White Paper

Annex of Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

Federation (American Heritage Dictionary) n. 1. The act of federating, esp. in order to create a federal union.  2. A league or association formed by federating.

Spiritualadj.  1. Of. relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material. 2. Of, concerned with, or affecting the soul.  3. Of, from, or pertaining to God; deific.  4. Of or belonging to a church or religion; sacred.  5. Pertaining to or having the nature of spirits; supernatural.

Hierarchy. n. 1. a. A body of entities arranged in a graded series.  2.  A body of clergy organized into successive ranks or grades with each level subordinate to the one above.  b. Ecclesiastical rule by a hierarchy.

[The above Earth/human definitions may not be what the ETs have in mind when information is channeled through a human.  However, 99% of the material that follows was channeled by Harvey Grady, and the ETs consider him to be a clear channel.  That means English speakers should understand it with the same degree of comprehension that they have speaking to another English speaker. ]   


When the White Paper Outline was drafted in 2015, it failed to include two critical elements.  This became obvious when I created a White Paper using the first Outline.  However, there is very little generally available information on the two missing outline subjects: the ET Federation and the ET organization – The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth (SHE).  P.E.A.C.E. Inc. has been in contact with SHE for several years. I requested that group to provide details about itself and details about the Federation.  SHE agreed that this information was critical for any university or any other group involved in researching and creating a White Paper.  There is a small SHE Team that monitors the P.E.A.C.E. Inc. Team working with SHE.  When a request is made from SHE, such as a request for specific information, the SHE Team is responsible to decide if and when the requested information will be provided.  A request for information requires a unanimous approval vote by the SHE Team. 

This request failed to receive the required unanimous approval vote.  SHE does not provide explanations for their action or lack of action.  We were told that they are “working on the issue.”

We have no estimate of when we will be provided some information, but the White Paper is a SHE approved Pilot Program that is important to them.  We are confident that SHE will provide the requested information.  When that will happen cannot be predicted.  In the interim we will share what we know about these two subjects.  I speculate that the lack of response is related to the level of detail that I requested, and when the SHE Team agrees to what they are willing to share we will get a positive reply.

The Federation:

Our best information about the Federation comes from the interviews that Angela Smith conducted with over a dozen different ET cultures and reported in our book, Voices from the Cosmos.  Most of them identified the Federation in terms of whether or not they were a member of it.  Some took Earth to task because we did not follow the rules of the Federation.  The Reptilians in particular made that an issue.  We are glad they did because that is a very significant revelation – Earth is located in a part of the Cosmos that is rule-based.  If Earth manages to survive the consequences of global warming and if we agree by Treaty to keep space-based weapons out of orbit and significantly decrease institutional violence, we might become qualified to rate an invitation to join the Federation. 

Should Earth accept such an offer?  Well, that depends upon the deal.  When we learn about the Federation and its RULES, it will certainly be viewed through different lens by members of the dysfunctional Nation State system.  Those currently on top of a rigged economic and political system will likely see a future much differently than the vision of most of the world’s nations. 

A White Paper that does not wrestle with this subject will be of modest value in a global dialogue on the challenges and opportunities that will flow from formal disclosure of ET/Earth contact.  We have been told that some sources use the term Federation and others use Confederation.  The ETs state that these two terms refer to the same cosmic organization.  We believe that most certainly it is related to the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.

We have requested a copy of the Federation’s constitution with supporting information that details information that we would not expect to be in the constitution, e.g. when was it established; is it subordinate to a higher organization; how many ET cultures are part of the Federation; where is its headquarters; does it have enforcement responsibilities; and other questions.  As we receive this material it will be shared via our website.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth (SHE)

I first heard about SHE when working with a friend, Harvey Grady in Sedona, Az.  Harvey and his wife Julie established the Center for Human Potential years ago and have been extensively involved with ETs.  He is perhaps best known for channeling an ET identified as Monitor.  Monitor has identified himself as a Pleiadean and a member of a group of 153 ETs from many different cultures.  This group has a responsibility to link Humans with the SHE.  I worked with Monitor for a number of years in this arrangement and several years ago I was assigned my own contact ET, another Pleiadean who identified himself as Tailor.  Very recently I was assigned a member of SHE for direct communications with that organization.  He identified himself as Limon.   

The most detailed information I currently have about the SHE comes from Grady and Monitor.  I had been told that from time to time the SHE has sent an enlightened SHE entity to a specific location on Earth as a teacher.  When I asked for some names, the response was: “When you become familiar with the writings of Confucius, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc., you have a beginning answer.”  For years, Grady and Monitor have cited the SHE in various contexts; these citations have been published in a document available from the Center for Human Potential.  What can be said is that the SHE appears to be involved in every aspect of Human and Earth activity.  What I currently know about the SHE supports a wide (and perhaps wild) body of speculation about the future of Earth and all life on her.

One of the well-known issues of channeled information is a predictable mismatch in language and vocabulary between the entity being channel and the channeler.  We have been told by the ETs that the ET names given by ETs are never their actual names.  The explanation given is that no human language supports any class of translation of ET words.  While channeling Limon I occasionally recognize that he is running ahead of the normal rate of a vocal conversation and is also responding to a thought I have, but have not yet spoken.  Telepathic communications appear to be a Cosmic norm, and I use it for security purposes when I do not want the subject uttered in either the spoken or written form.  My short term memory will not accurately support very much of this process.

What follows below is the document: Spiritual Hierarchy (All contents ©1989-2115 by Harvey Grady.  All rights reserved), compiled 4-8-15, and used with permission.  Copies of the complete 40 page document are available at www.sedonaspirit.com, the website of the Center for Human Potential.  

The document is composed of 59 different short sections each identified by a Source, Date and usually a Subject Title, and the page number where it is found in the 40-page document.  Fifty-seven of the sections are from the years 1991 and 1992. Two are from 1993.

Any comments by Jones will be set in parentheses.


From Exp-015 (Jul 17, 1991), Origins, p. 1.

Luckie: Could you give us the origin of the Hierarchy?

Monitor:  The Hierarchy has its origin in the Maker, the Creator. From there, the Hierarchy extends to Creation and is found in the Cosmic Identities.  From the Cosmic Identities, the Hierarchy moves into the realm of form.  In the realm of form, the Hierarchy may most easily be identified, in human terms, with those kinds of stellar structures that you perceive as galaxies, sub-galaxies, solar systems, stars or suns, planets, planes and rays of influence.

Within the category of Planetary Hierarchy, you have various lines of evolution that have their hierarchies.  The concept of “hierarchy” permeates the human being down to the sub-atomic entities.  The Hierarchy exists on all levels of form, expressing intelligent stimulus to the evolution of Life essence through one form after another, until it is freed from form.

Perhaps you have not considered “Hierarchy” to that degree.  If you consider the Hierarchy of Earth, you would say that Hierarchy began through assistance from distant stars and neighboring planets.  At that point the Hierarchy was primarily organized around beings who came from Venus.  As the evolutionary plan progressed, many of those beings returned to their home planet, and their positions have been filed by beings who have evolved through Earth.  The Hierarchy of Earth consists of all kingdoms of Life working together in harmony.  They have groupings that reflect the greater impulses of the planet and other planets of the solar system and beyond.

No Hierarchy at any level of form is ever disconnected from the totality of Hierarchies, for all of them represent the constant flow of guidance from the Creator to all of Life essence journeying through form.

(Reference Creator and Maker.  I assume that many Humans would assume that these labels are equivalent to God.  I have yet to see God used in this type of channeling.)

From Exp-049 (May 6, 1992), Preparing for the Aquarian Age,
Spiritual Hierarchy
, pp. 1-2

Steve: I was wondering, can you tell us who or what or how much power the Spiritual Hierarchy has?

Monitor:  The Spiritual Hierarchy consists of beings from other planets and stars who have begun the organization for orderly development of consciousness within Planet Earth.  As the human, devic and elemental kingdoms have evolved, certain individuals have moved into the ranks of the Hierarchy, displacing those from other sources.

The Hierarchy consists of the most evolved beings associated with Earth and the solar system.  Their dedication is to benefit all of Life.  They work at a pace unbelievable to human beings.  They perform most of their work upon the higher planes and only enter the etheric and physical planes when it is necessary.  Their organization is complex and seeks simultaneous developments in human, devic and elemental kingdoms of Earth.  The Hierarchy coordinates all forms of evolution and acts as a linkage with the Hierarchies of the solar system and other planets, thereby maintaining harmony.

Each person in this room is influenced by and linked to the Hierarchy of Earth. Each person present may seek conscious contact with the Hierarchy.  That contact will occur through your own higher consciousness, or to use your term, “High Self.”  As you open yourselves to contact the Hierarchy, you will be asked to make a commitment to undertake service to all of Life. Therefore, you must consider your readiness to make such a commitment.

The Hierarchy functions to help Life evolve, and those levels of Life which function within individual and group karmic law must be assisted within the terms of that law.  This means that individuals and groups must be given the opportunity to learn lessons and capabilities which karmic law provides the opportunities for learning.  As individuals and groups ask for the application of the Law of Grace, then the Hierarchy may intervene to a greater degree without violating karmic law.  The use of the action of Divine Grace is therefore a high priority lesson for human beings to learn.

The Hierarchy allows individuals and groups with selfish and exploitative intent to function within the planet, because such individuals and groups have opportunity to make those choices.  The Hierarchy seeks to limit their destructiveness as much as possible.  Yet, if you understand karmic law, you will understand that those who are harmed by such people and groups are those who have earned that karmic opportunity.

As humanity faces the challenge of identifying, overthrowing and forgiving those approximately 60 persons who constitute the international financiers of greatest power, humanity will learn the value of freedom.  If human beings do not value their freedom sufficiently, they will be enslaved until they develop sufficient motivation to create freedom.

From Exp-160 (Dec 4, 1996), Predictions: 1997 and Beyond:
Spiritual Hierarchy , p. 2.

Julie:  Monitor, would you mind starting by giving us a brief description of who the Spiritual Hierarchy is?

Monitor:  The term Spiritual Hierarchy refers to an organization of highly evolved human beings, spiritual masters, who have blended masculine and feminine qualities and demonstrated through personal sacrifice the depth of their commitment to the expression of Love and compassion to all of Life.

These beings have evolved over millions of years into positions of responsibility.  The organization, which they have evolved, works in the causal and mental planes primarily and extends its activities into the astral, etheric, and physical planes to affect maximum growth opportunities to all Life in Earth.

The members of the Hierarchy operate with extraordinary sensitive to the needs of others.  They consist of personalities that have achieved union with their Souls not only radiate Divine Love and vitality to all of Life, but also undertake difficult and painful assignments to assist humanity, devas and elementals, in their evolution.

The term Hierarchy applies to a multi-level organization which operates under the inspired leadership of the being occupying the position known as the “Christ.”  A series of departments, or areas of responsibility, branch out from that office and extend through six levels of organization of those enlightened beings who guide the growth of Life throughout the planet.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is quite unlike any government group of human beings.  It is truly more than human.

From Exp-053 (Jun 3, 1992), Ancient Civilizations,
Organization of Planet Earth, p. 3

Let us approach from a different direction.

Life evolving beyond the etheric and physical planes is challenging to describe to you because of deficiencies in language.  Yet we may indicate certain points of organization and progression as life unfolded in planet Earth.

The Spiritual Hierarchy focused upon planet Earth to organize individuated forms of life at the time approximately 18,500 years B.C.  Upon that occasion, beings from other planets within the solar system, and beings from other star systems convened and began to define the organization of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.  From within the solar system, beings were present from all of the other planets, representative of members of the Spiritual Hierarchy as it had evolved upon the varied planet.  Upon discussing alternative plans, the Hierarchy determined that the representatives from planet Venus would be the best suited to take the primary role in guiding the evolution of individuated Life upon Earth.  Beings from the planet Saturn were assigned a subsidiary role.  And beings from the other planets were assigned role of maintaining contact, but not being actively involved in the administration of Earth’s evolution.

Beings from Venus guided the development of Souls embodied upon the causal plane, and projected their presence upon the mental and astral planes of Earth.

From Exp-003 (Apr 24, 1991, Personality & Soul.
Planetary Transition and Fear Release, p. 3.

At this time of transition, the Planetary Consciousness is moving into a sudden change, a realization, in which its pulsation and distribution of force will be recognized for the better.  It will provide a much clearer context for human development.

In the present time, which leads to those changes, a great deal of fear is purposely being forced to the surface.  The Hierarchy definitely promotes the expression of fear throughout humanity and at times throughout the elemental and devic kingdoms.  Fears must be released, even though the process seems quiet distressful, in order to produce sufficient purification so that the Higher Consciousness, soon to enter in obvious ways to your world, may clearly manifest.

As the High Consciousness enters, those beings who express fear will experience energetic reactions equivalent to being set on fire.  Much work will be done by various individuals qualified to work with what we may describe as “Divine Fire,” or Soul Fire, which is a particular form of Higher Consciousness transmitted from the Soul to and through the personality which may be used to burn off their fears.  This process will not be accessible to all human beings.  It will be limited only to those whom the Hierarchy deem ready.  But understand that in these times you are experiencing greater amounts of fear than at any previous times in human development.

From Expo-005 (May 8, 1991), Creativity, Benefits of Fear, pp. 3-4.

We ask you to appreciate the benefits of fear.  Fear consists of a response generated from the mental level to the astral level to the etheric and physical levels of existence.  Fear represents the mind of the Self who feels exposed and at risk.  The exposure may be to the threat of destruction, loss of capability, or loss of status.  Fear acts as an alarm that causes the mind of the Self to become attentive.  It represents a very useful reflex as part of the instinctual pattern that human beings have adopted.  So fear, in its essential function, is really quite useful.  It offers a call to pay attention.

