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Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth (SHE) Disclosure Impact

One of the country’s most respected Founding Fathers was George Washington.  In keeping with most affluent southern plantation owners of his time he bought and used slave labor inside and outside his famous home at Mt. Vernon, Virginia.  He was the principal military leader in the War of Independence against England. 

One of Washington’s less known quotes is, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.”

At the end of my completed White Paper I identify my “tribe” in an effort to reveal and honor the consensus trance I carry.  The concept of consensus trance was developed by psychologist Dr. Charles T. Tart.  He identifies consensus trance as the normal state of consciousness that defines all the cultural attributes of each culture.  The process to achieve this normal state is enculturation, and the principal teachers are family, religion, history, geography and education.  It is the filter through which we view life. It is a severe closed system.  Few ever leave it because “why in the world” would you want to do that?

The U.S. presidential election in 2016 was won by Donald Trump because he successfully manipulated  the consensus trance of rural, Christian, white citizens.  Sadly, one of key deep fears he energized was the predicted demographic future for the U.S; the current white majority will be replaced by black and brown populations.  The election results exposed the dark, racist underbelly of America.

At the end of my completed White Paper I identify my “tribe” in an effort to reveal and honor the consensus trance I carry.  The concept of consensus trance was developed by psychologist Dr. Charles T. Tart.  He identifies consensus trance as the normal state of consciousness that defines all the cultural attributes of each culture.  The process to achieve this normal state is enculturation, and the principal teachers are family, religion, history, geography and education.  It is the filter through which we view life. It is a severe closed system.  Few ever leave it because “why in the world” would you want to do that?

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth is most concerned about the need for a mature pre-disclosure global dialogue on the challenges and opportunities that will flow from formal disclosure of Extraterrestrial/Earth contact.  This is the White Paper program, and it will give every country and culture an opportunity to express their fears and hopes.

I am in the process of learning and adjusting my living to what I understand of the cosmology of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth (SHE).  As a body of knowledge, it carries an aura of truth for me.  I do not presume to be a teacher of this knowledge, as I am very much a student at this time.  As a student, I have been greatly assisted by the SHE who has assigned a teacher to me from its membership.   He identified himself as Limon.  He is the third Pleiadean teacher I have had.

Without this relationship, I would not feel comfortable to comment on the 40-page document that is the heart of this Annex.  That document is a collection of questions by human members of the Center for Human Potential (CHP) during the years 1992- 1995.  The answers are from my first Teacher, Monitor, a Pleiadean assigned by SHE to interact with Earth Humans.

The CHP is located in Sedona, Arizona, and run by Harvey and Julie Grady (www.sedonaspirit.com).   Harvey and Monitor extracted the 40-page document below from the CHP database of years of channeled exchanges between Monitor and humans.  Permission has been given to me to share this SHE information in order to provide an introduction to what is ahead for Earthbound humans following formal disclosure of contact between Earth and the host of Extraterrestrial cultures.

This SHE Annex is an important component to the White Paper completed as a model for colleges and universities to assist their research and creation of their own White Papers designed to support a global dialogue on the challenges and opportunities that will flow from formal disclosure of Extraterrestrial/Earth contact.

The White Paper outline is a suggestion of a document that will support the needed pre-disclosure global dialogue.  Each college and university is certainly free to use it or to create their own version of the White Paper.  

The SHE has stated that they control disclosure.  When the reader becomes familiar with the 40-page SHE document, we believe that they will agree that the global dialogue is a necessary strategy.

The SHE document is their truth of that organization’s responsibilities, capabilities and intentions for the future of Earth and all the life it supports.  It is a very serious document.

The very successful American author of thriller fiction, Dan Brown, has made a comment that I believe is appropriate to this moment:

“Truth has power.  And if we all gravitate toward similar ideas, maybe we do so because those ideas are true . . . written deep within us.  And when we hear the truth, even if we don’t understand it, we feel truth resonate within us . . . vibrating with our unconscious wisdom.  Perhaps the truth is not learned by us, but rather, the truth is re-called . . . re-membered . . . re-cognized . . . as that which is already inside us.”

