White Paper

White Paper for the United States:  Challenges and Opportunities flowing from Disclosure (See Special Note 6)


Part I. Country/Culture History of Extraterrestrial Knowledge and Interest (Note 1)

  1. Indigenous populations

The modern history of Native American cultures in the United States is a sad account of an official policy of genocide.  As the white population moved westward to claim, settle and exploit what appeared to be an endless treasure of available open land, they encountered a host of different resident tribal cultures that for many generations had lived off the land.  To various degrees unmarked tribal boundaries were recognized and honored.  Allies and enemies existed.  Some tribes had very sophisticated political and social systems.  None could be correctly labeled as being wild (out of control) and all had successfully learned how to survive with what nature had to offer. 

Before independence was won from Great Britain, the primary crown legislation concerned regulating the purchase of Tribal lands by private individuals.   After the war for independence (1775-1783) was won with significant French army and naval support, the U.S. Congress with pressure from the thirteen new States developed policies that very much favored white citizens at the expense of Native American tribes.

Each tribe discovered soon after contact with white cultures that they were considered to be “in the way” and that white men considered themselves to be superior and were certainly dangerous. The assertion of Manifest Destiny of a country that stretched from ocean to ocean was thin cover for removing all obstacles to a westward surge of white pioneers. In the Southeast the large Native American population became a target for removal because they lived on thousands of acres that a growing U.S. population, the expansion of slavery and following the invention of the cotton gin combined to doom the future of Native American tribes. They were considered to be a serious economic obstacle that had to be removed.    

The 1776 Declaration of Independence, the document sent to London that the American colonies declared they were now independent of the Great Britain, contains evidence of the colonial attitudes toward Native Americans.  The heart of this document is a list of twenty-seven indictments of the “repeated injuries and usurpations” of Americans’ rights and liberties by King George III. The last on this list reads: “He has excited domestic insurrections among us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

When you consider the beautiful egalitarian opening statement of the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” a footnote to the document is missing. It could be provided by Adrian Jawort, a Northern Cheyenne journalist who observed in his article published in the Indian Country Today the no-win predicament that the Eastern tribes faced.  The Oneida Indian Nation in New York fought with the colonials in various pivotal battles, and notably provided corn to Washington’s starving troop at Valley Forge.  They helped win the war but along with all other tribes lost their future.  The footnote could have read:  “All men do not include those with red and black faces.”  The slaves owned by Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other  founding fathers would have agreed.

When independence from England was achieved, the southern states and the United States government passed legislation that in effect declared war on Native Americans.  The principal federal legislation in this effort was the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Even some U.S. High School history books devotes a paragraph to the Trail of Tears that is associated with the forced march of Cherokee tribals from their traditional land to the designated Indian land west of the Mississippi River in what is now in the state of Oklahoma.

In 1831, the Choctaw Nation was the first to be removed. In 1832, many Seminoles were removed.  The Creek were moved in 1834.  The Chickasaw made the long walk in 1837, and finally the Cherokee in 1838.  The loss of life due to starvation, illness, flood and freezing was high.  An estimated 46,000 Indians from the southeastern states were removed from their traditional homelands with an estimated 13,000 lives loss.  This eight-year period opened 25 million acres for predominantly white settlement.

 The peaceful tribes such as the Cherokee in Georgia who had adopted the white ways in hope of surviving the fate of other tribes who fought the white men learned that offered no protection.

In 1803, successful diplomacy doubled the size of the country with the Louisiana Purchase from France.  In 1846-1848, U.S. war policy added almost as much new territory when the U.S. invaded and defeated Mexico and then annexed Texas.  Manifest Destiny had achieved its goal.  It also opened a period of officially designated Indian Wars with tribes that knew well the fate of their eastern cousins.  Chief among these were Plains Indians with their practical and spiritual relationship with the Buffalo.  It was their main food source.  The U.S. Army recognized this and adopted a strategy to slaughter Buffalo herds to deny that food source to the tribals.  This also was a boon to the white ranchers with their herds of cattle.