In the course of human history, many illusions have been generated around the experience of fear.  These illusions cause the Self to believe that its fear presents a valid perception of the threat of destruction, or other threats.  But the illusions are false, and fears functions as an alarm calling for attention.

Illusions  –  created largely in the lower levels of the mind and most active in the astral forces of emotions, desires, attitudes, and expectations  -  create a false perception of threat.  These illusions, producing and sustaining what we call a “dysfunctional fear reaction,” have become a habit for human beings and some devic beings in Earth.  This dysfunctional pattern of fear has complicated matters for the Spiritual Hierarchy.  It is, therefore, important for each being present in this plant to recognize fear as an appropriate alarm, and distinguish it from the dysfunctional habit of reacting to illusion.

How is that for a provocative statement?

From Exp-006 (May 15, 1991), Creativity, pp. 4-5

Group:  Oneness  Acceptance. Heightened awareness.  A difference in physical vibration.

Monitor:  A difference in physical vibration.  Indeed you are experiencing contact with us, and we are experiencing contact with you.

You have learned, throughout human history, to consider yourselves as lesser beings than those of us who no longer occupy physical bodies.  This offers a prime example of illusion.  Why would that make you lesser beings?  We, on our own part, are affected vibratorally by you to a high degree.  In order to perform our mission well, we have sufficient numbers of individuals who allow us to adjust our reactions that stem from contact with you.  Our sensitivity is such that we may be greatly affected by you.

Group Consciousness

Such sharings as this allow for dispersal of fear patterns and illusions.  If some are dispersed this evening in our company, that makes it easier for other groups around the planet.  What they accomplish also makes it easier for us.  The Hierarchy promotes greater numbers of such exchanges at this time.  It emphasizes group activity, because group activity now provides individuals within the group greater access to their Souls.

The consciousness of your Soul is focused on the maximum benefit of Life in this planet and beyond.  Your Soul will not act in ways that fail to benefit all of Life in this planet. How then do you as personalities, become attuned and in harmony with your Souls except by learning to be like your Souls, learning to embody the qualities of your Souls?

Experience in a group such as this creates a collective consciousness that enables each individual present to be more experienced in, and accepting of, contact with their own Soul.  In other words, this is a way of creating Oneness.  We consider it important that you and others understand the importance of group process, group consciousness, as a bridge between the individual personality and its Soul.

Oneness with Soul

Creativity functions in many ways.  If we restate the ultimate challenge, creativity involves the creation of Oneness of Being.  The crucial Oneness of Being – that needs to be accomplished within the next two hundred years of physical time – lies in developing rapport between personality and Soul.  That rapport will never be developed by following rote formulae.  It may only be approached by the individual personality acting creatively.  Such creativity entails risks, where a personality meets those experiences that it most wishes to avoid, that personality gains sufficient wholeness, sufficient vibratory capability in the structure of mind and body, that it may achieve rapport with its Soul, Hallelujah!

Group: [Laughter]

From Exp-012 (Jun 26, 1991) Nature of Reality
Prayer for Magma Flo Moderation, p. 5.  

Marlene:  Monitor, at the end of the last Lesson, when we were asked to pray that the magma flow moderately  under the Pacific tectonic plate, some of us were wondering how much of an impact our prayer had.

Monitor:  We’re glad you asked that.  We sometimes forget to respond to your questions about the impact of prayer,

The situation within the planet is intensifying on several fronts.  The elemental Life forms in the molten magma underlying the continental plates of the planet’s crust are being deliberately stirred up by the Spiritual Hierarchy.   The elementals also have a plan of evolution, and the Hierarchy now stimulates them in an orderly fashion toward greater growth.  As they become stimulated, the magma moves and achieves greater velocity in its flowing.  Several areas of the world are affected because the magma seeks to penetrate thin or punctured areas in the crust.  It also creates a pressure against, and movement of, tectonic plates.

The situation, which you prayed for, has been moderated.  You may have noticed that volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Ocean have not increased significantly, but rather have maintained current levels of  activity.

Volcanic activity will continue, for several reasons.  Therefore, we encourage you to continue your prayers.  As you pray, you activate forces beyond your conscious awareness.  Those forces, which are part of your deeper being, create significant effects.

Of course, you are not the only group being asked to pray for these events.  The accumulated effect of several groups praying provides a significant contribution to the evolution of the planet.  We thank you for your contributions to prayer and ask that you to continue them.

From Exp-012 (Jun 26, 1991), Nature of Reality
Starseed Transmissions & Predictions, pp. 5-6.

Doug:  You’ve invited the opportunity to compare different perspectives.  And one perspective I have been reading has been Ken Carey’s Starseed Transmissions.  It predicts a very different reality occurring for the human race in our generation. My tendency is to react to protect the physical through all these predicted changes, and yet I realize that if the spiritual portion is kept in line, physical reality will probably take care of itself.  We experience physical and spiritual realities, but how do we balance them?  I’m also interested to hear if you agree with what’s been written in Starseed Transmission about the Second Coming.

Monitor:  We agree with the viewpoint expressed in Ken Carnet’s books in general, but differ in some respects.  We find there is a tendency to want specific answers for questions to which the Hierarchy will not allow specific answers at this time.  We find, therefore, that the information provided to the subconscious mind of Ken Carey is at times elaborated on by his subconscious mind.  Having acknowledged this, we do say that he is an extraordinarily clear channel and that the vast majority of what he describes as events to come in your time are quite valid.  In particular, he chapters the qualities of consciousness that are now active in the Planetary Being.  He presents a viewpoint of great change, which can be quite traumatic to humans and devic beings.

Continued from Exp-012 (Jun 26, 1991), Nature of Reality, p.6.

This viewpoint we agree with, but emphasize to you that we have a perspective that is not unlimited.  Our perspective has its limits, and we, as a collective entity, are also subject to the karmic law.  Because of that, we will not provide details of events that the Hierarchy has decided, in its wisdom, should not be provided to human beings at this time

We ask you to understand that the Hierarchy is highly intelligent, highly compassionate, and extremely sensitive to the needs of all Life forms evolving in and visiting the Planetary Being.  The Hierarchy’s decisions therefore change, as their sense of how the highest good may be achieved changes.  Do you have any further questions?

 From Exp-012 (Jun 26, 1991), Nature of Reality
Monitor & Hierarchy,
p. 6.

Arzani:  In my conception of the hierarchy of beings, including the personality, Soul, Monad, Planetary Being, and Solar Logos, where do you, Monitor, fit in?

Monitor:  We fit in as peons.  We work voluntarily to assist humanity and the devic kingdom of Earth to evolve.  We consist of individuals not yet fully activated to the point of Monad Consciousness.  Some of us are opening to that consciousness.  The majority of us deal with Soul Consciousness, and approximately one third of us relate comfortably with human and devic consciousness as it is incarnate in this planet.  We are not limited to this planet, but our primary assignment is here.  Does this answer your question?

From Exp-o14 (Jul 10, 1991), Origins
Two Waves of Embodied Souls, pp. 6-7.

Helen:  Last week we asked about the average number of physical lifetimes, and in consulting your statistical department you mentioned that you considered the two waves of beings inhabiting the forms of humanity to get your average.  Would you explain what these two waves were?

Monitor:  Certainly.  The first wave consists of those Souls who were involved in physical embodiment and present in planet Earth prior to the Maldekian immigration.  This first wave of Souls involved those who came to Earth and embodied only in the mental and astral planes.  They participated in the first revolution of human or, shall we say, pre-human Life forms in this planet.  They had a separate plan of evolution, participating in the lessons that Earth offers.

They were, in many instances, severely impacted when the Maldekian immigrants were brought to Earth.  The resulting change in vibratory conditions necessitated a change in the plan of evolution for those Souls involved in the first wave.  As the Spiritual Hierarchy evolved a second plan of evolution and put in effect, the first wave of Souls proceeded within the second plan, and many are still involved in completing their plan of evolution, seeking spiritual mastery.

The second wave of Souls refers to those who entered after the Maldekian immigration.  Most of those Souls entered with the intent to assist the first wave Souls who became handicapped as a result of severe changes, and to assist the Planetary Being of Earth in its evolution.

We wish you to understand that no planet stands isolated.  Each planet is part of a family of Beings.  When one planet has difficulties, other planets assist.  This is true also of stars, even though your commonly held concept at this time regards planets and stars as inanimate.  We assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

If you wish, you may at times sense the living qualities of the consciousness of your planet and realize that you are part of its Being, and it is part of a greater Being which you may visually refer to as the sun, the star Sol.  Your sun is part of an even greater Being.  And so all parts of the universe are alive and intimately connected.

Does this answer your question concerning the waves?

Helen: Yes.  Thank you very much.

From Exo-014 (Jul 10, 1991), Origins
Origin of Soul and Judge Selves, pp. 7-8

Lois:  I would like to know about the origin of the Soul, and whether that was always connected with the evolutionary process of the Judge Selves?

Monitor:  We will attempt to answer this rather complex question in simple terms.

Consider the Souls who were part of the first wave of Soul embodiments in Earth.  The Soul lives in the causal plane and projects part of its being into the mental plane and then into the astral plane.  It invests itself in a series of experiences in planet Earth.  When the Maldekian immigrants came to Earth, their discordant, conflicting vibrations caused widespread changes in the astral plane and even in the lower levels of the mental plane.  The causal plane was not affected.

The Maldekian beings consisted of Souls from Maldek who came to live in the causal plane with the Souls of the first wave of Souls embodied in Earth.  The Maldekian personality consisted of a Soul, situated in the causal plane, and its personality components were located in the astral plane of Earth. The astral Maldekians were most uncomfortable and disconcerted.  The mental Maldekians were, for the most part, able to adjust.

When the Spiritual Hierarchy evolved a second plan of evolution and put it into effect, they arranged for the creation of the “human personality.”  The human personality was initially formed by an Earth-based  Soul animating a two-member team of Male and Female Selves,  Then that personality was expanded by an attachment of an astral Maldekian.  This attachment allowed the astral Maldekian to enter the second plan of evolution wherein they evolved within the human personality, lifetime after lifetime.  And with the attachment of the astral Maldekian, its mental counterpart, a mental Maldekian, also was included in the evolving human personality.  We regard the included astral Maldekian as the “Astral Judge Self” and the included mental Maldekian as the “Mental Judge Self.”

The astral and mental Maldekian have contact with all other elements in the personality, yet still maintains connection with their Maldekian Soul.  The Male and Female Selves maintain connections  with their Earth-based Soul .  So you may consider that each human personality has a primary connection to an Earth-based Soul and a secondary connection, through two Judge Selves, to their Maldekian Soul.

The primary Soul connection through the Basic Selves provides the principal growth of the personality.  The secondary Soul connection comprises what you might call a “hitchhiker,” which enables the astral and mental Maldekians to evolve beyond their previous limits and achieve freedom from the bondage of fear and doubt.

You, as a human personality, are best served by relating to your Earth-based Soul as a primary connection.  But you may also assist your growth by helping your Judge Selves in activating their Maldekian Soul connection.

When persons consider Souls, they often desire to have one Soul exclusively, as if they owned it.  This desire reflects the insecurity of part of the personality, not all of it.  Such insecurity most often comes from the Judge Selves.

Souls are radiant beings like Gods to the human personality.  And so, having connections to not only one, but also two Souls offers a great advantage.  The Earth-based Soul of human personality relates in a very harmonious manner with the Soul of its Maldekian partner.  Souls in the causal plane are not troubled by the types of conflicts, fears, and divisions which occur among human personalities.  Souls represent a tremendous resource and the true fulfillment of human evolution.

Over the reaches of time, as the second plan of evolution proceeds, tremendous benefits will accrue to the Planetary Being of Earth and the Planetary Being of Maldek.  The Maldekian Souls, who have completed the plan of joint evolution, will be freed to return to their home planet.  Great benefits will derive from the joint plan of evolution for these planets and the entire solar system.  So we encourage you to consider the long-range view of evolution in these matters.

From Exp-015 (Jul 17, 1991), Origins
Growth of “Mother” Earth,
pp. 8-9.

Luckie:  I am interested in your reference to trauma and the mother experience, and also your views on “Mother Earth” and our environmental problems at this time.

Monitor:  You ask a tell question.  The term “mother,” for human beings, brings memories of one’s own biological mother or psychological mother.  The question you ask relates to Earth as “mother.”  Indeed it is.  Consider the function of mother.  Mother provides the form which Life essence occupies.  Thus Earth is mother.  Thus matter is mother.

The Earth, in its full consciousness, is al present in a state of struggle.  It encompasses portions of consciousness that are quite clear and coherent , and portions which are quite confused,  The state of consciousness of your encompassing Planetary Being reflects itself in humanity and other kingdoms.  The present state of the physical environment is only one area of concern.  It has its parallels in etheric and astral environments.  From the viewpoint of the Spiritual Hierarchy, what occurs in the astral environment is perhaps more important than what is happening in etheric  and physical environments.

Astral Growth

The astral environment consists of the accumulation of astral energies emanated by all beings functioning with astral bodies.  From the Hierarchy’s viewpoint, the confusion of emotions, desires, attitudes, and expectations present in the collective astral field needs to be resolved before the confusion and pollution in etheric and physical levels may be resolved.

As you resolve difficulties within your emotions, you aid the Planetary Being.  As you resolve difficulties with desires and expectations, you extend the effect of your accomplishment beyond your own astral field.  Your accomplishment creates a vibratory event that extends beyond you onto the astral field of the planet.  As more beings, such as you, gain mastery over astral expression, the planet greatly benefits.