Perhaps Brown’s most well-known book is The Da Vinci Code.  It was strongly criticized by the Vatican as being anti-Catholic, a charge that Brown denies.  In an interview for Parade Magazine in 2009 he was asked if he was religious and responded that he was raised Episcopalian and was very religious as a kid.  He reported that when he was in the eighth or ninth grade and studying the origins of the universe he asked a minister: “I don’t get it.  I read a book that there was an explosion known as the Big Bang, but here is says God created heaven and Earth and the animals in seven days.  Which is right?” The response he got was, “Nice Boys don’t ask that question.” Not surprisingly he gravitated away from religion.  His current position is as he gets deeper into science is that he sees “an order and a spiritual aspect to science.”

Brown denies being a conspiracy theorist, and points out that his protagonist, Robert Langdon, in his last four books is a skeptic that mirrors his own outlook on life.  He specifically denies belief in UFO’s.

In 1823, Lord Byron observed the truth/fiction dichotomy in his short satirical poem, Don Juan:

‘Tis strange –but true; for truth is always strange;
Stanger than fiction; if it could be told,
How much would novels gain by the exchange!
How differently the world would men behold!
How oft would vice and virtue places change!
The new world would be nothing to the old,
If some Columbus of the moral seas
Would show mankind their soul’s antipodes.

I find in our complex world that honest skepticism is a safeguard to my sanity.  Of course, the fact that I was offered and accepted a Teacher from SHE, and have jointly created Pilot Programs with them that can only be implemented with significant off-earth support is evidence of considerable investment of my life working with them.  That investment is based upon concern that Earth is in a downward death spiral that has passed too may “No Return” points for us to survive without SHE assistance.

For the first-time readers of the 40-page SHE document, I suggest several readings of it before starting to write your White Paper.  The SHE document does not pull any punches, and overseeing the spiritual growth of the universe is not a simple task.

It should be obvious that the White Papers will not be graded.  There cannot be any wrong answers from serious and concerned authors about the future of Humanity.  The differences in assessments will be the stuff of the desired dialogue.

SHE has reminded me that Earth has received support for advancement since before and after they created humankind, and continue to do so.  Information has been gifted to world-wide individuals that would address all the natural issues that have arisen.

The problems that we have created and that now threaten our survival are our responsibility to solve.  The foundation of these problems are poor choices in economic and political policies.  As you will read, SHE has implemented a strategy to destroy the international financier group that has ruled the world for generations and garner great profit and power from wars.

The introduction of weapons of mass destruction into the inventories of multiple nations some of which are not controlled by the international financiers (China and especially North Korea) is an unsolved threat of survival.  The SHE concern about this may be measured by the fact that when P.E.A.C.E. Inc. was drafting a treaty to ban all space-based weapons, we were contracted by SHE and asked if we would consider including them as parties to the treaty.  Since this would be a complete solution to verification of the Treaty, we agreed, and this was published in the first draft.  The Kremlin objected to its inclusion, and in order to get its agreement we removed it in the next edition of the Treaty.

Russian and China have their own treaty proposal that will ban all space-based weapons, but neither country has signed their own Treaty, nor have they made much of an effort to get other countries to sign.  The US is currently against this Treaty and instead as signed a toothless statement against weapons in space.  The election of Mr. Trump in November 2016 changes the U.S. foreign affairs field.  There is some possibility that Trump and President Putin may surprise the world and both sign the Treaty.

When the Japanese earthquake and tsunami destroyed the Fukushima Nuclear power complex we requested SHE to assist in controlling the radiation situation.  They refused, noting that while that is a simple process for them, it could not be done without revealing ET participation.

You will remember this real life issue when you read the 40 pages that reveal that SHE is capable to control earthquakes and volcanic activity, and that we are very much in the era of karma law.  Was this a karmic debt that Japan had to pay?   If so, karmic consequences may spread like radiation – impacting the world.

To the western mind unfamiliar with the karma concept, you will get a good introduction to it in the Glossary following this Annex.  Its anticipate use is sobering.  Ahead you will read about a significant reduction in the world’s population.  SHE has stated that it “may introduce natural catastrophes to release large numbers of people from physical expression, thereby rendering them more capable of receiving assistance in dealing with their fears.”  Is that process currently underway?  Climate change will greatly affect food production leading to starvation and the illnesses associated with it and the increase in frequency and level of violence of weather patterns will cause great physical damage and loss of life.  Droughts will promote great population migration and water wars very likely will become a sad global norm. 

Survivors can look forward to living under the Law of Grace.  “As grace is evoked more frequently and more widely throughout the planet, its actions become more dynamic within humanity and other life forms.  Grace then becomes the norm, replacing the Law of Karma.”

