Peace Coins

Introduction to the Moon

Anyone who has been engaged for years with Off-Earth Civilizations has learned much from that experience.   It appears that while there may be common events in this association, I strongly suspect that in each case there is very specific reason for the contact.  Clearly, the ETs are in control of the situation.  Without specific authorization, no Human speaks for ETs.  However, there appears to be no restrictions on what Humans in contact with ETs may report about that contact. 

There is a complication that needs to be honored about ET/Human relationships.  The ETs are very capable of mind influence.  This means they can easily “guide” a conversation without leaving any fingerprints of such activity.  This can lead to inflated human egos that sincerely believe that some of the brilliant insights they have are really homegrown.  I do not consider this to be a problem in the relationships I have with the ETs.  Without exception, my business with them has been focused on peace at all levels of Earth’s civilization.  The meeting point within that focus is to save Earth’s troubled civilization from self-destruction. 

The good news is that we are working with an ET organization that shares that goal.  The other news is that Humans will have to do the work and demonstrate that they have the will and energy to do it.

At a future time some detail about that ET organization will appear in this narrative.  The coin narratives link with each other, and in total, reveal details of the strategy and tactics we have jointly developed with the ETs to increase the odds that Earth’s civilization will be saved by dint of work done by Humans on Earth with modest, but critical, assistance from the ET community.   If you think this is important there most certainly is a role for you to play.

(The above ad to save Earth civilizations from self-destruction will be repeated as a lead to each coin narrative.)

Moon Narrative

Beside you, the reader, who else is interested in lunar exploration?  The answer is many.  It is a Cosmic sized community and it was formed well before President Jack Kennedy challenged the U.S. taxpayer to fund a program that resulted in the incredibly successful Apollo program.  Kennedy was wise enough to publicly speak about lofty motivations for such an unprecedented undertaking.  He didn’t have to credit the extraordinary successes of the Soviet Union in space as a challenge the U.S. had to trump by sending a man to the moon and bring him safely home. 

One of the iconic photographs from the Apollo program is the footprint of a Human walking on the Moon.  This was evidence of Human’s presence on more than planet Earth, and how sweet it was for the prestige of the United States that the boot had been made in the US. 

Apollo Footprint

However, there was more than one stage on the Moon.  The U.S. was writing the script and starring in all the roles for a world audience that admiringly viewed the theater of the bright side of the Moon.  However, U.S. astronauts were given a peek behind the curtain of a larger drama that had a longer run than could be imagined.  It also had the potential of turning the Apollo play into a tragedy.   

The solution was to close the Apollo program, leave the stage and never to return.  Apollo 17 was the last performance and “reasonable” explanations were given for the US decision.  President Nixon took some blame, but he had a very good reason to pull the plug on Apollo.

He and very few others had been informed that a much larger play was running on the dark side of the Moon.  The producer of that play gave the US an option to coordinate show times or to get off the boards.

The US left and it is likely that no other Earth play will return to the Moon until critical decisions are made and actions taken that demonstrate Earth is preparing to join the Cosmic Community as a peaceful and stable planet. 

If you were part of ET leadership with a responsibility of maintaining peace in this section of the Cosmos would you welcome Humans to the potential steppingstone that the Moon will be to deep space?   Humans should easily agree that our violence will not be allowed to be exported to space.  They should also carefully look at what Earth can learn and profit from a cooperative relationship with the ET community.  One of the Pilot Programs, the White Paper that P.E.A.C.E. Inc. has with the Spiritual Hierarchy is specifically designed to start a global dialogue about what cooperative ET/Earth relationship would yield.

A formal acknowledgement of Earth/ET contact should not be rushed.  This website is nowhere close to a formal acknowledgement.  That should only come when there is near unanimous agreement of all the world’s countries that they are ready to participate in the political and economic transformation that will inevitably follow that announcement.  The Plan C Pilot Program is specifically designed to promote the global dialogue that will prepare Earth for that once in a world event.  A suggested outline of the White Paper will be available to universities in countries that agree to sign the Treaty banning all space-based weapons.

There is much to be done in the years ahead before formal disclosure of contact takes place.   There are excellent examples of what is being done now.  The principal addition to those are to include a “provisional” acknowledgement that the odds of success in all space ventures will be greatly increased if they include the cooperative involvement of ET cultures that have been involved in all aspects of space activity for eons.

One of the best examples of continued future planning is the 48 page spreadsheet produced by NASA of twenty-four categories that by experience they know are important in space exploration and its desired consequences.  The categories are:

Astronomy and Astrophysics (9); Heliophysics (8); Earth Observation (12); Geology (4); Material Science (3); Human Health (8); Environmental Characterization (12); Environmental Hazard Mitigation (5); Operational Environmental Monitoring (3); Life Support and Habitat (9); General Infrastructure (4); Operational Testing and Verification (8); Power (3); Communications (5); Position Navigation and Timing (6); Transportation (4); Surface Mobility (3); Crew Activity Support (5); Lunar Resources Utilization (11); Historic Preservation (3); Development of Lunar Commerce (9); Commercial Opportunities (14); Global Partnerships (4); Public Engagement; and Inspiration (17).