While astral confusion reigns, in both senses of the term, you will have disturbances in etheric and physical realms.  The expression of volcanoes, earthquakes, devastating winds, and droughts manifest an extension of the astral confusion in the planet.

We believe we’ve been perhaps depressing enough to encourage other questions.

From Exp-015 (Jul 17,1991), Origins,
 “Fall” from Grace, pp. 9-10.

Julie:  I’d like to bring up Doug’s question, which I thought was very interesting.  He mentioned that both Ken Carey and Emmanuel, talking about what we call the “fall from grace,” suggest that the “fall” was caused by our consciousness becoming fascinated with form.  Would you comment on your view of that?

Monitor:  Yes, it is fascinating to us as well.  The term “fall from grace” is interpreted as a negative event, when it is not negative at all, in our perception.

If you view the entry of Life essence into form as a process of growth that contributes to the evolution of Oneness of all Life, Oneness with its Creator, you see that the indwelling Life inevitably becomes fascinated with form and identifies with a form and forgets its origin and destiny.

In the history of this planet during the first wave of Souls, the indwelling Souls occupying mental and astral forms were less likely to become lost.  Yet, they did.  They became fascinated with the forms evolving in the lower astral plane, those forms which you term “elemental” evolution.  The first wave Souls experienced those elemental forms and sometimes became lost in them, so fascinated with the qualities of mineral, vegetable, or animal Life that they forgot who they were.  And so you have the origin of death, which is death of the form only.   Death provides a way out when the indwelling Life has forgotten how to gracefully exit the form.

High Selves As Solar Angels

In the second wave of Souls entering Earth, confusion was accentuated, and the Hierarchy needed to invest greater effort in maintaining clear communication with those Souls dwelling in forms in the various planes.  Here, in the human kingdom, you were given the gift, the very gracious gift, of the Solar Angels who became your guides, or what you term your “Higher Selves.”  They assisted in mediating between the consciousness of the human being and the consciousness of its Soul.  This great act of service by the Solar Angels inspires all of Life in this planet, for it is not a frequent occurrence throughout the universe.

And so, in your present form, you have evolved what you call a “personality” which consists of various components.  Some of these components are quite comfortable in the form and seek nothing outside of it.  Other components feel quite uncomfortable in the form and seek escape.  In some cases, they do not what they would escape to, yet they desire escape as though from prison.  In other cases, they understand that they would escape into a greater freedom and repeated opportunities to return to form until they have gained mastery of it.

Still other components in your personality actively seek mastery of the form, which is the only way that they may be truly released.

Grace is evident in all phases of this process, should the indwelling Life seek it, for the Creator has ever provided direct communication and direct assistance to all of Life, no matter in what form or in what state.  Thus the implication of the phrase, fall from grace, which indicates a separation of Life essence from the Creator, is quite misleading.  There never has been, nor, we may safely predict, will there ever be any such separation.

From Exp-016 (Jul 24, 1991), Origins, pp.10-11.

Monitor:  We will attempt a more simple answer, and then if you desire to pursue it, please do so.

In the early days of astral expression, when Souls embodied primarily in the astral and mental planes of Earth, evolution of the elemental kingdom was begun.  The elemental kingdom consisting of the forms that you know today as mineral, vegetable, and animal  -  which evolve into the human body  -  began first in the astral plane.  Their evolution began with very simple forms.  As similar to the concept of your biologists, simple one-celled forms were the originating forms.

To gain a new perspective on this, consider that in those times the Soul, as a radiant being with a boundary, manifested in the mental plane as a radiant form with a boundary, similar to what you term a
“bubble,” but a radiant bubble.  When the mental form projected itself, on behalf of the Soul, into the astral plane, its astral form also manifested as a radiant bubble.  From that point of origin, it is only natural that the beginning forms were in the form of radiant bubbles, or one-celled creatures.  The amoeba, as you know it today in the dense physical plane, had its origin in the astral plane.

As forms evolved, largely with the impetus given by the devic kingdom assigned to such tasks, a time came when experimentation was initiated by the Hierarchy to find suitable forms for expression of the next stage of growth beyond that of the animal kingdom.  In that time, approximately sixteen million years BCE, forms were created as centaurs, and other forms that you know today through mythology.  Human beings who spoke of such creatures, spoke either from memories of their own or memories of the race as it evolved.

Those who were centaurs have not embodied in any distinct pattern in your world today.  They have moved on.  While you have considered the Native Americans as descendants of centaurs, we find this is not so.  Anyone in this room may be the descendant of a centaur or a satyr.  Consider the evolution of form.  It is plastic to the indwelling Life.  As the indwelling Life essence experiences that firm, its creativity shapes it.  Over time, the shaping process evolves a more suitable vehicle for the indwelling Life essence.

From the viewpoint of the Soul, the human form is quite primitive, but appropriate for the planet at this stage of development.  The higher forms throughout the universe are radiant beings with boundaries.   The more highly evolved the being, the greater the radiance and boundary. Does this address your question?

Elaine:  Yes, thank you very much.

From Exp-016 (July 24,1991), Origins, p.11

Elaine:  And the earthquakes.  How would they be affected?

Monitor:  Earthquakes are caused by various factors, the major factor being the movement of magma.  The Spiritual Hierarchy assumes responsibility for seismic and volcanic events.  They carefully manage such events and are quite capable of doing so.  You must understand, however, that they seek to benefit all forms of Life in this planet and not simply the human form.

From Exp-016 (Jul 24, 1991), Origins     
Explosion of Knowledge,

Bob:  The traditional academic world is experiencing an explosion of knowledge.  Is this considered to be good and part of evolution, or is this something not all that significant in the scheme of things?

Monitor:  The explosion of knowledge, or communicated ideas and information, represents humanity’s gradual acquisition of the power of mind.  In the distant past of humanity, the powers of mind were quite minimal.  The Hierarchy furnished a great deal of guidance, a beneficent intelligence, to humanity.  In these times, humanity has evolved to the point where it gains the power of mind.  The increased quantities of communicated knowledge reflect that condition.  The knowledge itself may, in large part, become outmoded, but the capability of mind of humanity will continue to evolve.  Its evolution moves from instinctive mind to intellectual mind, which now predominates, to intuitional mind which will dominate.

From Exp-017 (Jul 31, 1991), Origins, pp.11-12.

Monitor:  To have a more complete understanding of crop circles, we suggest that you consider the perspective that Life on this planet has always enjoyed an interchange with Life from other planets and solar systems.

Crop circles offer a demonstration of benign and helpful energies applied to growing plants in a field, creating designs that demonstrate a higher form of intelligence at work.

Crop circles give scientists evidence that invites those who are willing to be open, to consider possibilities beyond what their present science can now generate.  The designs are formed by devices, not necessarily the flying craft that contain beings, but usually by smaller devices, what you call “probes.”

Some of the configurations appearing in the more elaborate designs are intended to awaken memories in human beings who have been in other planets and star systems.  We do not mean that a human being has been out of the periphery of Earth, but that the Life essence contained in the Soul of the human being has been in such distant places.  Crop circles ac as stimuli to those people, causing the awakening of memories and generally exerting a benign influence.

If you have noticed, discussion of extraterrestrials has generated a great deal of fear among the general population of the planet.  The presentation of information about extraterrestrials has been carefully paced by the Hierarchy, allowing people to release their fears gradually.  The greatest obstacle to a friendly interchange between Earth people and the people from other planets consists of the fear generated by many Earth people.  Therefore, a number of activities have been allowed by the Spiritual Hierarchy to enable people to release their fears.  (P.E.A.C.E. Inc. is seriously involved in these activities).

From Exo-017 (Jul 31, 1991), Origins, p.12

Donna:  Who lived in the area before the Mayans and the Lemurians came?

Monitor:  We must clarify that, before Mayans came to this area, there were those from Og, that portion of South America.  Before them, those who came from Atlantis, and before them those who came from Lemuria at various times.

Lemuria existed over a long period of time and generated several diverse civilizations and diverse forms of peoples.  In the early times of Lemuria the Spiritual Hierarchy advanced the elemental beings from an animal octave of consciousness into what became the human octave of consciousness.

Lemuria contained a great blending of beings from other planets and star systems and of various colonies from various star systems.  These star beings, as Souls embodying in Earth, provided means of cultivating and educating the elemental beings into what became the human kingdom.

From Lemuria, therefore, numerous immigrations of peoples came into what you term the United States and Southwestern United States.  At times the area of the Southwest submerged beneath the ocean.  Lemurians were here before the oceans and in between oceans.  So we’re speaking of a long period of time as you count it.

From Exo-017 (jul31, 1991), Origins, p. 12

Helen:  Would this hold true also for Shamballa in the Himalayas?

Monitor:  Shamballa exists within the higher elements of the etheric plane and represents a special location that has been specifically energized for those who have come beyond the planet in certain lines of duty or opportunity.  Those known as the “Kumaras” from planet Venus historically have resided there.  And so, a specific focus of activity within the Spiritual Hierarchy has been associated with Shamballa.

Shamballa has been described as existing in one geographic location simply as an aid for human beings to consider the possibility that an advanced society, with all the complexities of a city, could exist in a place which appears to be, from the physical viewpoint, barren desert.  We say that Shamballa is not fixed to a given physical location

From Exp-017 (Jul 31, 1991), Origins, pp. 12-13
Easter Island

Donna:  May I ask a question about Easter Island?  Why is that such an enigma?  And are the monoliths produced there done as recent as the scientists believe?

Monitor:  We find that the monoliths on Easter Island depict a race of beings who existed in that area approximately 75,000 years B.C.  They were a combination of beings from another solar system and human beings.

Again, etheric technology was utilized to process the cutting of stones.  That particular group of people – who may be referred to by the name of “Astri” --  were located at several points in that vicinity of the planet. Easter Island represents one point that has remained above the ocean.Several  points have sunk.  Some points exist in the area known as Peru and Chile.

That civilization represented one of the diverse civilizations characteristic of that broad area now known as “Mu.”  Mu was used for many experiments in working out the possibilities of physical form.  Consider the value to the Life essence of experiencing diverse forms, with each form offering new perspectives and new potentialities.

For the scientists of your time to consider the diversity of forms that existed in Mu would be too extraordinary for them to feel secure.  Their concept of the evolution of the human body has been carefully handled because it offers a way for human beings to find a sense of security.  They find, in the evolution of their form as presented by the scientists, a sense of placement in the field of Life.  The identity structure of human beings has been quite fragile in some respects, and so the Spiritual Hierarchy carefully releases new aspects of knowledge so that the security of human beings will be jarred, but not destroyed.

(In the United States and in more than a few other countries, I am sure that more than scientists will be interested in the experiments “in working out the possibility of physical form.”  Obviously “many” forms failed to meet the expectations of the Spiritual Hierarchy and therefore had no future.  Was euthanasia  the outcome for those forms that failed? The World War II Nazi experiments to determine how much the human body could endure before death ended the experiment are well remembered.  The termination of a human pregnancy for any reason is for many a cardinal sin.   Monitor’s cheery view of death is ahead for the reader.  It will challenge many.)

FROM Exp-017 (Jul 31, 1991), Origins
Illuminati, p. 13

Donna:  Is the current scandal of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) the one long predicted by intuitives as the work of the Illuminati?

Monitor:  Indeed, and it is only the beginning of exposure.  The degree of corruption caused by those called the “Illuminati” is only barely being exposed and not yet truly exposed by the media.  Those in the government involved recognize the presence of the Illuminati  -  or the international group of financiers  -  yet it is only a small part of what has been and is currently taking place.

When the Spiritual Hierarchy deliberately destabilizes the world economy, many persons will defect from posts where they have held information in confidence because of what they have received in compensation.  As the world economy tumbles, many such individuals will be discharged and thus motivated to reveal what they know.  This will be part of the necessary restructuring of the world economy.

If you consider that your economy is based mainly on the control of corrupt forces  -  those who seek to control others because of their own fears  -  you will welcome the restructuring which will release the corruption, as though your physical body were releasing infection.

From Exp-021 (Aug 28, 1991), Dreams
Christopher Columbus, pp. 13-14

Donna:  Monitor,  I was wondering if you could tell us something about Christopher Columbus.  Was he merely a first class adventurer or was he a Master Soul who knew that the Earth was round, and knew beforehand the destiny of the voyage?

Monitor: Christopher Columbus was not a Master, yet was not a fool either.  He had access to information that his intuition said was valid.  He was an adventurer, and he did seek to become a wealthy man.  His motive was not altruistic.

He did perform a service, but he was not the first to venture from European to American shores.  However, he did perform the service at a time that opened those routes to many.  A tremendous amount of exploitation followed.  That occurred in a time when human individuality was reaching an extreme point of development.  The Spiritual Hierarchy, at that time, began to change the trend of evolution for humanity, moving from individual development to the development of group consciousness.

Christopher Columbus represents the individual seeking to profit and daring great risks.

From Exp-021 (Aug 28, 1991), Dreams
Baptism,  pp. 14-15

Jerry:   have been requested to participate joyfully in baptizing my nephew’s son on Saturday.  And today I got the inspiration to pose a question to you.  The question is, what are your reflections on baptism from the point of view of the effect on the person being baptized.  Please consider the phases of pre-baptism and post-baptism and their relationship to the birth process.

Monitor:  When Life essence dwells in the human form, it must light the fires within that form.  Those fires, over a number of lifetimes, cause the human form to raise its vibratory quality.

We use the symbol of fire because wood has a certain vibratory quality.  When ignited, its vibratory quality completely changes.  Thus it offers a symbol of transformation by fire.  Life consists of Divine Fire, and so the human form is gradually raised in vibration to the point where its consciousness more closely approximates the consciousness of its sponsoring Soul.  And when the Soul activates that form, progress occurs rapidly.

