Peace Coins

Narrative for Russian Speakers


Anyone who has been engaged for years with Off-Earth Civilizations has learned much from that experience. It appears that while there may be common events in this association, I strongly suspect that in each case there is very specific reason for the contact. Clearly, the ETs are in control of the situation. Without specific authorization, no Human speaks for ETs. However, there appears to be no restrictions on what Humans in contact with ETs may report about that contact.

There is a complication that needs to be honored about the ET/Human relationships. The ETs are very capable of mind influence. This means they can easily “guide” a conversation without leaving any fingerprints of such activity. This can lead to inflated human egos that sincerely believe that some of the brilliant insights they have are really homegrown. I do not consider this to be a problem in the relationships I have with the ETs. Without exception, my business with them has been focused on peace at all levels of Earth’s civilization. The meeting point within that focus is to save Earth’s troubled civilization from self-destruction.

The good news is that we are working with an ET organization that shares that goal. The other news is that Humans will have to do the work and demonstrate that they have the will and energy to do it.

Some detail about that ET organization will be found in the Moon coin narrative at some future time. The coin narratives link with each other, and in total, reveal details of the strategy and tactics we have jointly developed with the ETs to increase the odds that Earth’s civilization will be saved by dint of work done by Humans on Earth with modest, but critical, assistance from the ET community. If you think this is important there most certainly is a role for you to play.

(The above ad to save Earth civilizations from self-destruction will be repeated as a lead to each coin narrative.)

The Russian language is spoken by an estimated 155,000,000 native speakers. This is number eight in a list of languages spoken by native speakers, and 2.42% of the world’s population.

The geography of Russia is impressive. Acknowledging that it is the world’s largest country is only the beginning. From east to west it spans 165 degrees of earth’s longitude, over 5,700 miles, and from south to north, a distance of over 2,500 miles. Russia is primarily a northern country, but also enjoys a sub-tropical region along the Black Sea. However, most of Russia is located above 50 degrees north latitude. St. Petersburg, Russia is roughly the same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska.

In older times Russia was essentially a “land-locked” country. Her ports in the far-east are not freely available because of ice. Kamtschatka has its spring, summer and autumn compressed into four months. Vladivostok is ice locked for about four months.

It took nearly two-hundred years of diplomacy and wars for Russia to obtain and maintain the warm water ports essential for her to reach the destiny of a global power. What happened in the Crimea in March 2015 is directly related to Russian’s historic sensitivity about warm water ports. It has everything to do with the Russian Federation’s global status and the reputation that goes with it.

Russia and Climate Change

The sheer size of Russia suggests that she may experience among all other nations the full inventory of climate change impacts. A February 2008 thirty-two page report by Russian scientists soberly addresses this issue. The lead author was Vladimir Kattsov. Contributing authors were Veronika Govorkova, Valentin Meleshko, Tatyana Pavlova and Igor Shkolnik.

From the Executive Summary:

Increasing levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHG) will have a larger effect on climate in Northern Eurasia, particularly in its artic and subarctic regions, than in most of other regions of the Earth.

Projections with the global models provide a physically consistent quantitative picture of climate change through the 21st century.

The warming is accompanied by decreases in yearly number of frost days (with surface air temperature below zero degrees Celsius).

Over the territories of both Russian Federation (RF) and Central Asia States (CAS), the increase of winter precipitation is a robust feature of projections of all scenarios.

Runoff is projected to increase over the catchments of Siberian rivers.

Degradation of permafrost in the warming climate will manifest itself in increasing seasonally thawing depths.

Natural variability in region under consideration is large and could mask or amplify a change due to human activities.

Russian Federation (RF):

RF is the world’s coldest country with its annual mean area averaged temperature of – 4 degree Celsius.

Over the past 100 years (1907-2006), the annual mean area averaged temperatures over RF territory increased by 1.29 degrees Celsius with an acceleration over the last three decades (O.43 degrees Celsius/decade).


This work was originally prepared for the World Bank study “Adaptation to Climate Change in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.”

The critical finding of this Russian scientific report is that climate change is a real phenomenon and it has a Human input. This is the same majority conclusion from scientists around the world including scientist in the US.

This is a very important observation. But the use of knowledge is the key to measure its worth to the world.

