  You must invest your being. 

Judge Self/Judge Selves.  A term from the Monitor teachings that refers to subconscious aspects of the personality.  According to Monitor, the Judge Selves, one in our mental body (Mental Judge Self) and one in our astral body (Astral Judge Self), are actually aspects of another devic species of being who were brought to Earth as refugees in an effort to heal their trauma which had severely damaged them when their home planet, Maldek, disrupted on physical and etheric levels.  A Maldekian personality has its own Soul that relates in harmony with the Soul of our Basic Selves.  The Maldekian Soul can be a major resource for us, but first we are challenged to bring healing to both Judge Selves.  Because of trauma, the Judge Selves isolate themselves and mistrust other beings.  In their fearful isolation, they can abuse other Selves in the personality and other persons until the Outer Self helps them desensitize their fears.  Once they begin to emerge from their fears and isolation, they become powerful allies and speed the spiritual evolution process of the personality.

Karma.  A Sanskrit term meaning “deed” or “demonstration.”  Its use in the Western world originated from Hindu and Buddhist traditions in reference to the law of cause and effect, reaping what a person has sown.  When applied to reincarnation, karma refers to the effects of our Subconscious Selves’ past deeds on our present and future lifetimes. Monitor describes karma as an automatic response of the universe to correct our course in evolution.  When we get “off course,” the universe provides experiences that motivate us to improve our intentions and actions, bringing them into closer harmony with universal laws.  As karma applies to our personalities and their Selves, it brings both positive and negative experiences, all of which are designed by our High Self to promote spiritual growth.  By making wise, Loving choices that benefit all of Life, our Selves attain Soul linkage and illumination, which leads to unification of personality with Soul.  A person can complete karmic lessons and achieve an “akarmic” state of living, operating in values, and accord with universal laws.

Karmic lesson.  A step in learning presented to an Outer Self or Subconscious Self by the High Self of the personality.  Each lesson provides an opportunity for a Self to demonstrate its understanding, values, and intentions.   As Selves evolve from selfish to universally altruistic intentions, their karmic lessons invite them to develop sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of all Life, including the needs of their Soul.

Karmic plan.  Monitor says that the High Self of the personality guides the learning of the Outer Self and Subconscious Selves by providing them with graduated choices.  As each self makes choices, it demonstrates what it has learned.  The High Self’s plan is not “set in concrete,” but remains creative and responsive to the progress of Selves and the entire personality.

Karmic relationship.  A relationship can be considered karmic because it provides opportunities for each personality and Self to make wise, Loving decisions. While many persons have come to believe that they “have karma” with another person, Monitor says that a relationship does not involve “debts” or “obligations” to another person or Self, but rather “opportunities” for learning how to be more wise and Loving.  Difficulties that arise in a relationship signal a need for one or both persons to learn greater sensitivity and develop greater relationship skills on conscious and subconscious levels.

Laws. In reference to spiritual development, the universal, cosmic principals that create and sustain ordered, dynamic evolution in the world of forms.  Also refers to conceptual traditions, such as the “Law of Reincarnation,” or the “Law of Karma.”

Life. Monitor says that every form in the world of forms expresses Life, the ongoing Presence of God, the Creator, and that non-individualized Life expresses beyond the world of forms as “Spirit.”  Monitor agrees with the beliefs of most indigenous peoples that all matter and energy are alive at varying levels of consciousness.  Because of the universality of consciousness, a person can impress intentions on physical objects and energies to influence their qualities and actions, as shown by scientifically documented instances of psychokinesis.

Love. Monitor describes Love as a universal force that enhances the individuation of Life essence and matter in all the planes of existence and draws all toward unity in the adic plane.  Monitor identifies this universal Love with a capital “L” and distinguishes it from the personal, emotional, and often selfish love that characterizes many human relationships.  Monitor says that this solar system focuses on development of Love-Wisdom. (Love integrated with Wisdom), the second ray of Divinity.  Consequently, our capacity for love needs to develop into a capacity for Love exercised with wisdom.

Male Self.  The masculine Subconscious Self of a personality.  According to Monitor, Male and Female Selves are manifested in the mental plane by a Soul entering embodiment in Earth.  These Basic Selves develop individual characteristics and capabilities, and evolve over approximately 1,600 physical lifetimes until they voluntarily unite with each other, and then with their Soul.  See Basic Self/Selves, also Female Self.

Master. 1) In spiritual life, a person who attains enlightenment or illumination and then leads other toward that same goal.  Generally, it refers to an individual who gains profound understanding and wisdom, and on spiritual and mundane levels perform Loving service for the benefit of others, 2) In Christianity, a specific reference to Jesus Christ or Yeshua.  In Theosophical tradition, a reference to illuminated beings such as Koor Humi, Morya, Djwal Khul, Babji, Sananda, etc.  A Master’s clear perception of reality is made available to others through their creation of Master Thought Forms in the higher levels of the mental plane.  (The Master Buddha has a global following of 1.6 billion according to some recent estimates)

Mental Plane.  Created as an extension of the causal plane, we experience the mental plane as the relm of ideas, concepts, knowledge and understanding.  As our mental body develops, we evolve from instinct to intellect to intuition to illumination, as our mental body attains the capacity for attunement to successive higher levels of the mental plane.  We comprehend greater expressions of “truth” as our mental bodies become able to interface with thought forms created by various Masters (Master thought forms)
Monad.  According to Monitor, Cosmic Identities in the adic plane create Monads in the buddhic plane.  Monads, in turn, create Souls in the causal plane and assist Souls in achieving the maturation of the human personalities that they create in the lower planes of existence.