What has been the cost from about 1600 onward to 1924 of the European colonialization of North American by the Spanish, English, French, Dutch and Swedish? It is difficult to measure in terms of lives and populations lost because there is a dearth of verifiable population figures and battle fatalities and causalities.  There is no consensus about the total number of native people that lived in the Americas before the arrival of Columbus.  The range is from 2 million to18 million.  Fatalities due to combat were certainly fewer than the direct results of infectious diseases carried by European explorers and traders.  It has been estimated that Native American fatality rates of 80-98% were suffered during smallpox epidemics.

The Indian Wars from 1776 to 1924 have been estimated to have killed about 19,000 white men, women and children, and about 30,000 Indians.  However, the figures for Indian deaths may actually be much larger. 

  1. Oral Histories:

An internet search for Oral Histories of Native American Cultures will reveal a treasure trove of resources, many of them in universities located in states where various tribes lived.

I had a personal experience with this subject that also had direct ET involvement.  The principal in this story is Turtle Woman Singing, Iroquois tribe and Turtle clan (Anglicized name is Paula Underwood).  Her father, Sharp Eye Hawk, had been trained by his mother to be the keeper of the oral history.  As a child Paula was trained by her father to continue this legacy.  Years later when she could not locate anyone willing to go through the demanding training to learn the oral history, she consulted with spiritual elders and was told that she had two other options.  The first was to let the history die with her or to create a written history based upon the oral history.  In 1993 her book, The Walking People: A Native American Oral History was published.   This incredible 839 page book includes an opening section that describes the training she went through with her father to learn how to become the keeper of her ancestor’s history.

During the years when she was in the writing phase, I was honored to sit at her feet and listen to her sing parts of this amazing history.

One of the stories in the book tells of a time when the tribe started receiving messages from a people very far away.  The messages said they wanted to come and visit with the tribe.  In council the tribe decided that such a visit would not be appropriate for them at that time and sent that decision back to those who were very far away.  No contact was made.  Paula and I discussed this story and it was her assessment that those far away were ETs. 

That assessment was based on more than what was in the oral history.  In modern time Paula was in intimate contact with the ETs for most of her life.

I learned this about her and myself in the early years when I was working with Senator Pell (1985-1991). I received a telephone call from a student at George Washington University.  She identified herself as the president of the Psychology Club an asked if I would be willing to give a talk to the club and explain the work I was doing with Senator Pell.  I agreed and the next week I arrived at the Student Union where the meeting was scheduled.  Laurie Underwood greeted me and asked if I minded if her mother was included in the meeting. I responded that I certainly had no problem with that.  At that moment Laurie saw her mother coming down the hallway behind us and I turned to greet her.  When she saw me she stopped, stared, turned and walked away.  Her daughter called to her but she ignored it.  It was time for the lecture and when I started my talk, her mother quietly entered the room through a door in the back and took a chair.  She stared at me throughout my talk and quietly departed when I asked if anyone had any questions.

That evening I received a telephone call from Paula who apologized for being rude and asked if I would come over to her house to meet and talk that evening.  Her address was just a few miles away.  When I arrived she greeted me with a smile and asked if I would like a cup of tea. I responded yes, that would be appreciated.  When that was served I asked how she knew I was a tea drinker. She replied, “I know a lot about you – you really don’t remember do you?” For the next hour she described how we had frequently met aboard an ET Mother Ship when we were picked up for a routine examination and some medical procedures. This was a normal and important part of Paula’s life. When the little Grays told her they were losing too many of a special hybrid that was created with DNA from Humans, Tall Grays and Nordics, Paula convinced them that the one-third Human component required special nurturing, touching and singing.  They resisted this at first but when they finally started doing it, the survival rate increased.  