You may be wondering if the 40-page SHE document is an outline of a New Religion.  I think not.   If you are looking for a foundation of what the existence of SHE implies, that can be identified.  The books of Zecharia Sitchin are very valuable.  The first level of value is that as a body of work it does do not intentionally mislead.  Sitchin’s scholarship is excellent and well written for the citizen reader.  He has handled the sources he had with skill and keen insight. 

The comments my ET teachers have made is that he did well with the sources he had, but those sources only covered a small fraction of the history of humankind.  One ET culture, that Anunnaki, is on stage front in Sitchin’s books.  Other ET groups played equally important roles with the creation and development of Humans.  Sitchin did not know this. While his sources were limited, he got the big points correct.  Humans are hybrids. We were created from ET DNA and the DNA of naturally evolving Earth bipods.  Sitchin did not recognize that it is an ongoing experiment with humans eventually evolving out of the physical body with its endless needs to be sustained.  The true Universal model human will have no needs beyond what consciousness can provide. 

SHE sources of knowledge are unlimited and little by little humans will be allowed access to them.  P.E.A.C.E. Inc. has asked for samples of ancient knowledge from these sources because they will assist in accomplishing the work that we have committed to do with SHE.  When our request is granted the information will be posted on our website.

The White Paper is the first of these joint programs.  All of the programs have a core objective: work to save humanity.  The Human experiment is in extreme danger.  We have fouled our nest and dangerously continue to do so in the name of power and profit.  Out of fear, most of which are illusions created by those who profit so richly from war, we have an off-Earth reputation of a culture that has gone mad; we offer our children to the insatiable Gods of War.

Returning to the subject of religion, SHE has stated that it introduced the structure of religions:

“In the development of humanity, the Spiritual Hierarchy introduced the structure of religions, and many of the earlier religions in human history involved sexual rites as part of spiritual practice.  This involved recognition of the relationship between individual human beings and Divinity.  The creation of new life by human beings was recognized as a Divine Attribute, although religions have easily become distorted through fears, and attempts to control, they have provided stimulus for individuals to learn, within the religious structure, and ultimately to exclude themselves from it.”

In a comment that acknowledges today on Earth, the number of people attending formal Christian religious practices is decreasing:

“With the development of individual freedom came the concept of individual spiritual mastery as it applies to people everywhere.  In earlier ages, individual members of an organized religion had to rely upon mediators, priests and priestesses who held sacred office and intervened for the benefit of disempowered individuals.  Now the door is open for any individual to contact divinity and express it in daily life.  The Aquarian Age will see this trend carried to fulfillment.”

However, the followers of Islam and Buddhism are increasing.

The suggestion that organized religions will be replaced by individual spiritual practice will very likely be challenged in White Papers from universities closely related to Islam, Catholicism, Southern Baptist Church, and others.  It should be noted that for years the Vatican’s public position on Extraterrestrial life has been aggressively positive, “They are our Brothers.”  In the 40-pages you are reading about the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, only the Vatican is specifically identified and no other religious organization.  The reference is not positive:

In the section “History of the Financiers” it addresses the power of this criminal organization:

“They have the wealth and resources to hide and insulate themselves from exposure.  Major organizations, such as the Vatican, have long been subjugated to their directives.  Any organization in the planet that develops a competing power is either co-opted by the financiers or destroyed.”

The following one panel cartoon represents the creative genius of Wiley and has no relationship to SHE.  I happen to agree with the spirit and intent of the sign posted by St. Peter as the guardian of the gates to Heaven.   Chapter 16 of the gospel of Matthew tells the story of Jesus giving Simon a new name, Peter (meaning “rock”) and tells the future saint “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.”


No Religion Beyond This Point


The SHE document has several references to Jesus (Yeshua) but to no other well-known ancient Earth spiritual leader. The only phrases that suggest a bias are: “Christ the universal consciousness” and perhaps more significant, “Christ the leader of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.” 

In a separate communication with Harvey Grady (and Monitor) about SHE before Harvey assembled the 40-Page SHE document for us was the suggestion that if we wanted to understand SHE we should become familiar with the “writings of Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, etc.”

As helpful and detailed as the 40-Page SHE document is, very clearly there is much more to learn about this very complex and obviously powerful and important organization.