Non-judgmental.  To remain free of judging oneself and/or others, and thereby avoid emotions such as anger or envy.  The ability to be non-judgmental is often associated with development of the heart chakra.

Oneness of Being.  Love invites creativity. If you seek to be Loving, you seek to be sensitive to the Lfe around you.  In being sensitive, you pay attention to that Life.  You develop awareness which expands your own sense of being, and as you invest your being in that expansion, Life force flows through you, carried on the vibration of Love to the Life form you are loving. That creates Oneness of Being for the one who Loves and the one being Loved.  That Oneness of Being foreshadows greater expressions of Oneness.

Outer Self.  The term used by Monitor to refer to the interface of all aspects of the personality who have lived before and the new physical body, the aspect focused primarily on the outer events of physical life.  The Outer Self generally refers to what is commonly called “the conscious mind.”  However, that term implies that other aspects of the personality are not conscious.  The term, Outer Self, removes that implication.

Physical plane.  The usual focus of awareness of the Outer Self, which comprises only a very small part of the universe.  In Monitor’s view, the physical plane is created as a dense projection or “shadow” of the etheric plane.  The etheric plane is seen as active, and the physical plane as passive, so the etheric plane vitalizes the physical.  Subconscious Selves and the High Self do not normally perceive the physical experience of the Outer Self, but can extend their sensitivity to that level when needed.

Planes of existence.  The seven levels of matter that coexist in a dynamic relationship.  According to Monitor, the Creator created the adic plane of the universe, where Cosmic Identities live.  Their impulse toward individualization led to their creation of the buddhic plane where the Monads live.  Their impulse toward individualization produced the mental, astral, etheric, and physical planes where humans, elementals, and less-evolved devas live.

Planetary Being.  According to Monitor, the living, evolving Being of a planet.  Monitor describes the Planetary Being of Earth as functioning at an “adolescent” level of maturity and therefore needing the assistance of other Planetary Beings and the Solar Logos. The concept of planetary consciousness is found in most indigenous cultures. Additionally, a modern scientific hypothesis was put forward by James Lovelock in the early 1970s called the “Gaia hypothesis” (the name referring to Gaia, the ancient Greek Earth Mother goddess), which proposed that the Earth is a self-regulating organism.  In Monitor’s view, humanity plays an important role in developing the rational mind of Earth.


Religions. Are the modern revealed religions superior in any way to the ancient nature religions? Monitor:  Only in some aspects, as the more recent religions many times involve greater use of mind.  They become more abstracted from the concrete perceptions that characterize the nature religions.  They are not superior, but in some ways inferior to the nature religions in terms of motives.  For, in mankind’s present development, the average human being uses mind so little that he/she may easily be manipulated by those who are more clever and who utilize a religions structure to enslave.   

Sol. Name from ancient Rome for its Sun God, given to the sun that is seen as responsible for the creation and evolution of our solar system.  Monitor views the sun as a highly evolved Being.  The guiding aspect of the Solar Being is called the Solar Logos.  According to Monitor, High Selves are Solar Angels. Angels who volunteer to come to Earth and take on the task of acting as guardian angels for the evolution of the individual personalities.

Soul. The higher Life form that creates and sustains the human personality in Earth.  Created by a Monad, a Soul occupies a causal body and travels among solar systems for its development  and for giving assistance to other Life forms.  The life cycle of a Soul encompasses many eons and culminates when a Soul matures and willingly merges with its Monad in a demonstration of unity.  In Earth and other planets, a Soul has the option of observing or participating in the evolution of Life.  A participating Soul harmoniously links with other Souls in animating elemental and human lives.  One Soul can animate a number of personalities, mineral forms, plants, and animals.  As humans tap their Soul awareness, they naturally seek universal benefits for all Life forms.

Spirit. 1) life essence that lives outside the world of form. As “Spirit,” this Life essence chooses to remain universal and not individuate in a form.  It interacts with Life essence in the world of forms, often in inspirational ways.  2) The inner spark of Divinity in each person, mineral, vegetable, animal, and object within the world of form.

Transition.   1) Generally, a change of circumstances for a person, Self, or being.  2) In relation to physical death, a change of awareness from physical body perspective to an etheric body perspective to an astral body perspective.  In referring to physical death, some persons prefer the more positive connotation of “transition” instead of “death” because transition suggests that a dying personality move into another normal state of existence, while “death” suggests that a person’s life ends with physical body breakdown.

Universe.  The entire Creation of God, including the world of forms and Life without form.  It includes all planes of existence: edic, buddhic, causal, mental, astral, etheric and physical.

Universal Being:  God, the Creator, both inside and outside the world of forms.

Volcanic and Seismic events.  Earthquakes are caused by various factors, the major factor being the movement of magma.  The Spiritual Hierarchy assumes responsibility for seismic and volcanic events.  They carefully manage such events and are quite capable of doing so.  You must understand, however, that they seek to benefit all forms of Life in the planet and not simply the human form. . . A volcano represents a major advancement for those elemental and devic beings who have evolved in the magma below the crust.  As they achieve higher growth, they are permitted release from the realm that has been their home into a new realm on the surface of the planet.

“Wee Folks.”  Would the Hawaiian menehunes also be a devic type similar to the leprechauns or the creatures in the mythology of that part of the world?  Monitor:  Quite so.  The menehune are still quite active as devas of the lower forms, as are the devas that have been identified as the “wee folk” in the British Isles.  They are active throughout the entire planet and even in this area of the desert. (Sedona, Arizona).