Another Native American friend, Beautiful Pained Arrow (Joseph Rael) Picuris – from the Tiwa ethic group, invited me (Sep 27- Oct 2, 1985) to a Sundance ceremony in Durango, Colorado where he was a dancer. Joseph is a mystic, shaman who received powerful visions during the Sundance.  A small section in the corral was set aside for invited visitors.  The drumming and the movement of the dancers were hypnotic and I would quickly go into an altered state, spending considerable time there.  On the third day I had a powerful vision and when I mentioned that to Joseph after the ceremony was over, he took me to an elder Medicine Man and asked him to explain my vision to me. That experience started and ended with the waving of an eagle wing, front, back and sides over me.  I told him what I saw when looking at the stratified wall of a plateau with various colored layers of earth.. The layers would move and three times formed a face.  The first was a stern female face that glared mincingly at me, then dissolved back into the colorful wall formation. Then to the right of where that face had been, a new face formed.  This female had a hard and tired countenance, the stare was almost blank.  It soon also disappeared back in the rock strata and a third face formed of a beautiful young woman with a smiling, hopeful look. It also quickly dissolved and I came out of my trance and felt great sorrow. The Medicine Man said I was honored to see the spirit of Mother Earth who showed me how she was suffering and asked me to take care of Earth and all of its creatures so she could smile again. He ended by saying “It is your decision what you will do, but this was a great warning.”

I staggered back to my tent and was intercepted by a new Indian friend who noticed my stressed state. This was Minisa Crumbo, Muscogee Creek and Citizens Band Potawatomi Indian, Scots-Irish from her maternal side, and French-German from her paternal side.  She is equally proud of every part of her DNA.  She asked what the problem was and reminded me that they were now in the “give-away” ceremony back at the Sundance site.  I responded that I had already received more “gifts” than I could handle, and told her briefly about my vision. She took my hand and led me down to a nearby flowing creek and told me to take off my shoes and put my feet in the water and let it take away some of my sadness. This did clear my thinking and decided I would commit the remainder of my life to peace and healing.  Thirty years later I have no regret about that decision.  It is a nice balancing to the thirty years I spent in the military.

During March 27 – April 16, 2005,  I visited  several Indian universities on their reservations. The primary purpose of this twenty-one day, 4,221 mile road trip was to present the Sustainable Peace and Development (SPD) program to Tribal Colleges/Universities in Kansas, South Dakota, New Mexico and Arizona.  Additionally, the SPD program was presented to one faculty member of the University of Kansas, and to faculty in the Peace Studies program at the University of New Mexico.

Getting invitations for these visits was an interesting and instructive drill.  The first round of letters I sent requesting an invitation resulted in zero response.  I then consulted with Hunter Bear. His father was a full blooded St. Francis Abenaki and St. Regis Mohawk.  His mother was an Anglo from an old Western frontier family.  We had met fourteen years earlier when we both spoke at a UFO conference in Cheshire, Connecticut in 1991, arranged by John White.  We each recognized a kindred spirit. Hunter asked for a copy of the unsuccessful letter I had sent to the Indian Colleges. His advice was simple and successful. Everyone responded favorably to the “amended” second letter.  His advice was to start the letter with a short new paragraph that mentioned my 30 years of military service.  Hunter wrote: “Remember that you are writing to warriors.  They won’t trust you because you are a white guy, but they will respect you because you are a fellow warrior.”

In addition to being a recognized warrior in the Jackson, Mississippi civil rights battles where Hunter Bear shed blood for that cause. He is a brilliant scholar and a former full professor at the University of North Dakota. His personal website is a tour de force, and includes his assessment of ET issues, and a full account of his and his oldest son’s conscious encounters with the ETs in 1988.

A few points from his assessment of ETs are immediately below:

“At this point, I am not inclined personally to waste time on the Gloom and Doomers – or on Mindless Skeptics. . . We see the ETs as people – not angels, devils, psychic phenomena or time travelers. . . We see the ETs as non-threatening - - indeed, friendly - - but, given the turbulent nature of our planet, understandably cautious. . .  If they wished, they could easily subjugate and exploit our earth and our people - - probably could have long, long ago. [But why indeed would any rational entity - - and the ETs are obviously quite rational - - want to assume the management of this notoriously problematic planet?]. . . The ETs have every good reason to develop on our part, with whatever deliberate pace, a friendly awareness of their friendly existence as we move slowly toward substantive entry into outer space.