Challenges to the person who is preparing to research and write a White Paper are obvious.  You must decide if the information in the SHE document is useful or not.  That decision obviously arises if you accept the information as valid; that it is sourced to a real very high level extraterrestrial organization with the amazing ancient history it claims.   Authors of White Papers should tell the readers of their White Paper the assumptions on this critical subject. 

P.E.A.C.E. Inc. has requested tangible proof of SHE’s bona fides that an honest skeptic about the reality of the complex life-related cosmos would accept.  SHE has agreed to do this, but at this point has not provided it.  When it is available it will be posted on the P.E.A.C.E. Inc. website and perhaps in other media.

The following is a snapshot of the claims made about SHE in their 40-page document.  Caution is urged in making assessment based upon this list as they are all taken out of the context of the complete document.

  1. “The Hierarchy has it origin in the Maker, the Creator.” (God)
  2. “The Spiritual Hierarchy consists of beings from other planets and stars who have begun the organization for orderly development of consciousness within Planet Earth.  As the human, devic and elemental kingdoms have evolved, certain individuals have moved into the ranks of the Hierarchy, displacing those from other sources.”
  3. “The Hierarchy consists of the most evolved beings associated with Earth and this solar system. Their dedication is to benefit all of life.  They work at a pace unbelievable to human beings.”
  4. “The Hierarch functions to help Life evolve, and those level of Life that function within individual and group karmic law must be assisted within the terms of that law.”
  5. “The Hierarchy allows individuals and groups with selfish and exploitative intent to function within the planet, because such individuals and groups have the opportunity to make those choices.  The Hierarchy seeks to limit their destructiveness as much as possible.”
  6. “The Hierarchy hopes that enough people will take enough action that a revolution will not be necessary.”
  7. “The Spiritual Hierarchy, however, is actively working within karmic law to play one sub-group against another within this subversive, loose organization of international financiers.”
  8. “. . . we wish to assure you that the Hierarchy is not some aloof, insensitive, domineering organization.”
  9. “ . . . the Spiritual Hierarchy represents beings who are extremely compassionate and sensitive, highly intelligent and wise, and capable of taking effective action through the use of power motivated by Love.”
  10. “The Hierarchy is once again emerging among humanity, in all portions of the planet.”
  11. “. . . at selected points of progress in the growth of humanity, certain beings will manifest in physical form, to present the way of the higher dimensions and to encourage those persons who are willing to explore those dimensions.”

How much do we know about the ETs – How much do they know about us?

The answer to the first of these questions depends upon who “we” is.  In the global non-government  community ( 99 plus percent of the world’s population),there is very little knowledge and interest, and understandably why.  The world’s media attention to this subject is extremely modest.  It simply is not considered by the media to be a relevant issue.   At the government level only a handful of governments are known to be interested.  The interest levels rise rapidly with those governments that have invested significantly in space and most certainly is 100% of those countries that have circled the Moon with imaging satellites.

 A fare statement is that the world’s academic community is a non-player and it will take significant political cover before they will enter the game.

The United Nations is coy about the subject, but very likely has been alerted at the highest level of the reality that we most certainly are not alone, are being visited, and that the U.S. and the Russian Federation have been put on notice by aggressive overt demonstrations that nuclear weapons will not be tolerated in space.

The second question is surprisingly easier to answer by P.E.A.C.E. Inc.  The ETs have told us that life in the Cosmos is at an unbelievable level, “Greater that the number of grains of sand on the beaches.”  That unknown number is certainly influenced by what the ETs consider to be “life.” It is much more inclusive than what most humans on Earth currently include.

The sample of eighteen ET cultures that Angela Smith interviewed is hardly statistically relevant, but it clearly identified two categories of ET cultures.  One group was clearly upset about Earth’s failure to honor the “Rules of the Federation.”  Another group had nothing at all to say about Earth.

It is obviously significant to learn about the existence of Rules of the Federation.  That clearly suggests that Earth is located in a rule-based sector of the Cosmos.  The book, Voice from the Cosmos, coauthored by Angela Smith and myself is an important source to understand what is going on and why working with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth is so significant.