Russia and the US are both blessed with brilliant scientists, and the fruit of this brilliance has resulted in amazing technologies that are serving civilization well.

It is also true that some new technologies of war can have an incredible impact before tactics are changed because of it

The failure of the World War I armies to alter their battle tactics in light of the machine gun's enormous rates of fire resulted in horrendous casualties in the early days of the war. The similar refusal of British commanders at the Somme to change their practice of massed infantry attacks against entrenched positions resulted in 54,000 men being killed or wounded in less than 10 hours.

Japanese intelligence had no clue that the US scientists had successfully developed a nuclear weapon with two different designs to trigger a detonation. The first test in Nevada used the relatively simple “gun”design where one radioactive mass is shot into a second radioactive mass. This creates a critical mass and the nuclear detonation. The second design is significantly more sophisticated. A number of shaped high explosive “lens” charges are timed to fire and squeeze a ball of radioactive material into a critical mass. The first “test” of this design was when the devise was dropped on Hiroshima. With its deadly flash it was proven to be a bomb.

This was a quantum technological leap in capability to kill, wound and destroy. At Somme in World War I it took the Germans using machine guns and mortars just under 10 hours to kill and wound 54,000 men. At Hiroshima in 1945, a micro second flash announced what would be the death of over twice that number of mostly Japanese civilians.

It did more. It ignited 46 years of Cold War between the USSR and the US. The results of that war are still being assessed. However, for the US it was a Pyrrhic victory. Any dream of a peace benefit was smashed by an endless number of continuing wars and a growing military budget that would sicken Eisenhower.

Hope for the future:

In the US it depends upon flushing out a Congress that has been bought by corporations that place profit over all other outcomes and electing a president in 2016 with a clear vision of redirecting the power of the country in needful support of civilization’s survival.

I am confident that such a transformation will attract other world powers, especially the Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China. It will take a powerful global assembly of countries working together in trust and peace to navigate the predictable consequences of climate change.

Russia and China may have to take the lead in this while the US struggles to clean up its house. Every step of cooperation, small and large, will build trust.

It is very fortunate that Russia, China and the US have carefully followed for years the activities of Off-Earth civilizations. It is reasonable to assume that the Cosmic community wants the Earth experiment to survive. We are naturally a part of the Cosmic community and in years to come we can expect a formal invitation to join it.

I believe the conditions of earning this invitation are reasonable and completely understandable. The first is obviously that we worked together to survive hard times ahead and in fact survived. The other condition is that Earth has finally learned to curb its violence – we are now peaceful and proud that we worked together and survived.

The symbol on the coin for Russian speakers may be a mystery to most viewers. It certainly is a rare view in Russia compared to hundreds of well-known magnificent ancient churches and palaces. No, is it not a snapshot of a lumbering operation, nor the result of one the 969 nuclear devices detonated by the Soviet Union between 1949 and 1990.

On June 30, 2008, the Scientific American magazine featured an article on the 100th anniversary of the event. The teasing opening sentences were: “What happened on June 30, 1908 in central Siberia? Was the atomic bomb-size airburst caused by antimatter? An extraterrestrial spacecraft? A wayward black hole?”

In my visits to Russia, meeting with dozens of scientists dealing with very unusual subjects, my questions about what really happened at Tunguska always provoked interest and animated discussions. There was a consensus that it was caused by a normal space object entering our atmosphere, but someone always added that a few scientists believe that it was some sort of an extraterrestrial event.

Some years ago I asked some friends who had been active in the US government’s classified Remote Viewing program to look at the Tunguska event. Four of them independently remote- viewed what had happened at Tunguska. There was agreement that it had been an extraterrestrial event that went badly out of control.

A small number of countries have investigated the crashes of what are commonly called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). One would think that a crashed UFO could be identified as least to the degree to determine whether or not it was of extraterrestrial origin.
P.E.A.C.E. Inc. has developed a special relationship with an Off-Earth organization, the Spiritual Hierarchy. Jointly we have developed three Pilot Programs ready to be implemented on Earth. We look forward to meet with Heads of States about these programs. These Pilot Programs are designed to increase the odds that life on Earth will survive. One introduces the human contribution to an ancient program that is creating a special cohort of deep space explorers who are locating and colonizing inhabitable planets in case Earth becomes uninhabitable.