And, ultimately, as the Streams of Life inevitably do, we will have open and friendly contact with the ETs, productive communication, and mutually beneficial exchange of experiences and knowledge . . . We all, the ETs and ourselves, have much indeed - - rich and valuable - - to offer each other . . . I am very well aware of how fast inter-personal and social barriers can fall when participants are willing to see each other as fellow offspring in a vast and friendly Creation; and to recognize the great and wonderful Promise thereof and therein. . . I still see and savor the great and shining vistas of the high mountains and deep canyons. . . But now, I also see far, far Beyond.”

  1. Creation stories:

While my personal experience is limited to only a few tribes, a general assessment is that the Dine (Navaho) in particular takes pleasure in presenting their creation story to a white audience. It is a long, complex story and I have detected some degree of less than benign joy in watching a white listener struggle to stay awake after the first hour.

As mentioned above, In March and April 2005 I visited Native American schools in South Dakota. The first of these was Sinte Gleska on the Rosebud reservation. In their Leadership Institute building, a large poster was prominently displayed that included an outstanding satellite photo of the Black Hills (sacred to the Lakota Sioux) and a Lakota Wicahpiowapi (Lakota Star Chart).  The star Chart correlated several constellations to specific sites in the Black Hills.  Part of annotation of the poster was, “The Lakota belief is that there is a constant mirroring of what is above by what is below.”  I noted that Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades and other star systems were identified.

The second Indian school was Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge reservation, one hundred miles west of the Rosebud reservation.  In their Lakota Cultural Center an effective audio system directed me around a large room that depicted by photographs and artifacts of the Lakota culture and tragedy of the 19th century.  The presentation started with the glory of a free spirited culture living on the bounty of nature.  It ended three walls later with photographs of the frozen corpses of a defeated nation at Wounded Knee.  The narration calmly stated that the 7th Cavalry got their revenge for Little Big Horn by the massacre of old men, women and children who had been fired on while displaying a white flag of surrender.  “For this brave act, ten U.S. soldiers were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.”  The award claim is a historical fact. I have read the citations for each award.  The explanation is that the Congressional Medal of Honor was the only medal available to be awarded.

  1. Lessons Learned from the U.S. Native Culture Experience

It is still a majority reality that US white culture continues to act as if it deserves special status. The predicted inevitable minority population status of the whites in the US has been shrewdly used by the Republican candidate for the White House in November 2016. 

While fighting to remove the Native Indian population out of every area that was coveted by an increasing White population in the colonies, that same White population imported African slaves that were composed by a diverse mixture of African cultures. The numbers involved in the slave business are staggering. An estimated 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World, and 10.7 million of these survived the dreaded ocean Middle Passage.  The 1.8 million fatalities were a cost of business.

It was a common practice of White slave owners to forcefully breed with Black female slaves. This increased the number of their slaves at a much lower cost than buying them.  To answer the question: How African are African Americans, population researchers at Penn State University studied DNA samples from groups of African American throughout the US.  They discovered that the average Black American is 17-18 % white.  Almost all descendants of American slaves are mixed with some European or Native American blood.  They also discovered that there are 50 million whites with at least one Black ancestor.

Figures in 2012 established that the majority of professional National Football League (1,804 = 66%) and National Basketball League (350 = 76%) players were African Americans. Those glamorous high paying jobs are highly competitive for college players.  Until additional professional teams are added, those figures will likely remain the same.  In 2012 there were many more black neurologist and black cardiologist than black professional basketball players. We can expect these professional medical figures to continue to rise.