The act of baptism represents the application of the water of Spirit.  Water, in this sense, has several connotations.  We will not go into all of them, but select one connotation.

Water represents the rising vibrations of the qualities known as emotions and desires.  The energies of the astral plane are often represented by water.  When a human being experiences lower, self-centered, self-defeating emotions and desires, the astral body becomes heavy and course.  The Divine Fire of consciousness raises its quality to the point where emotions and desires are refined.

When they become attuned sufficiently high in vibration, the action of kundalini begins in the physical and etheric forms.   As it rises from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, the kundalini action of fire completes the process of refinement of the astral energies in the personality.  The act of baptism represents that point of attainment where kundalini rises to the crown chakra, the crown chakra opens, and the blessing of Spirit pour forth for the personality and all in the vicinity.

The Logos of Earth initiated the process of initiation, which represents a consciously applied method, on the part of the Logos, to speed the process of evolution of its constituent Life forms.  Through spiritual initiation, the Logos and its representatives in the Spiritual Hierarchy give energetic stimulation to those Life forms who seek light and Love, who seek the blessings of Spirit.

The higher Life forms energize the lower.  The application of these energies brings about accelerated growth.  Baptism represents this process, specifically as it relates to the overflowing of the waters of Spirit which bring a blessing to the form and to the Life dwelling with it.

Does this address your question?

Jerry:  Beautifully!  Thank you very much.

From Exp-023 (Sep 11, 1991), Relationships
Etheric, Astral, and Mental Communication, p. 15

Monitor:   We would comment on this last dream, in the sense of its being an example of clear interpretation.

In relationship, one party must learn how to clearly interpret his own state and the state of the other party in the relationship.  Interpretation requires experience, which is especially true in the human form.

When your personalities are freed from the physical body and functioning mainly in the astral body, communication and interpretation are generally much easier to achieve, as long as the two parties communicating are within a certain vibratory range.  However,  it is possible, in the astral body, for two parties to be unable to clearly communicate or interpret clearly what is communicated, because they exist at vibratory rates too distant from each other.

In the physical body, persons are generally capable of communicating with human language and other resources.  Interpretation has been most difficult for most persons because they understand so little of themselves.  Consequently, they understand less about others.

Much emphasis has been placed on communication by the Spiritual Hierarchy.  At the present time, most of your communication, as human beings, communicating with each other, is accomplished by language, which is a very difficult tool to use.

With the vibratory changes taking place in the Planetary Being, more and more people will open to etheric perception.  This will enable them to become more aware of what they are.  They will become aware that they exist along with other kingdoms of Life that have equal value and equal and sometimes greater capabilities.

They will also become aware that the human Life exists before it takes on human form and after it discards human form.

With these awarenesses, people will gradually develop capability for mental and emotional communication, with conscious awareness.  Such communication involves more than mental telepathy.  It involves a communication of a state of being.  It involves communication of consciousness between individuals.

As those of you, who are Outer Selves, gain ability to communicate with your Subconscious and Superconscious Selves, you express this type of communication of consciousness.

Your Inner Selves do not utilize human language.  When you hear them communicating with you, you receive direct communication of their consciousness and, without knowing it, translate it into human language.

We point out that you are developing these capabilities already, which will revolutionize relationships among human beings and other Life forms in this planet.

From Exp-024 (Sep 18, 1991), Relationships
Human and Animal Relationships, pp. 15-16

Lois:  Two dogs that have been with me in this lifetime have led me to believe that there is more to our relationship than what is considered a “man and dog” relationship.  Would you speak about that please?

Monitor:  In your circumstances, we find that the depth and love in your relationship with these dogs constitutes part of their growth into preparation for individualization.  Most animals are not truly individualized.  They are part of a group consciousness that inhabits separate bodies. 

They share a common mental body, sometimes a common astral body, but are placed in separate material bodies.  They are gaining those qualities and capabilities which prepare them to sustain individualization, which occurs normally as they enter human form.  Your relationship with the dogs adds qualities and capabilities to their consciousness that prepares them for individualization.

Individualization occurs in groups, as sufficient numbers of animal consciousnesses are ready.  Certain members of the Spiritual Hierarchy utilize special times of vibratory quality for initiating the movement of that consciousness from animal to human form.  That transformation is significant because the individual; animal consciousness has achieved a degree of expression which permits it to be activated by a single Soul.

The consciousness of a group of animals is normally activated by only one Soul.  For example, a herd of deer can be supervised by one Soul, while another herd of deer is supervised by another Soul.  When a herd of deer achieves sufficient qualities and capabilities of consciousness to be initiated into human form, each unit of eligible consciousness becomes capable of activation by a separate Soul.

These times of initiation into individualized expression are permitted only when vibratory conditions are most suitable for the evolution of the Planetary Being.  The next scheduled time of individualization lies in two to three hundred years from this time, which is not long in the evolution of consciousness.

From Exp-025 (Sep 25, 1991), Relationships, p. 16

Lois:  Considering a person like Hitler, someone may say, He is a lost cause. He is hopeless.  But I wonder if a person like Hitler could allow people to ventilate all kinds of negative thoughts and have a cleansing situation, or a testing of their spiritual growth, as a result of his energy.

Monitor:  We find that quite true.  We assure you that all experiences, even the most gruesome, are permitted by the Spiritual Hierarchy.  All experiences, no matter how negative they appear, yield a positive benefit to the Souls of human personalities and the Planetary Being’s growth.

Much growth occurs as an individual or a group encounters challenges.  The overall objective, in the evolution of Life, is for individual Life forms to become more universal in their acceptance of energy and expression of Life.  Relationships, therefore, move to universal acceptance.  Relationships grow ultimately into an all-inclusive scope.

We find great wisdom in being able to accept what may appear as a “negative” relationship.  That does not mean the individual has to be permissive, passive, or a  Victim, but have ability to accept negativity.

Depending on our set of values, we are encouraged to discern the effects of a relationship.  If a relationship has destructive effects, an individual is encouraged by their Higher Self, to change, limit. or withdraw from that relationship.  Negative experiences in relationships provide great teaching, and this is as true for us as it is for you.

At some future point, the subject of “Good and Evil” would provide an excellent topic for exploration.  We deliberately limit our comments so that we may have more exchange.

From Exp-025 (Sep 25, 1991) Relationships, p. 17

Monitor:  We would like to conclude with a brief statement:  We have touched on only a small portion of aspects of relationship.  We have attempted to respond to certain needs that we have perceived, not only in your Outer Selves, but also in your Subconscious Selves.

We assure you that all present are involved in a major change in the consciousness of humanity.  As you allow yourselves to be open to guidance from the highest sources, you are greatly assisted in adapting to changing conditions.

You are now on the verge of greater changes in your society than you have previously experienced.  These changes are sponsored by the Spiritual Hierarchy and will bring about a better society.  Yet, in the midst of change, human beings often fear because they do not comprehend the outcomes of change.  We assure you that these changes are of positive benefit to you and all others.

We encourage you to explore relationships with your sources of guidance and with those who guide these changes.

From Exp-27 (Oct 16, 1991), Emotions
Recognizing and Resolving Emotions, pp. 17-18.

Julie:  How could we most successfully begin to untie the knots in the rope?

Monitor:  This is a question that can be easily answered, but more difficult to practice the answer.

The first step for an individual is to recognize his/her emotions as they occur.  Then, on recognition of an emotion, he/she needs to sense it, feel it in its entirety.  By sensing and accepting the emotion as it appears, an individual receives the energetic stimulation of the emotion and allows the emotional energy to be processed through his/her system.  The emotion then is transmitted inward and outward.  It flows inward to the microcosmic entities in the bodies of the human being, and it flow outward to all other beings in the vicinity.  A person gains the benefit of the emotion through this process.

On a practical level, most Outer Selves have difficulty recognizing that they are experiencing an emotion.  Patterns of denial have accumulated and become habitual when transmitted from one generation to the next.

Many of the activities of the human race have been stimulated by the Hierarchy to catalyze recognition, expression, and release of emotions, In a positive sense, catastrophes, disasters, warfare, and exploitation all encourage human beings to develop emotional capabilities.  Such activities are neither pleasant nor desirable, yet if human beings refuse to deal with emotions directly and openly, the Hierarchy has little choice.  Their intent is not to punish, but to develop astral and mental capability on human beings.

What can a person do when he/she becomes interested in recognizing and resolving emotions?  The first step involves paying attention to emotions and developing habits of awareness that register emotional energies.

Many people register only a narrow band of emotional energies.  Many people, for example, do not register shame even when they are filled with it and surrounded by it.  Many people do not register anger under similar conditions.  Many people do not even notice many forms of fear.

A person’s initial attempt should be to develop emotional sensitivity so that emotional energies are recognized.  And then, once they are recognized, a person needs to develop a sense of confidence in allowing emotional energy to flow as it needs to flow.

Each emotion has its own characteristic flow patterns.  In time these will be categorized as much as physical illness patterns have been categorized.  Those who see emotional patterns in a person’s aura will contribute to this type of understanding.

If a person has confidence to allow an emotion to flow, he/she accepts the effects of the emotion on the physical body and the mental body.  Emotions affect the physical and mental bodies to a great degree.  You may notice that strong emotion likely impairs your ability to think, as well as it affects your ability to act physically.  So, as a person allows emotions to flow, those emotions move through the system.  The person gains the experience and is able to grow.

Difficulty comes when a person resists, because resistance is based on fear, often unrecognized fear.  Fear acts with its characteristic pattern of encapsulating or encasing other emotions.  More dynamic emotions -  such as anger, resentment, and hatred  -  are sealed within containers of fear, and a person no longer recognizes that he/she contains them.    They remain, affecting all of the bodies, but the Outer Self has no awareness of this.  A person gradually accumulates fear packages, becoming heavier and heavier, more and more numb.

Under such conditions, a person may only be awakened through physical pain and disruption of relationships, disruption of career, of all that he/she desires.  These conditions, of course, are quite traumatic, but trauma is required to motivate the individual to use sensitivity to deal with the emotional packages he/she has created and accumulated.

The simple guidelines, which we outlined in the beginning of the answer to this question, apply in all circumstances of a person seeking to cleanse emotions, seeking to untie the knots in the rope.

From Exp-029 (Oct 30, 1991), Emotions
Emotional Mastery, pp.18-19

Julie:  Would you describe “emotional mastery” for us?

Monitor:  We thought you would never ask!  We would like very much for you all to be emotional masters.  When only one percent of the embodied human population achieves emotional mastery, the Planetary Being will undergo dramatic transformation.  So, it remains a high priority for the Hierarchy as they structure the conditions of human experience.

An emotional master realizes that each emotion, when it is successfully processed, contributes to the vibratory development of the astral body and etheric body.

Emotions stimulate the vibratory development of the etheric body, which, over a period of time, gains capability of greater contact between the atoms functioning in the etheric realm.  This type of progress leads ultimately to the obsolescence of the etheric body.  In time human beings will outgrow the need for an etheric body, which also removes the need for a physical body. They will then dwell in the astral body as a base of operations and enjoy tremendous growth in mental capability and, later, causal capability.

An emotional master is able to integrate all the elements of energy expressing through the chakra system as they involve emotions.  An emotional master utilizes the emotional currents generated by the Planetary Being as a sailor utilizes a sail to catch the energy of wind to progress to his/her destination.  In sailing, sometimes currents and winds move in a direction opposite to the point of destination, yet  a good sailor has the skill to utilize even those forces to move him in the proper direction.

An emotional master sometimes experiences fear, especially as fear is generated by the Planetary Being.  Yet the emotional master is fully capable of processing the fear, not allowing it to dam up and impede the expression of other emotions, but allow the fear to flow to completion and make its contribution.

An emotional master knows how to simplify the heavy emotions and seldom generates such emotions.  But when he or she receives these emotions through the action of the Planetary Being, the emotional master simplifies and transforms them into lighter emotions.

An emotional master creates sufficient open space in the chakra system and the etheric and astral bodies that he/she is able to draw in and maintain a constant flow of Love.  The Love of the emotional master is present in every moment, and by its presence helps to simplify the heavier emotions,  An emotional master reaches a higher range of Love than most human beings now reach.  Love constantly radiates from the emotional master, and that radiation assists all beings in the vicinity.

From Exp-031 (Nov 13,1991) Karma and Dharma
Karmic Experience Turns Fear into Love, pp. 19-20

If your karma and dharma exist within a field of Love vibration, each of you has opportunity to become more receptive to Love.  How do you do this?  In part, by being willing to face your fears, because your  fears separate you from the vibratory field of Love.

When a personality is sent off by its Soul, its journey begins with awareness of Love.  Then, in the first half of the journey, an individual experiences increasing numbers of occasions where Love is lacking or confused.  Tis part of the journey may be described as the downward path, because it seems to take the person away from the support of Love.  In our perspective, however, a personality remains supported by Love constantly, by its Soul, High Self, Teachers, and the Lords of Karma.  Yet a personality grows confused by the “downward” experiences and accumulates fear, which blocks its perception of Love surrounding it at all times.  The personality then is brought to a low point in its journey, the nadir of its experience in Earth. 

This low point is quite important because it gives the personality the opportunity for choosing freedom when it is most oppressed by bondage.  The personality may also choose Love, when it is most separated from perception of Love.