The U.S. military budget is greater than the combined military budgets of the next seven or eight big spenders.  A large portion of that is earmarked for intelligence.  Fortunately, and thanks to President Obama’s policy of openness and transparency in government we have significant information about the intelligence budget and the organizations involved in this critical area.  Steven Aftergood, a staff member of the Federation of American Scientists has an on-line weekly report , Secrecy News.  Very recently he provided links to two Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports that updated the Intelligence Community Spending: Trends and Issues.  This 19-page report examines Intelligence Community (CI) funding over the past several decades.  It covers both the total National and Military Intelligence Programs (NIP) and (MIP).  CRS Reports are prepared for Members and Committees of Congress.  It appears that Aftergood has someone in that group willing to provide him with some reports that he shares with innocent tax payers.

The second CRS report is an impressive 70-page document: Intelligence Community Programs, Management, and Enduring Issues.  This report includes an appendix of selected acronyms. The 72 entries in this appendix are most helpful for the reader who is not fluent in Pentagon and Washington, D.C.-speak. 

It is a guessing game of which of these programs, if any, have a responsibility  to report on ET activity. The CRS report discusses annual spending on the Intelligence Community of approximately $70 Billion dollars.  That is roughly 10% of national defense spending.  These figures do not include any Black Budget money that are not reported to more than a few Members of Congress.  This is where we would expect ET line items to appear unless there is a third budget that is never mentioned.

The ET side of this discussion is not classified and vastly less complicated.  The increasing numbers of craft that are seen daily around the world that do not match any known Earth craft most certainly include some operated by ETs.  Granting that some of them may be the equivalent to the massive ocean cruise ships that carry human passengers eager to see the world, very likely most of them have other agendas.  Earth is being closely monitored because it is such a dangerous and violent planet, and has a growing capability to operate in space.  This would be a logical responsibility of the Federation.  They could be scarfing up radio traffic over the airways, and since underwater unknown craft have been reported for years, it is reasonable to assume that they have also tapped into the world’s ocean cables.

Making modest assumptions about future computer capabilities, they very likely have computation capabilities that the National Security Agency would have multiple generations from now, if we survive our own foolishness.   However, they may not need technology at all to get all the information they want.

In chapter 7 of the book Voices from the Cosmos, author Angela Smith interviews a most interesting ET race, the Orbs.  This is a challenging chapter that includes many more questions and answers than the standard questions that were asked of all the ET races interviewed.  Additionally, there are interesting exchanges about what different ET races think about each other.  The obvious lesson from this is that life in the Cosmos is exceedingly diverse.  The learning curve about life in the Cosmos is going to be a long one, not necessarily steep, but exceedingly complicated.  It certainly makes a difference who you contact and what you can expect to accomplish.  

I decided to request them to visit and allow us to photograph their presence.

The effort was successful.  As you will see, approximately three or four Orbs showed up and were photographed in difference locations in one end of my office.  I have been photographing Orbs for years, inside and outside of my residence.  It is a simple protocol: invite them to visit and show pleasure and appreciation when they show up. They like certain music and to play and to dance. 

However, their mission is very serious. They are the FedEx, and more, of the Cosmos.  They carry information for most of the other ET cultures.  I suspect that they are also available to SHE to collect information about and from humans.  They are invisible and probably can mask themselves from photographs.  They can penetrate any physical area and absorb information from any source, including the human mind.  If this is done to be of service to SHE, it would automatically qualify to be noted in the positive Karmic ledger.

There is another potentially valuable off-Earth player in the intelligence game.  This is the Record Keepers, sometime called the Gate Keepers.  This group was not included in Voices from the Cosmos because technically they are not considered to be ETs, they are Elementals.  They keep records of pass events.  I have asked SHE to allow me to use these records from the pass to address an event still in the consciousness of many U.S. citizens and the world.  I will have nothing more to say about this until SHE makes a decision about this request.

Here are the Orb photos taken in my home office.  In addition to inviting them to visit, I played softly for a few minutes on a 26” Paiste Symphonic Gong.  It has a wonderful bass voice and it appears the Orbs enjoy it.  Count the Orbs; three or four of them were moving around my office while photographs were taken randomly.   Is it significant that some settled around a carving of the Buddha and St. Francis of Assisi? 

In 1979, Pope John Paul II paid a tribute to Francis’ love for creation by declaring him the patron saint of ecologists:  “As a friend of the poor who was loved by God’s creatures, Saint Francis invited all of creation – animals, plants, natural forces, even Brother Sun and Sister Moon – to give honour and praise to the Lord . . .” (Source: the website of The Humane Society of the United States.) (See also “Elemental Kingdom” and “Sol” in the Glossary Annex.) 

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