The numbers following each category are the numbers of objectives and sub-objectives associated with that category.  Each of the categories has a summary and the value of it. 

At the bottom of each page of the spreadsheet is this disclosure statement:

This spreadsheet represents the views of the many people and organizations with whom NASA has consulted individually over the past year.  The information represented here is an important resource to the US government as we move forward to develop a strategy of lunar exploration, and we hope, to other interested stakeholders.  This information does not reflect US government support for particular objectives at this time.  Nor does it reflect that domestic legislation and international agreements would be necessary to carry out many of the objectives.  NASA looks forward to continuing to work with a wide group of stakeholders as the global community further develops these objectives.

An additional category that we recommend would be at the top of the current list.  “Encourage a non-government organization to communicate with the ET Spiritual Hierarchy about the following new category with appropriate objectives”. 

An ET community input to the following categories would result in very important time and resource savings.  It would also be a model for future Earth/ET communications in other important areas.

The URL to the NASA website that has the referenced spreadsheet is:

Others space players

There are a large number of international organizations that will be importantly engaged with a “provisional” acknowledgement that the odds of success in all space ventures will be greatly increased if they include the cooperative involvement of ET cultures that have been involved in all aspects of space activity for eons.

One example is the International Institute of Space Law.  The IISL was founded fifty-five years ago for purposes including “cooperation with appropriate international organizations and national institutions in the field of space law and carrying out tasks for fostering space law development.”  They need only to add “Cosmic organizations” to their charter and learn about the Cosmic legal system already in place that regulates our sector of the universe.

It is encouraging to read the strategy statement of the French COSPAR organization.  It states in part:

Indeed, COSPAR has an important role to play in the future stability of the world, and should approach its mission understanding that by its actions and its successes, a better world can result.  COSPAR is not only essential to the pursuit of international space research, with all the benefits resulting therefrom, but also COSPAR can and should be the bridge by which the nations of the world come to understand that cooperation not competition is essential to the future of humanity.

The Back Side of the Moon

The Moon doesn’t try to keep its secrets, but a surprising number of countries have taken a serious responsibility to do so.  A partial list most certainly includes the nations who have sent imaging satellites to circle the Moon.  These would have imaged at various levels of detail every feature of interest.  At a minimum that list includes China, Japan, India, Russia, US, and the twenty-two countries that are members of the European Space Agency. 

Some clever and determined individuals have been able to garner interesting data from publicly released NASA photos of the back side of the Moon and use of their own telescopes.  The best example of this is published in the book “We Discover Alien Bases On the Moon II’’ , Revised Edition by Fred Steckling and Glenn Steckling (Tenth Edition Revised, 2014)

In this classic book the first group of plates includes photos taken by George Adamski, and photos taken by the author and his son with their two telescopes, a 12-1/2” and an 18” reflector.  From plate 20 to the end with plate 135, most of the plates are enlargements of NASA photos that were released to the public.  The author gave his opinion why these photos that strongly suggest evidence of alien life on the Moon were released.  It was because NASA lacked the budget to carefully screen hundreds of thousands of photographs scheduled for public release. 

Another book that deserves public attention is “Penetration – the Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy” (Kindle Edition), by Ingo Swann.  This book was reviewed by The Guardian, a British national daily newspaper founded in 1821.  In the lead paragraph of this long review he identifies Swann as “the most consistently successful remote viewer in Stanford Research Institute’s (SRI) psi-programs of the late 1960s and 1970s.  Swann was recruited in 1975 by a deep-black quasi government agency to work for them in a secret facility remote-viewing the Moon.”  In Swann’s book he describes an assortment of structure on the far side of the Moon and drew two pages of sketches of them.  This information has yet to be confirmed by any official source but a number of rumors over many years have told similar stories.

One excellent reason to pay attention to what Swann has written is that in 1973 Swann, working with Dr. H.E. Puthoff and Russell Targ at SRI did a remote viewing of the planet Jupiter when the NASA spacecraft Pioneer 10 was approaching Jupiter to collect data about that planet.  Before any new data was received from Pioneer 10, Swann reported the existence of Jovian rings and mountains.  Prevailing scientific wisdom before Pioneer 10’s arrival was that there would be no Jovian rings or mountains.  Both of these along with a long list of other predictions were confirmed by scientific and technological feedback.

There are a number of wise and appropriate comments about the Moon from well-known observers of the world:

“With the moon walk, the religious myth that sustained these notions could no longer be held.  With our view of earthrise, we could see that the earth and the heavens were no longer divided but that the earth is in the heavens.”