The low point is designed by the Hierarchy to give each person opportunity to create motivation from freedom and Love.  The motivation constitutes a primary karmic lesson.  It is achieved only under formidable challenges.  Once a personality creates its own motivation to achieve freedom and Love while in the most oppressing conditions, that motivation is a seed which grows and blossoms in subsequent phases of the journey.  From that point onward, the personality creates possibilities for it to experience freedom and Love, and learns how it creates bondage and lack of Love.

As the personality learns to purify and simplify its choices, it emerges from the darkness it has experienced and enters into the Light.  Karma, at that point, becomes more focused on creativity by the personality.  An act of creativity enables the personality to grow in its ability to express the Divinity of Life that it carries.

Karma, therefore, becomes more restrictive, because the personality, in becoming creative may choose from a wider number of options. Having a wider range of options, a personality may choose to veer off its course, as set by the Soul, and so karma supplies rapid and appropriate correction to the enhanced creative use of will.                                      

From Exp-031 (No v 13, 1991), Karma & Dharma
Effects of the Planetary Being’s Karma, p. 20

Shane: I have a sense of the importance of the present time and the pouring in of great amounts of Light into this planetary sphere. What do you see for humanity in the next number of years?

Monitor: Now that is an enticing question! We appreciate it. It gives us an opportunity to note that the karma of the Planetary Being of Earth has enabled it to receive assistance not only from other planets in this solar system, but also from other star systems. As this assistance is rendered, it enters in the form of vibratory force. That vibratory force has an immediate impact on the vibratory qualities of the Planetary Being of Earth. As the Planetary Being is altered in vibration, all of its constituent parts are altered. In other words, you, as human beings, find your vibratory environment changing.

This accelerated period of change has two general effects on humanity. Those who resist the changes experience much greater stress. Those who accept the changes and adapt to them, experience less stress. These vibratory conditions produce a polarization of humanity that distinguishes between those who fear and those who Love.

Those who fear act out their fears and become threatening, not only to themselves, but also to others. Some of the fear, which they generate, is discharged through what appear to be accidents which cause damage and death.

Their fear is given a limited opportunity for expression by the Hierarchy, who manages the expression of human fear through a variety of means. The Hierarchy may introduce natural catastrophes to release large numbers of people from physical expression, thereby rendering them more capable of receiving assistance in dealing with their fears. In this view, the Hierarchy acts for the benefit of the Planetary Being in removing those human beings who restrict the growth opportunity for the Planetary Being. They are not completely removed, because they are moved from a physical to an etheric and then to an astral level of expression. They remain part of the body structure of the Planetary Being, yet are moved into a less critical portion of that body.

During this time, direct interventions are also made by extraterrestrials in preparing for changes in physical form that will assist human beings in times to come.

Angels enter also in vast numbers, assisting human individuals and groups during these times of challenge. Angels assist those who are fearful, as much as they can assist. They help those who Love much more. So those, who live in terms of Love during these times of challenge, are eligible to receive a tremendous amount of assistance. They provide the pattern for the continued existence of humanity. So they are valued and highly supported.

We believe we have discussed the important elements without getting into details. The karma of the Planetary Being, in this instance, has a dramatic effect on the karma of human beings.

[This complete section are been highlighted in red because of its importance in detailing impact of karma.  It is fair warning that Earth and all of its creatures are subject to a system of justice that can and very likely will remove the whole body of international financiers by “natural causes.” ]

From Exp-031 (Nov 13, 1991), Karma & Dharma
Karma of Eating Animals, pp. 20-21.

Jackie: I would like to know what you know about the karma of eating animals, and the karma of not eating animals, and what their karma as a food source is.

Monitor: A certain order has been established by the Hierarchy in not only the physical plane but other planes as well. This order is based on a progression that applies to all species. It relates to minerals, vegetables, animals, humans, devas, and elementals. All of these groups interlock in this plan of progression. In this plan, human beings may eat animals and vegetables. Animals may eat human beings, animals, or vegetables. Vegetables, to a small extent, may eat insects or animals, and, of course, minerals. The minerals eat prana.

Understand that there has been an evolution of Life forms building vibratory qualities through the mineral to the vegetable to the animal and human forms.  Each of these forms represents an advancing stage of consciousness/

The human diet may be directed for specific purposes. If the purpose is physical vitality, the diet may be different than if the purpose is spiritual growth.

A human being is challenged with making decisions about priorities in diet, as well as in other matters. When a human being desires to have spiritual growth as a high priority, he/she may change their diet.

A human being who eats animals takes on the vibratory qualities of the animal. The human being who eats vegetables takes on vibratory qualities of the vegetables. We do not see this as a process of exclusion with a “right” and a “wrong” way for human beings to eat.

We see a multitude of decisions which a human being may make in diet, and that the intent of a human being’s choices regarding diet is more important than the vibratory quality of what a human being eats.

From Exp-033 (Nov 27, 1991), Karma & Dharma
Karma of the United States, pp. 21-22

Helen: Does the United States have its own personal karma?

Monitor: Yes. It is an entity formed by a collective agreement of personalities. It also fulfills a task assigned to it by the Hierarchy.

A nation, a race, or an organization utilizes agreement to set into motion collective consciousness, collective vibratory forces. The United States is dedicated to manifesting a spiritual Light. It is doing that quite effectively, from our perspective. It has provided greater freedom to individuals by allowing them to explore their spiritual dimensions. However, the nation has been fragmented in its purpose. As it seeks to provide material aggrandizement, it creates conditions that will produce material lack.

Karma is determined primarily by intention, by motive. Intention or motive moves the vibratory forces; it is the pebble dropped in the pond that creates the ripples.

The collective intentions of the people of the United States will continue to produce karmic repercussions that will bring about spiritual growth. The country is proceeding quite well in its karmic plan.

From Exp-034 (Dec 11, 1991), Birth & Death
Conception, pp. 21-22

You may gain a better appreciation of the act of conception from consideration of vibratory conditions which are being carefully cultivated by the Hierarchy. If you consider that Earth consciousness is like a pool of water, with waves moving throughout the pool, you have a metaphor for considering the vibratory conditions of Earth. The entry of a personality into birth is carefully timed. You may think of it as the High Self hovering over the surface of the pool, carefully observing the patterns of waves. Then, with approval of the Lords of Karma, the High Self selects the proper moment for conception and drops a seed into the water. The moment the seed enters the water, it sets into motion all of the vibratory forces active in that physical lifetime which results from that conception.

In past ages, and in a few selected places in your present time, the two parents may be quite aware of the process of bringing about conception in accord with the High Selves’ plan. In your culture, and in most cultures of the world today, this is not the case. That art of conception, for the most part, has been lost.

Consider the benefit of two parents carefully preparing for the birth of a child. You have such an instance in your history in the preparations made for the births of John and Jesus. In these cases, the preparations were made more with the mothers than the fathers.

The timing of birth involves several sets of vibratory conditions. First, you have the vibratory conditions already occurring in the physical plane. Then you have the vibratory conditions existing in the etheric, astral, mental, and casual planes. Each plane is taken into account. These may be described as “environmental vibratory conditions.”

The vibratory conditions of the personality must also be considered. The High Self arranges for development of the Basic Selves and Judge Selves. Each of these Subconscious Selves has a background of development, a form of psychic “heredity” which is brought to the moment of conception. Next, you have consideration of the vibrations of the High Self, and then of the Soul.

From Exp-035 (Dec 18, 1991), Birth & Death, pp. 22-23

Monitor: It is appropriate to discuss the birth of Jesus and what Jesus brought to the world. We pointed out before that he was not called Jesus. He was called “Yeshua, yet we will use the name Jesus” because you are comfortable with that term.

His birth, as Jesus, gave him completion of a cycle of lifetimes that saw the physical foundation established for his mission. He was born in human form repeatedly, and his birth as Jesus was his final human birth. His death as Jesus was his final human death.

As we described earlier, his physical form was translated into etheric form. No physical form of his body remained. It was etheric, and is still etheric. His Body Consciousness was translated into a higher state. He lives on in that body, working to fulfill the next phase of his mission. All of us are beneficiaries of his continuing work. We may call upon him, and he is able to help us.  This is good to acknowledge, because it is doubted by many people these days.

At the birth of Jesus, many people and events culminated. Those who were involved close to him – his family and those who were at great distances – all were coordinated in the process of his birth. Extensive preparation took place over numerous generations. His Body Consciousness was developed over thirty-three generations. It was linked with the House of David. This is one reason why the lineage of Jesus is traced in the Bible.

Jesus was part of a movement that was controversial in its time and in earlier times. In his time, the movement was known as the “Essenes,” which is your word for them. The Essenes prepared for the coming of the Messiah, the “Chosen One,” who would lead the true believers of the One God into freedom. The Essenes were as human as everyone else, and so they received true prophecy and prediction and misinterpreted their prophecies and predictions like other human beings. They were steadfast as a community of people who extended throughout the known world. It was not localized to Israel. The Essene community prepared, over generations, the way for his coming.

His coming is of interest, because it reveals significant factors concerning the process of birth. We have spoken of the importance of the cooperation of the parents in coordinating with the incoming Soul to be born. In the case of the birth of Jesus, the coordination began generations earlier, as part of the guidance received through the Essenes. It is noted in The Bible that Mary was conceived immaculately as well as her son, Jesus. It is noted that John the Baptist was conceived in a mysterious manner. In these instances, you have examples of a process of conception that blends the original form of conception of human beings with the form to which it has degenerated.

Originally, human beings were conceived through a merging of energies of mother, father, and incoming Soul. The three would attune, and in that triune attunement the conception took place. Sexual intercourse was not required. That type of process occurred in bodies much more refined in vibration than those of human beings today. With the degeneration of vibration in human bodies, sexual intercourse became necessary for conception. Yet, with the refinement brought by the discipline of the Essenes over a period of generations, it was possible for the conception of Mary and later, the conception of Jesus, to be accomplished without sexual intercourse.

An attunement primarily involved the mother with the incoming Soul and other forces present, both in the physical and out of the physical, which brought about the so-called “immaculate conception.” This form of conception blended ancient and present methods of conception. In time, as humanity refines its vibratory qualities, conception will again return to its original form.

We do not wish to stigmatize the method of conception involving sexual intercourse. That method evolved as a necessary consequence of the advancement of Spirit into matter. When human beings were created as a Life form, Spirit was more independent of and could shape matter. But, in the natural process of growth according to plan of the Hierarchy, Spirit became more invested in and dependent on matter as a means of expression. In the future, Spirit will transform or glorify matter to the extent that the original means of conception will be regained.

The birth of Jesus was predicated on the birth of Mary, for the two personalities

were aspects of the same Soul. They still are.  As you consider the scope of capability and accomplishment that these two aspects have accomplished and continue to accomplish in your present world, you gain perhaps a greater respect for the capability of a Soul. Each of you has Souls that eventually will be capable of such expressions.

What is known as the “Christmas Story,” the birth of Jesus in the stable behind the inn in Bethlehem, symbolizes the birth of the Divine Potential in each person. Each person desires that Divine Potential, yet when it arises, each person is beset with fears and doubts and tends to reject that potential in themselves, even as the mature Jesus was attacked and killed in a public demonstration. Thus we see the symbolism of birth and death in the life of Jesus, which has been recorded in part.

From Exp-035 (Dec 18, 1991) Birth & Death
Training for Dying, pp. 23-24

Julie: I was reading this morning in a book by the Tibetan, and I’d like to read two sentences from it and then have your comments, if you please. It says, if I were asked to say what is the major task of healing groups, such as the Hierarchy seeks to see functioning in the future, I would say it is to prepare human beings for what we should regard as the restorative aspect of death, and thus give to that hitherto driven enemy of mankind a new and happier significance. And, a little further down it says, Healing groups must prepare to deal with this basic condition of all living, and a major part of their work will be the elucidating of the principal of death. Could you give us an idea of how our Center [Center for Human Potential] could best work to serve that purpose? What do we need to be doing?

Monitor: This Center, and other groups, will be wise to provide a structure of training for helping interested person to understand the process of dying as more than exit from the physical body. Individuals have need of a structure to approach the experience of dying, due to the prevalence of fears.

Dying is a wonderful experience.  We recommend it highly! It gives a person great relief from the vibratory burdens associated with physical existence. However, our word is not likely to be accepted. Individuals need to have training that gives them opportunity to have experiences where they learn more effectively what they are and that their Life essence is not limited to the physical body which they occupy.

Some of this training is already provided by this Center in the form of mental expansion exercises that give individuals opportunity to learn how to expand their awareness beyond the scope of their physical bodies. The fear of dying and death is largely based upon it being an unknown factor. When education is supplied, individuals release their fears and become capable of welcoming the process of dying from the physical. They properly celebrate that act as preparation for birth into greater existence.

With all of the vibratory stresses imposed now on the physical level of expression of the Planetary Being, an individual experiences great relief on being released from the physical into an existence that is much more fulfilling.  Beyond the physical body, a person does not need to struggle for survival, nor eat, sleep, pay taxes, or pay for transportation or education. Corrupt government is virtually impossible beyond the physical plane. Now wouldn’t you like to sign up? [Laughter]

From Exp-035 (Dec 18, 1991), Birth & Death
Rapid Return to Physical Plane, pp. 24-25

Lenore: Shortly after my father left the physical body, I was told by two separate people that his consciousness wanted to return soon to help build the new world. In one of the cases, he was described as actually trying to communicate that to me.  Was that an accurate communication? Is it possible for someone to return soon in that way? Would it be in a new body, a baby’s body, or through some other means, by what is termed a “walk-in”?

Monitor: Yes, it is possible for a person to return in a short amount of your biological time. It may be done only with permission of the Hierarchy. The case you mentioned, concerning your father, is valid. He is seeking return and has not yet been granted the opportunity.

A person seeking immediate return may have the desire,

yet not receive permission until the Hierarchy determines that return is in the best interests of the whole. The return normally refers to being born again in to a physical body.

In a small number of cases, the Hierarchy permits a personality, who is released from the physical body the opportunity to experience another physical body without birth.  Such experiences are limited to brief periods of time and to meeting specific needs that complete karmic patterns.  The completion of a karmic pattern, or the learning of a karmic lesson, may sometimes be expedited in this manner.  In such cases, the nonphysical personality is permitted to enter the body of a person in a coma or, at times, the body of a person asleep.  It is only permitted when there is full permission of all the High Selves  involved.

From Exp-35 (Dec 18, 1991), Birth & Death
Women Better Prepared than Men, p. 25

Julie: As I look around tonight and see all women here,  I want to ask you how come men don’t seem to be more interested in these issues?  Why the women seem to show up on a more consistent basis than men?

Monitor:  At this time women are more open emotionally to process the stresses of the present times.  Men are less capable and have learned fewer skills for accomplishing this task.  Therefore, men tend to be bound in stresses and fears more than women in these times.  Under such conditions, it is not surprising that men are less open to learn.

Knowing this, we advise women throughout the planet to continue their work of prayer, asking that the fears which beset all of humanity, be transformed.  As this occurs, tremendous changes take place.  The Hierarchy works toward this end.

The time will come when men and women will be equally facile at emotional processing and equality open to learn.  Both men and women will be able to share a type of partnership now difficult to achieve.  Have faith that these changes, and these challenging times, will be surpassed as the capacity of humanity continues to grow.

The “Comforter”

Remember that the contribution of the Christ, the universal consciousness which we term “the Christ,” continue to accumulate as each of you becomes more open and receptive to that consciousness.  You carry it in you, and it transforms you.

The Comforter, which is spoken of in The Bible, is an active force which is available to all who seek it.  You may ask for and receive it, and thereby be assisted through these stressful, challenging times.

Winter Solstice

As we approach the time of the Winter Solstice, we approach the gathering forces of darkness, ignorance, fear, and death.  And yet, through the mechanism of biological time, we approach the solstice, which is that point of biological time in which the awareness and the presence of Light manifests more each day.  Let your understanding and acceptance of Light be a daily occurrence.

Realize that your first step lies within your own personality.  Commune with your own High Self, and in time you will be able to commune with your Soul.

At all times, during this process of growth through the adventures of birth and death, you have access to universal consciousness, to universal Love, to the Christ, symbolized by the child, the empty grave, and the bright star that lights the night From Exp-036 (Jan 1, 1992),

Predictions for 1992, pp. 25-26.
World Economy

The disorder in the world economy and in international relations will continue,  we can safely predict,  because this group of International Financiers will continue their power struggle with each other.

In 1992 the Spiritual Hierarchy will deliberately bring about destabilization of the United States economy, and with most of the world economy, in an effort to create sufficient activation of citizen actions which are needed to restore balance of power in your government.  Too often your government has been acting for the interests of the hidden powers, and not for the interests of the people.

From Exp-036 (Jan 1, 1992), Predictions for 1992, Extraterrestrials, p. 26.

Julie:  Monitor, you mentioned earlier extraterrestrials.  Will 1992 perhaps be a year when connection with them become more public?

Monitor:  We would say that valid contact with extraterrestrials have been taking place with greater frequency and greater distribution throughout the planet.  What may occur in 1992, if conditions within the United States and the Soviet Commonwealth are sufficiently desperate for the International Financiers, is that they will claim either contact or an imminent invasion by extraterrestrials.  This will be a ploy designed to manipulate the people of the world, and especially those within the United States and Soviet Commonwealth to comply with the forces of centralization.  They will seek to frighten people into compliance.

The Spiritual Hierarchy has already taken steps to insure the failure of this ploy; yet it will mark  -  if it occurs in 1992, or in later years  -  a significant admission, on the part of world governments, who have been well aware of the presence of extraterrestrials for at least fifty years.

From Exp-037 (Jan 8, 1992), Masculine  -  Feminine
ROLE CHANGES, pp. 26-27

Joy:  I’d like to ask how the goals are changing for the male and female energy.

Monitor:  Cycles have occurred wherein one polarity would dominate the opposite polarity of gender.  In the past 5,000 years, the masculine polarity has dominated.  This has occurred during a stage in which individualized action was stimulated in humanity by the Hierarchy.  Now that sufficient individualization has been achieved, humanity is beginning to move into a different phase, at a time of changing of ages.  Women have, in many ways, become masculine.  This has been recognized.  Yet, at the same time, men have become feminine, which has not been as well recognized.  In the sense of activity or passivity, we find that women have become more active, and men more passive.

When we use the term “men” we refer to the gender of the physical body.  That plays a major role in terms of physical life.  Upon the astral plane, where we view astral life, we find that men have become passive, and women active, as general trends.  This is quite appropriate.  In the changing of an age, the roles of men and women are altered.  They do not completely reverse, for nothing would be truly gained by that.  The roles alter to provide challenges for developing consciousness.

In the Age that is arriving  -  what you will call the “Aquarian Age” -  men are being challenged to become more sensitive, more feeling, more loving.  This trend occurs in the midst of societal conditioning, wherein men are conditioned to be insensitive, unfeeling, and unloving.  These two conditions interact, producing stresses, yet opportunities for growth.  As men accept and express their own Female Selves, they achieve a greater degree of balance among their Male and Female Selves, and thereby their expression, on the level of the Conscious Self, becomes more balanced.  The same is true for woman who develop their Male Selves.

In the times ahead, significant changes in economies and governments, and social institutions will bring about a basis for more balance between the genders in terms of societal roles.  Some of these images of the future time have been placed before you in the form of science fiction.  These patterns are already set in motion.  The prime concern is that each individual, male or female, be able to develop integration of masculine and feminine energies and thereby have balanced expression.  So through all of these trend and challenges, that balance remains the central task.

From Exp-040 (Feb 5, 1992), Sexuality, pp. 27-28.

Diane:  How does the information get from the group to where its spoken to us?  I’ve been thinking about the process of Truth, and how is disseminates down through levels.  Do you want me to explain what I’m thinking, to see if it fits with how you perceive that situation?

Monitor:  Let us proceed instead.  First of all, each of you has access to all the knowledge in the universe.  Each being is connected through mechanisms of Mind and Spirit and form to that knowledge.  Knowledge itself may be defined as the action of Mind in relationship to the form it inhabits, or the action of Mind outside of form.  Knowledge involves Spirit experiencing Mind under certain conditions.  Even though each of you is occupying a physical body at this time, you occupy other bodies as well.  The knowledge held within your physical body has a certain range of knowledge within its access.  The knowledge held within your etheric bodies covers a different range, and so forth through the higher bodies

Your Mind, if it was sufficiently open and flexible, would allow you to transfer knowledge from one level of form to another.  Some people are more open for that kind of exchange, which others are not.  The presence of fear has much to do with the degree of openness.  If a person is able to recognize, process and release fears, then they become more in contact with their own being on other level of form.

When you gather here as a group, and one of you asks a question of us, there is a certain configuration created within the physical expression of Mind which, to us, appears like let us say a catcher’s mitt.  Your asking the question creates a certain receptivity and energy that we put into the symbol of a ball, and we toss the ball into the catcher’s mitt.  There is a specific receptivity and need represented by the question which then we are permitted to fulfill to the best of our ability.  We assure you that we too are fallible.  We do make mistakes.  Yet we are sufficiently competent at what we do to be allowed by the Spiritual Hierarchy to continue to do it.

The ball of information and energy which we toss into the catcher’s mitt then stimulates the individual who receives the information, and it creates an exchange of information from one level of Mind to another level of mind within that individual.  Because it happens on an individual basis, a so-called Truth is received by various individuals in various ways.  In essence, when we toss the ball to one individual, we’re tossing balls to each one present.  Each one catches the ball in his or her unique way.  The stimulation within each person then brings about the transfer of knowledge within the individual, and in that way learning is stimulated.

When you discuss it as presenting Truth, in essence our role is to stimulate your own creation of Truth.  We have defined Truth as the journey of the individual through the experience of Life.

From Exo-041 Feb 12, 1992), Sexuality

Julie:  Monitor, I’d like to ask a question.  Is it natural state from human beings to be monogamous, or is this something dependent on our culture?

Monitor:  We find that human beings at this stage of development are mixed in regard to their preference for mating.  Some prefer monogamy, while others abhor it.  In the present time there is no single natural response.  This is due to a variety of reasons that involve genetic influences, memories of past lives, and changes in the makeup of the Planetary Being.

When you consider the choice of a monogamous relationship, it I important to consider the motives of the people entering into it.  If their motives are based upon fear, then they will experience what their fear creates.  If their motives are based upon love, then they will experience what their love creates.  In these times, most people experience a mixture of fear and love, hence it is quite rare that two people enter into a relationship without fear.

Individuals who experience the results of fear in their relationship, have the opportunity to resolve it.  If they choose to resolve it, then they may grow considerably.  The reward of such growth is highly significant.  It provides a special boost to the spiritual growth of the individuals involved.  Most individuals do not choose to resolve their fears in their relationship with others, whether they are monogamous or not.  Ultimately, an individual is challenged with deepening the relationship.  This is quite difficult to do accomplish if the relationship is not monogamous.  That person’s values need to be structured in such a way that deepening the relationship creates the conditions for a deepening  relationship between that individual’s Male and Female Selves.  As that internal relationship deepens through genuine integration , then that person’s capability for generating and maintaining a deeper relationship with another person  dramatically increases.  This is part of the path of advanced spiritual growth.

When humanity was first created, monogamous relationships were not at all prevalent.  People were grouped and had less developed individual minds.  Their consciousness, in those times, was more the consciousness that you might associate with a herd of horses.  They selected sexual partners as they were motivated to do so.  Some were monogamous, but they were in a distinct minority.

In the development of humanity, the Spiritual Hierarchy introduced the structure of religions, and many of the earlier religions in human history involved sexual rites as part of spiritual practice.  This involved recognition of the relationship between individual human beings and Divinity.  The creation of new life by human beings was recognized as a Divine Attribute, although religions have easily become distorted through fears, and attempts to control, they have provided stimulus for individuals to learn, within the religious structure, and ultimately to exclude themselves from it.

At certain times in the history of humanity, and in certain social conditions, monogamy has become a majority practice.  This has occurred more frequently since the time of male, or masculine domination.  The Masculine Consciousness has sought to be emotionally secure.  This, in some regards may be more readily accomplished in monogamy.  Yet monogamy has not been, at any point in human development, the natural selection of most people.  Dose this address your question?

Julie:  Yes, thank you.

From Exo-043 (Mar 11, 1992), The Art of Manifestation
Communication with Devic and Elemental Beings, p. 29.

Monitor:  We would comment in the pause that the Spiritual Hierarchy has discouraged human beings in general from communication with elemental beings and devic beings.  This type of prohibition has been advisable because human beings are constituted elemental and devic forces which compose the bodies of a human being,  The Hierarchy has been concerned about potential dangers involved when human beings seek communication with elementals and devas because of those forces within the bodies of the human being,  The result of such an experience is the loss of bodies for the human being, which is most disconcerting.  It creates certain difficulties for the continued manifestation of the Personality because other bodies then must be created, and the Soul, which has been sponsoring that Personality, in effect, is set back in its process of development.

The Hierarchy, however, is now opening opportunities for a select number of human beings to make limited contact with elemental and devic beings.  These contacts experiences are carefully monitored by the Hierarchy, and are part of a growing trend that will bring about interspecies cooperation, which is essential for the development of the Planetary Being.  A person who wonders if he or she is one of that select number, who is privileged to make contact with elemental or devic forces, would be wise to ask their High Self if they may pursue such communication for the highest good.  If the High Self answers with a clear Yes, then that person will be assisted in making communication.  If the High Self answers No, then that person will be forbidden from such communication.

From Exo-043 (Mar 11, 1992), The Art of Manifestation, pp. 29-30.

Arzani:  And these people obviously had permission from the Hierarchy to do this?

Monitor:  They did, and the results yielded many benefits throughout the world.

Arzani:  How throughout the world?  Can you elaborate?

Monitor:  Those present at Findhorn set examples that others learn to emulate, It is important to state that in the past, in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, the evolving intellect of human beings led them into inappropriate and destructive communication with elemental and devic forces.  The Hierarchy allowed that to occur, and then had to take action to limit the damage. It was a test to determine that capabilities of human beings, elemental beings, and devic beings, in cooperating.  The test, in those times, indicated that it was wise to separate the species from open communication.  However, with the evolution of intuitive faculties within humanity, and with devic beings, greater guidance is now possible to aid in their communication.  But this will be permitted by the Hierarchy only in selected numbers, not for the population in general.

From Expo-049 (May 6, 1992) Preparing for the Aquarian Age
Sensitive Individuation, p.30

During the Piscean Age, humanity was challenged to achieve the apex of individuation. As human beings moved from a more herd-like consciousness to more sharply individualistic consciousness, certain issues evolved throughout that age. The concept of individual freedom was born.

Prior to the Piscean Age, that concept had a diminished meaning for human beings. Freedom was then described as a condition affecting groups primarily, not individuals. Although certain individuals of high spiritual or mental development, made major contributions, the average human being was engaged in following the crowd. 

With the peak of human individuation in 1400 A.D., the Spiritual Hierarchy began to promote the slow but steady development of a different form of group and environmental awareness on the part of individuals. Sensitive individualism was fostered through evolution of social and economic systems that allowed individuals greater latitude of position. That process continues into the Aquarian Age.