Joseph Campbell in Thou Art That: Transforming Religious Metaphor

“You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty.  You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a bitch.”

Edgar D. Mitchell in The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds

In 1809, Washington Irving, short story writer, essayist, biographer, magazine editor and diplomat, followed the news of Shawnee Indian leader Tecumseh as he led a group of Indians against Andrew Jackson's US forces who were intent on forcing Indian tribes to give up their land.  Instead of writing an op ed criticizing this policy and war, he decided to write something about the moon.

What he wrote was a delightfully biting satire of US policy of violence against Native Americans.

The US was cast as the victim of an invasion by Moon warriors, appropriately called Lunatics.  Naturally they were a strange and ugly looking group with evil intentions. The book was reviewed by Tom Boardman in ABC of Science Fiction:

Satirically attacking the argument that Europeans had ‘discovered’ the land that came to be known as ‘America,’ inhabited by subhuman beings they called ‘Indians,’ Irving presents a parallel case, an invasion by ‘the Men from the Moon.’  The Lunatics approached us with a cultural imperialism identical to that of the Europeans in relation to non-white people, and they come armed with a technology vastly superior to our own.

The earthmen were regarded as barbarians.  They could not speak the Lunatic language, lacked a tail and had horrible white skin.  Appropriate action was to divorce the people of the earth from their spouses, their property, and their belief in their innate superiority.  A final solution was to move them to the “torrid deserts of Arabia, or the frozen regions of Lapland, there to enjoy the blessings of civilization and the charms of lunar philosophy.

Washington Irving’s diplomatic assignments included time in Spain starting in 1826 where he wrote A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus.  This was published in 1829 and was in its 175th edition before the end of the century.

Irving’s writings on Columbus were based on extensive research in the Spanish archives but he also added imaginative element such as the myth that medieval Europeans believed that the Earth was flat.

 In 1829, Irving moved into Granada’s ancient Alhambra Palace.  While there he wrote a romantic history: Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada.  He most certainly also enjoyed the marvel of the Lion Fountain in the Palace.

Moon politics

In the narrative for the coin of Chinese speakers I identify Sun Shi-li who in 1990 was president of the China UFO Research Organization (CURO).  I met with Sun Shi-li each time I visited China.  Twenty-five years later he is still a principal player in China on the extraterrestrial issue.  CURO has been transformed into the National Society of Extraterrestrial Studies (NASETS).  Note the importance institutional difference between CURO (UFO Research) and NASETS (Extraterrestrial Studies).  China’s public position on this subject is light years ahead of all other countries.  In my last meeting with Sun Shi-li we had a very detailed discussion on “disclosure” of ET/Earth contact.  He informed me that when the US made an official disclosure announcement, China would be a very close second.

That conversation has been significantly overcome by events.  My perspective is that the Spiritual Hierarchy decided on a policy of incremental disclosure.  They may even have boosted the technology that resulted in the 6.8 billion cell-phones spread around the world that routinely document the presence of visiting off-Earth cultures in their magnificent flying machines.  

Very recently, one of the aspirant candidates running for the office of US President this year announced that if she becomes president she would get to the bottom of the ET mystery.  As reported by Mother Earth:

The truth is out there for Hillary Clinton.

When Daymond Steer from the Conway Daily Sun recently asked her to weigh in on UFOs—a topic Steer says he broached with Clinton in 2007—the Democratic presidential candidate reportedly promised to "get to the bottom of it" if she were elected to the White House.

"I think we may have been [visited already]," she added. "We don't know for sure."

Clinton's comments are among the rare public statements she's made on UFOs and possible government cover-ups—a familiar subject for both Hillary and Bill Clinton. As Mother Jones has reported, the couple's interest in extraterrestrial activity reaches as far back as the 1990s, when Laurence Rockefeller began lobbying the Clinton administration for the release of government documents relating to UFOs—documents that many say reveal the extent of government research into the phenomena.

Is this a breakthrough event?  That depends upon how her Republican counterparts and the media handle the issue.  If they leave it alone not much will come from it until the two parties select their candidates and if Mrs. Clinton is one of them.  Then it becomes a Wild Card with a number of possible outcomes.

If she thinks it would be helpful, P.E.A.C.E. Inc. is available to personally brief her on our Pilot Programs and answer questions she may have about our experiences working with the ET community.  The same offer goes to the Republican candidate. 

To make it clear, the White Paper Pilot Program is a direct statement from the Spiritual Hierarchy of how they want disclosure to unfold.  It will not be formal announcements by respected Human political and/or religious leaders.  It will follow a global dialogue based upon White Papers researched and written by universities that assess the challenges and opportunities of working cooperatively with off-Earth cultures.  The unfolding of disclosure may include a wide variety of “official” statements while the dialogue is underway. 

There appears to be an important coordinating role for the United Nations to play in this unfolding strategy.