With the development of individual freedom came the concept of individual spiritual mastery as it applies to people everywhere. In earlier ages, individual members of an organized religion had to rely upon mediators, priests and priestesses who held sacred office and intervened for the benefit of disempowered individuals. Now the door is open for any individual to contact divinity and express it in daily life. The Aquarian Age will see this trend carried to fulfillment.

From Exp-049 (May 6, 1992), Preparing for the Aquarian Age, pp. 30-31

Monitor:   We find that this type of event is only a beginning of civil disturbances which will be necessary within this country for citizens to reclaim a significant voice in their own government.  We find that this particular incident was in part prepared by the Spiritual Hierarchy and in part  was an activation of  a plan  established by high officials within your government and international financiers who control those high officials.  The plan involves the gradual reduction of personal freedoms for citizens of this country. It involves increasing tax burdens, restricted employment and education, and increasing frustrations of social conditions, which drive the lower socioeconomic class against the middle class.  The upper class benefits from this type of conflict.

Civil unrest will increase as this plan is pursued as part of a secret governmental policy.  Your President Bush would never acknowledge such a plan.  Yet we find that he is an active accomplice in it.  The Spiritual Hierarchy created limited conditions which stimulated some individuals in the Los Angeles area to take action which they would not otherwise have taken to restore order and commit resources to assist those in need.  This action would not likely have occurred without direct intervention by the Hierarchy. 

The Hierarchy seeks to promote mutual understanding and actual support among human beings of varied backgrounds and social standings. Far too many persons of means within this country are content to remain aloof, and thereby their actions serve to perpetuate many injustices. The United States Government has been co-opted to a great degree and does not serve the interests of the people. Instead, it serves the interests of the few of great wealth. This corrupt condition may only be reversed through widespread citizen involvement.

Citizens will need to be motivated to make their voices and preferences heard. They will need to take risks in order to bring about reorganization of government, especially upon the federal level.  Each one present in this room faces these challenges as citizens of this country. Consider what you might best do to serve the interests of those in need within your country. We do not seek to make you feel guilty or inadequate or frightened. We seek to help you realize what actions will be needed to correct the aberrations in your government.

If enough people take positive action, social and economic conditions need not deteriorate.   If most people fail to take positive action, then deteriorating conditions will affect all, ultimately even the very wealthy.  The corruption must be revealed, and it will be, beginning in this year.

[This reading was in 1992. Twenty-four years later in 2016, a year of presidential election in the United States, neither candidate of the Republican and Democratic parties has spoken about this issue.  The Democratic candidate was forced by her competition to include a plank in their post- election platform to increase regulation of Wall Street.  Not surprising was the complete silence about the corrupt international banking community that richly supported both parties during the election campaigns.]  

From Exp-049 (May 6, 1992), Preparing for the Aquarian Age
Possibility of Revolution, p.31

Helen: Monitor, does this mean that there has to be a revolution in order to bring this to a head?

Monitor:  The Hierarchy hopes that enough people will take enough action that a revolution will not be necessary. Yet it remains a distinct possibility. This is one of the reasons that the Hierarchy intends to create environmental and economic disturbances that will shake people out of complacency into recognition of the need for constructive action.  A revolution will be necessary if remedies cannot be applied to your existing federal government.

Normally, remedies for governmental problems would occur through the federal legislative process.  However, at the present time most of the significant congressmen are controlled by special interests involving large corporations and international financiers. They are passing legislation intended to strip you and your fellow citizens of many of your basic freedoms and rights.  How can you reform Congress?  You run into difficulties, do you not?

From Exp-049 (May 6, 1992), Preparing for the Aquarian Age, p. 31

Phyllis: Monitor, I believe you said that the Spiritual Hierarchy will end the impasse between competing sub-groups of the 60 or so international financiers by 1993.  What will be the result of this action? 

Monitor:  Those who have gained such tremendous power are unwilling to let it go.  Their mentality and values dictate that they will fight any opposition to their own interests. The Spiritual Hierarchy, however, is actively working within karmic law to play one sub-group against another within this subversive, loose organization of international financiers.  By creating competition among the sub groups of financiers, the Hierarchy will create opportunities for constructive citizen action.

From Exp-049 (May 6, 1992), Preparing for the Aquarian Age
Spiritual Hierarchy, pp. 31-32.

Steve:  I was wondering, can you tell us who or what or how much power the Spiritual Hierarchy has.

Monitor:  The Spiritual Hierarchy consists of beings from other planets and stars who have begun the organization for orderly development of consciousness within Planet Earth.  As the human, devic and elemental kingdoms have evolved, certain individuals have moved into the ranks of the Hierarchy, displacing those from other sources.

The Hierarchy consists of the most evolved beings associated with Earth and this solar system.  Their dedication is to benefit all of Life. They work at a pace unbelievable to human beings.  They perform most of their work upon the higher planes and only enter the etheric and physical planes when it is necessary.  Their organization is complex and seeks simultaneous developments in human, devic and elemental kingdoms of Earth.  The Hierarchy coordinates all forms of evolution and acts as a linkage with the Hierarchies of the solar system and other planets, thereby maintaining harmony. 

Each person present in this room is influenced by and linked to the Hierarchy of Earth.  Each person present may seek conscious contact with the Hierarchy.   That contact will occur through your own higher consciousness, or to use your term, “High Self.”  As you open yourselves to contact the Hierarchy, you will be asked to make a commitment to undertake service to all of Life.  Therefore, you must consider your readiness to make such a commitment.

The Hierarchy functions to help Life evolve, and those levels of Life that function within individual and group karmic law must be assisted within the terms of that law.  This means that individuals and groups must be given the opportunity to learn lessons and capabilities which karmic law provides the opportunity for learning.  As individuals and groups ask for the application of the Law of Grace, then the Hierarchy may intervene to a greater degree without violating karmic law.  The use of the action of Divine Grace is therefore a high priority lesson for human beings to learn.

The Hierarchy allows individuals and groups with selfish and exploitative intent to function within the planet, because such individuals and groups have opportunity to make those choices.  The Hierarchy seeks to limit their destructiveness as much as possible. Yet, if you understand karmic law, you will understand that those who are harmed by such people and groups are those who have earned that karmic opportunity.

As humanity faces the challenge of identifying, overthrowing and forgiving those approximately 60 persons who constitute the international financiers of greatest power, humanity will learn the value of freedom.  If human beings do not value their freedom sufficiently, they will be enslaved until they develop sufficient motivation to create freedom. 

From Exp-049 (May 6, 1992), Preparing for the Aquarian Age
Validity of Channeled Predictions, pp. 32-33

Todd: Yes.  First, I would like to thank the Hierarchy for the help that has been coming into our lives.  I would like to ask the question:  Over the past 30 years, many of us have heard numerous channelings of this nature in which catastrophes and disasters were predicted.  Several instances of California earthquakes were predicted, which did not occur.  So, how are we to know when channeled information about possible catastrophes is valid?

Monitor:  When you hear predictions of catastrophe, you need to take these considerations into your meditations.  Seek the guidance of your High Self, that higher consciousness which is available to assist you in making decisions.

The act of channeling predictions is used in various ways.  Predictions help to focus attention upon priority issues.  Predictions promote a release of fear.  Predictions stimulate positive action and prayer.  There is also room for predictions to be proven inaccurate.

The accuracy of a prediction depends upon the clarity and connection of the channel and the specific portion of the plan involving the prediction.  Some portions of the Hierarchy’s plan are quite set, and other portions are adaptable to changing needs. Therefore, these factors are wisely considered when you hear channeled predictions.

In balance, we recognize that in the midst of catastrophe, the forces of love, beauty and joy often are given additional strength of expression. Many a soldier upon a battlefield has felt the miracle of angelic intervention.  Many a survivor of an earthquake has noted the beauty and spiritual depth of what has transpired. From the viewpoint of the Hierarchy, catastrophic events serve to wake sleeping consciousness. When awake, that consciousness is better capable of learning and contributing. Predictions may serve as an alarm.

We provide our predictions with full awareness of these stipulations, and we wish you to think for yourselves and utilize your own higher consciousness in making your decisions.

From Exp-049 (May 6, 1992), Preparing for the Aquarian Age
Seismic and Volcanic Events, p. 33

Debbie:  Do you see that there will be any more earthquakes in California in the month of May?

Monitor: We see the distinct possibility of minor earthquakes in California, both in the southern and northern portions.  We see a continuing trend of seismic activity throughout California and Mexico, and within Oregon, Washington, Canada and Alaska volcanic activity.

This increasing trend is due to the action of the Spiritual Hierarchy, who is processing more highly evolved elemental beings, releasing them from the layer of magma beneath the crust of the planet. This action necessitates the greater movement of magma, especially in certain parts of the planet. The entire area of the Pacific plate is being influenced to a greater degree by the flow of magma moving in some portions upward and in other portions downward.  The upward moving portions are subjected to stresses that provide cracking-open activities along fault lines and eruptions of volcanoes and geysers.

In the area of southern California, there are large areas of underground water that, if it enters into opening fault lines, will produce significantly stronger earthquakes. Such water-generated earthquakes will have much greater magnitude of effect than those that have occurred up to the present. These conditions are virtually certain to occur.

An open question remains as to precise timing. In some cases, we do not have the information about timing available.  In other cases, we may be able to present the timing.  Know that those who are involved in such events are always present with spiritual support. If such persons ask for support, seek guidance and follow it, they will benefit.  Those who do not avail themselves of such resources will receive what they have karmically earned, which in the final analysis are opportunities to learn.

From Exp-049 (May 6, 1992), Preparing for the Aquarian Age
The Spiritual Hierarchy, pp. 33-34

In discussing these types of significant events, we wish to reassure you that the Hierarchy is not some aloof, insensitive, domineering organization. Many people react to the term “Hierarchy” because of their experience with human hierarchies. We wish to assure you that the Spiritual Hierarchy represents beings who are extremely compassionate and sensitive, highly intelligent and wise, and capable of taking effective action through the use of power motivated by Love.  If human beings trap themselves with a view of the Hierarchy as power manipulators, then they are separating themselves from what may be a very valuable contact with the Hierarchy. Once a person experiences the Hierarchy, then such fears and doubts are laid to rest.

The Hierarchy is once again emerging among humanity, in all portions of the planet. Those who come forth first are those in normal human appearance who may be recognized as real persons who have extraordinary spirit, freedom and effectiveness. They may be known by their motivation to build the common good. These types of entry come first. Then, at selected points of progress in the growth of humanity, certain beings will manifest in physical form, to represent the way of the higher dimensions and to encourage those persons who are willing to explore those dimensions. These types of appearances will be carefully chosen, and will be made first to those groups who are most open. Ultimately, such appearances will occur to groups who are quite closed to such possibilities.

Exp-052 (May 28, 1992), Preparing for the Aquarian Age, pp. 34-35

To contrast an individual in this time with an individual at the end of the Aquarian Age, we describe the individual in the future as one who is aware of etheric reality on a daily basis. He/she is aware of, and in communication with, beings other than human. He/she is in the process of establishing regular communication and joint projects with devic beings. He/she is aware of the evolutionary process beyond the human kingdom. The future person is socially aware of the needs of other beings because he/she has become much more sensitized and is much more open to receive the direct communication which functions upon the higher planes. That communication links beings together inasmuch as they are willing to join the linkage. The future person will have access to advanced technology, if he/she wishes to use it; yet he/she will be in the process of learning to manifest powers of mind, and therefore may prefer not to use technology. He/she will be in easy contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy, which means that he/she will be available for assignments to assist other beings, upon request of the Hierarchy.

He/she will have the beauty of the natural environment, and will be learning to absorb energy directly from the air, and thereby will be gradually changing from the physical process of eating other life forms.  Although the elemental kingdom will maintain the food chain system, human beings will begin to go beyond that system.

The method of education, for children and adults, will be in some ways greatly simplified from what exists today. They will utilize intuitive channels of education, for the most part, wherein a person who needs to learn will be encouraged to seek the wisdom he needs within his own inner guidance. Education will focus primarily upon that type of access, not only for information, but for the wisdom which is accessible upon the level of Superconscious Mind.

At that time, communication and transportation will be simplified versions of what exists today. Pollution, on all levels, will have been virtually eliminated, as the reduction in population removes the need for much of mass production.

Employment and social activities will blend with little distinction being made between time of work and time of recreation. People, at that time, will communicate much more openly, because of the reduction of fear and doubt, which will have occurred before then. Emotions will be openly recognized and expressed in more constructive ways than are presently available.

Relationships will be based more Soul purpose, because more people will be Soul-activated in that time. Relationship regulations will be minimal, since individual compassion and sensitivity to the needs of others will prove superior to enactment of laws to regulate behavior.

Instead of nations or states of government, networks of people working for common purposes will share certain functions for which they are qualified and needed. People will live in relatively small groups, and there will be considerable diversity among those groups, as some prefer living in nature, and some prefer living in highly technical abodes.

At that time, people will be preparing to move into a very different kind of body than the present physical-based body structure permits. The structure of the body will gradually evolve beyond its elemental form, and become based more upon radiatory energy and its circulation and management.

The economy will be quite simple. Most economic needs will be met locally. If goods or services need to be imported from distances, that will be arranged, either through the power of mind, in providing for apportation, or through technology.

Challenges will still exist in that future world, as human beings enter more into awareness of the mental plane. Contact with the mental plane will provide a stimulus for people to accelerate their development. They will seek to complete involvement with the astral plane, and will be quite challenged to accomplish that. Those who are able to gain mastery upon the mental plane will seek completion of their mental karma and annihilation of their mental bodies, in order that they may be fully subsumed by their Souls. Certain challenges, which are now impossible to describe, will constitute a source of stress for those people seeking to master the mental plane.

Contrast this sketchy description with your knowledge of your present world, and let your thoughts guide you, intuitively, to a sense of how you best need to grow. Now that you have our outline of the future of the Aquarian Age, consider your priorities in daily living. Consider how much energy and awareness you devote to learning the ways of Love and finding your way out of the maze created by doubt and fear. Seek your freedom now, for it will take you some time to achieve complete freedom, as it is defined in planet Earth.

We are ready now for questions, and for those who would wish to share their experiences of projecting into the future 1,000 years.

[The above description is most important.  It directly addresses a future Earth at peace in a world of plenty.  The corrupt international financier gang has self-destructed.  The threat and consequences of global warming have been erased by technology.  Those who want to live without the stress of a body and disciplined to achieve that are increasing in numbers and are essentially immortal.  The Earth relationship with the Federation was long settled.  No known version of Utopia exceeds what we earned.  There is no other honest way to state it.  The Pilot Programs that have been jointly created with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth represents some of the work ahead to earn that future:  (1) A Treaty that bans all space-based weapons; (2) White Papers that support a global dialogue on the challenges and opportunities following formal announcement of ET/Earth contact; (3) Participation in the Invite and Return (I&R) program to create a special hybrid with one-third Human DNA with a mission to search deep space and to colonize inhabitable planets as potential life-boats for sentient beings with that need; and (4) others in development].

From Exp-062 (Aug 5, 1992), UFOs & Outerspacial Beings
Human Beings on the Moon and Mars,  p.35-37

At this time, the Spiritual Hierarchy has assisted a small group of people to journey in physical form to the moon of Earth and to Mars.  This is part of a development kept secret from the world population, yet has been allowed, for specific reasons, by the Hierarchy.  Without the Hierarchy’s assistance, they would not have been able to leave the Earth’s Life field, and the Hierarchy sustained their physical presence on Mars through continuous projection of Life force to them.

Extra-Terrestrial/Human Interchanges

At various times throughout history, groups of human beings have been taken to selected other physical planets in an interchange program characteristic of the cooperative nature of interplanetary and interstellar development.  From the viewpoint of the Spiritual Hierarchy, no world develops in isolation.  Each world is considered a precious resource and is cultivated on one of the planes, at least.  Each world offers Souls opportunity for experience and possibly embodiment. 

Souls may visit a world and not embody.  Most Souls, who encounter Earth, merely observe and do not embody.  Many of those Souls desire to embody, but opportunities for embodiment on Earth are restricted by the Hierarchy.  The Hierarchy is concerned that the evolutionary plans set into motion have the highest chances for success.

Purpose of Visitations

From the viewpoint of the Visitors, they come to Earth sometimes because of agreements that were established long ago in human history, or prior to human existence.  They come to assist in the development of the Planetary Being of Earth.  Other Visitors come out of curiosity.  The principal source of curiosity lies in the development of consciousness through the experience of polarized energy states.  This entire solar system is based upon polarized energy states, which makes it an object of curiosity.  In addition to those conditions, Earth holds interest for Visitors because it has incorporated the Maldekian beings who were forced out of their own planetary environment into Earth.  The Visitors find this type of situation doubly intriguing.  They regard human beings as interesting creatures, who are an unusual composite of terrestrial and extraterrestrial components.

Some of the Visitors are benign in their effects upon Earth beings, while others may have destructive effects.  The combination of Visitors is regulated by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the solar system.  Their involvement and intervention in Earth affairs is regulated by the Earth Hierarchy.

At this time of human development, many questions need to be raised and addressed.  A simple exposition, such as we are giving, will not be sufficient to resolve fears and doubts.  Human beings need to experience contacts with the Visitors over a period of time, in order to have opportunity to think about the Visitors in more relevant terms.  We believe that our discussions with you will assist in that process.

We say, at the outset, that we are not authorized to arrange any contacts with Visitors. There are other sources that fulfill that function.  We are authorized to share a considerable amount of information, and now we are ready to entertain your questions.

The Visitors and the Power Brokers

It is important to note that political problems exist among those who manage and dominate the planet.  Here we speak of human beings who have amassed power.  Their concept of power is based upon physical possessions. For the Visitors to enter into open public contact with human beings, the existing power structure would be severely damaged. The power brokers have therefore been exposed, over a period of 300 years, to the presence of Visitors from outside this planet.

Some of the power brokers have been willing to accept the presence and nature of the Visitors. Most of the power brokers have not. They have created defensive positions in their thinking and in their organizations, which, if activated, would destroy many people.  Their defenses would not substantially affect the Visitors. In effect, the fears of the power brokers have created a trap. The Visitors have been very careful not to spring the trap. The power structures have been allowed time to change. The vibratory development of the Planetary Being has allowed that time, yet now that opportunity is closing.

The Hierarchy has plans for introducing the Visitors to the people of Earth outside of existing power structures. These plans are likely to go into effect as soon as within two years, depending upon conditions, depending upon how the power structure reacts to certain test conditions introduced by the Hierarchy. The timing of the introduction of Visitors may be delayed up to five years.  By the turn of the century, it is virtually certain, from our perspective, that the plan will introduce the Visitors to the people of Earth.

Understand that the difficulty lies not in the people, but in the power brokers, who sense, quite correctly, that their power systems will deteriorate as soon as the people accept the Visitors. The power brokers, therefore, constantly seek new ways to provide disinformation to confuse the people.

[The timing of the above plans is significantly off schedule.  Hopefully it is still work in progress.]

From Exp-356 (Apr 10, 2013), General Questions 91, pp. 37-39.
History of the Financiers

KEITH: I was wondering about the international financiers. I’m curious about the source of their families. Is there a common source for these families to be able to perpetuate their power? I’d like to know how their energy relates to dark force energy. And also, is there a connection among these powerful families and how they perpetuate themselves? Is there any relationship to the Maldekian energy?

M: Throughout humanity, the bulk of people have relied upon a few leaders. They have empowered their leaders in lieu of empowering themselves. In the civilization of Lemuria or Mu, the bulk of people lacked the mental capacity to relate fully to physical existence. The central challenge of that era was to achieve complete adaptability within the physical human form.

In the civilization of Atlantis, those who developed greater mental capability in the Lemurian civilization ascended quickly to positions of power. In Atlantis, development was focused upon the astral body because the astral body expresses both dark and light forces. Most of those with higher mental development were focused on building pyramids of power.

As that civilization developed, certain evil forces from beyond the planet gained influence and created a pattern of selfish domination that colors human civilization in the present. Since then, each civilization contains a core of persons carrying the seeds of selfish intentions incubated during the Atlantean civilization.

The ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Egyptians, Chinese, and other ancient cultures all had sources of corruption. Those sources typically had advanced minds capable of manipulating others to achieve positions of power. Their rule was characterized by exploitation of others and exaltation of themselves.

In the present era of European civilization, the current international financiers began with the Rothschild family. The original founder had the surname of Bauer. He developed a system of banking that he was able to promote through his sons, some of whom spread to other nations. They developed the system of fractional reserve banking that introduced the need for expanding investment and expanding debt over the people at the bottom of the predatory economic system.

From that family came other families who became the financial elite of Europe. Through European conquests of other nations around the world, they imposed an artificial system called “colonialization.” They imposed artificial structures of domination upon the native peoples of most nations throughout the world.

Because they were involved in the development of technology during the industrial revolution, they were able to entice native peoples to adopt new technologies. They sold those technologies and advanced their wealth. They operated through early corporations. The East India Corporation involved in the beginning of America as a nation was one of their corporations.

It created the conditions that led to the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence from English colonial rule. The Rothschilds and allied banking families – at that time numbering 13 families – extended their agents into the new government of the United States of America. Their agents attempted to find ways to assert control through banking systems and trade alliances.

Those attempts succeeded on several occasions. Gradually, their control of the United States economy increased. The wealthy elite that evolved in the United States became engaged with that expanding group of financiers. Almost all of the major tycoons that developed during the 19th and early 20th centuries became part of the financiers.

They learned from each other. They conducted a number of experiments as to how they could expand their influence and build their wealth. There were many creative exchanges that occurred among the separate groups in different nations. All the nations of the world developed either members who joined that select group of financiers or their lower tiers of influence.

Thus today, we have now approximately 70 international financiers scattered throughout the world. Since 1999, their ranks have developed conflict with each other, and they are no longer a single organized group. Emerging financiers in Asia and especially now in China are largely independent of the core European group of financiers.

Their struggles with each other involving the banking system, international trade, and development of advanced technology utilizing extraterrestrial sources has created a hidden society in this world. Their control is so extensive that they are no longer troubled by investigative journalists. They feel immune from exposure and attack. Their most serious challenges that they are aware of come from their conflicts with each other. Their conflicts produce increasing chaos within the financial world.

They do not recognize attacks as coming from the one in the role of anti-Christ. Their families have now gone through several generations over the past 250 years and feel virtually invincible.

Some of the younger members of today’s generation of financier families have been motivated to declare their independence. Some have achieved it, while others have failed. Yet some of that group of independent children represent positive forces of transformation, and they are responsible for development of economic alternatives to the corrupt system.

Those roughly 70 persons – all men and the vast majority Caucasian – exert economic, political, social, and cultural control over the world through the expanded European banking system, mega-corporations, and trade alliances. They exceed any other group in their impact. Their impact is selfish. They have no compunctions about harming people they consider as expendable.

They have developed extensive rationalizations for their approach. They have the wealth and resources to hide and insulate themselves from exposure. Major organizations, such as the Vatican, have long been subjugated to their directives. Any organization in the planet that develops a competing power is either co-opted by the financiers or destroyed.

When you consider this perspective, you see the benefit that evolves from the breakdown of the banking and economic systems that the financiers deploy for the exploitation of those they consider expendable.

From the viewpoint of the Spiritual Hierarchy, these developments and the centralization of power represent old challenges that began even before Mu and Lemuria. They produce conditions of polarization that High Selves of personalities can utilize for advancement from selfish to altruistic intentions.

Exp-360 (Aug 14, 2013), General Questions 93, pp.39-40

We are in the process of working with the collaboration sponsored by the Spiritual Hierarchy in building a Network of Grace. We have previously commented upon it. As Grace is invoked more frequently and more widely throughout the planet, its actions become more dynamic within humanity and other Life forms. Grace then becomes the norm, replacing the Law of Karma.

A number of transformations take place in that process. Individuals need to follow their own path of growth, yet you need to recognize that humanity is now moving out of the Age of Kali Yuga, the so-called “Iron Age.” Humanity has drifted as the Spiritual Hierarchy removed its presence from the physical plane for approximately 5,000 years.

Now the Hierarchy is preparing to reenter the physical plane, and the invocations of Grace and the energetic presence that you now offer others represent tangible ways in which you can truly help others. When you meet people who are caught in illusion of separation and clouded with glamours, you are wise to simply add your presence and, if you will, add your invocation of Grace.

Each time Grace is manifested in the lower planes of Earth, it conditions matter, the beings of substance in the four lower planes. As that conditioning process becomes more prevalent and powerful, the Planetary Being gains greater awareness. If you picture the Planetary Being as struggling to awaken just as you struggle to awaken after sleep, it feels through its bodies the energetic conditions of those bodies.

Through humanity’s evolution, those bodies have been affected mainly by the Law of Karma. For the Planetary Being, that is similar to experiencing a body that feels half asleep. It is similar to what you feel when your arm or leg goes to sleep. In the awakening process, you experience tingles, electric sensations, and that is roughly approximate to what the Planetary Being now experiences, especially in its etheric body.

The Solar Deity now stimulates the etheric body with nourishment, so the etheric substance of the  planetary etheric body and your etheric bodies as well undergo a process of excitation. Etheric substance is being literally awakened. All matter in all planes of Earth consists of living beings and is alive. As elementals and devas of substance in the etheric plane awaken, they may go through temporary periods of confusion and disorientation. Yet they awaken to begin a process of building awareness and collaboration.

As they achieve greater collaboration, the etheric body of the planet and your etheric body becomes more expressive of harmony. Your experience of harmony in your etheric body now is quite difficult to achieve. Yet through invocations of Grace specifically, the planetary etheric body will become awakened and through its process of realization produce a major shift in the etheric and physical planes of the planet, a shift we call “elevation.” That is something truly to be desired.

In time, the history of humanity will mark a major difference when that etheric harmony is achieved. They will look at all of the ages and eras of humanity as relatively inconsequential leading up to that shift. And they will consider as more relevant and consequential, all the historical events that occur during and after that shift.

When you invoke Grace, you utilize your Divine will to awaken your being and your planet. As the Law of Grace establishes areas of intensity in expression, it creates miraculous events. They are considered “miraculous” because in the prior state of chaotic matter, such events would not be possible.

When you view the life of Yeshua and the physical miracles that he produced as deliberate demonstrations of what humans can accomplish, those events become areas of natural law, the Law of Grace. They begin in small areas and expand as human beings learn to utilize Grace more often.

In your world now, you encounter all the turmoil and conflict that selfishness produces. Those who have the greatest degree of power in terms of finances and political influence are still quite selfish. They represent what humanity has created. Those who are oppressed – including all of those in this room – will through a process of challenge and suffering learn how to live in Grace much more quickly and readily than those who consider themselves rulers of the planet.

If you achieve a perspective like that, you can perhaps see that in your daily life you can invoke Grace for someone or something at least once a day. That contribution accumulates power as more and more people are attracted to the Law of Grace. Grace reflects a higher order, an order of Higher Consciousness. The Divinity within each person responds automatically when Grace is manifested, and people will be drawn to those who manifest islands of Grace.

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