The Indian Reservation system and the black slavery plantation system mirror each other.  In both, the inmates had to be defeated and captured, and then forced to stay in restricted areas. It took winning a Civil War to eliminate the plantation system and officially end slavery. At the same time the Indian Reservation matured and still persists.

What lessons can be learned from the Native American and Black slave experiences that may apply to the future when there is no ambiguity about Earth and ETs meeting?

My answers to above question are based upon my personal experiences with ETs that span over 85 years, and shared information with a small number of friends and colleagues who I trust and who have had both similar and different experiences with the ETs.  The US government has never released to the public any useable information about the ETs.  Some sectors of the US government have maintained a counterintelligence program targeting the media and general public with disinformation.  This started immediately after the accidental crashes around Roswell, NM of small ET craft in the mid-1940s. This counterintelligence program has been very successful with the use of ridicule and false flag operations.

I do not know anything about official US government plans when formal disclosure is made. As a matter in interest, the Peoples Republic of Chins leads all countries in preparing its public for formal disclosure of ET/Earth contact.

Most White Americans are tolerant to friendly of light skin Europeans.  Many White Americans view visitors with black and yellow skins through xenophobic lenses. It will be a serious issue for many Americans to adjust to ETs that appear in a range of “very like humanoid,” “somewhat humanoid,” “not at all human,” and a rich mixture of sizes and colors.  A bonus shock with be those ETs who rarely or never manifest in any corporal form.  Communications will be via telepathy, with “advantage ETs,” what are already there. 

A very valuable adjustment strategy would be to compare philosophies of life between humans and extraterrestrials. At the present time this appears to be impossible for several obvious reasons.  Using the example of philosophical difference between white European colonials (invaders?) and indigenous tribes in what became the United States, presents serious challenges. To even try would require making assumptions that can be easily challenged.  For example, differences between Catholic Spanish and Protestant English were large even when they agreed that conversion of the godless savages to Christianity was a major control objective.  

Most Europeans simply could not recognize any spirituality in Native American belief and practice.  There were no churches or temples, but some mountains were declared to be “sacred” and furiously defended.

Now, compare this situation with what we know with confidence about ET’s philosophies of life.  “Houston, we have a problem.”  Indeed we do, and what the ETs have shared with us it is a HUGE problem.  In the book Voices from the Cosmos, my co-author Angela Smith interviewed 18 ET cultures. From this small sample were clues that the universe is teaming with life. We were told, “More that the grains of sand on a beach.”  The differences between these 18 cultures were extreme.  The Rall have lived underground on Mars after it lost most of its atmosphere. They had known much better times..  At the other end of a wide spectrum are the Aldebarans who are living a comfortable life. They can cruise the universe without use of space craft.  When they visit Earth they manifest themselves to appear Human.

The interviews with the Duvel, an ET race that states it has lived on Earth for a very long time and in large numbers, provide important information critical to the dialogue that the White Papers are designed to support.  Along with other ET races interviewed they address the importance of the rules of the Federation that apparently govern the sector of the universe where Earth is located.

Think about that last sentence.  The “rules” of the Federation was a repeated subject in some of the ET interviews.  The significance of living in a rule-based cosmic system is profound.  Here are some Duvel comments on the rules:

Question: Regarding the rules of the Confederation – are these also applicable to non-members, such as the need to respect and cooperate with other races?

Duvel: All the rules of the Confederation apply to all, regardless of whether they are members of the Confederation or not.  We are not members but we still go by the rules. There are some, such as the Humans, who do not go by the rules of the Confederation.  Part of our goal is to help Humans go by the rules. They would be happier and more productive.

In conversation with the previously mentioned Aldebarans, they make a statement about the “rules’ that should get the attention of all Humans:

Aldebarans: We do not have a Universal role in peacekeeping.  The only role that we play is as part of our Confederation where we promote the rules of the Confederation.  If the races abide by the rules of the Confederation there will be peace.  Humans do not abide by the rules of the Confederation, so there is no peace.

(Note: In the book, Voices from the Cosmos, the ETs interviewed used the term “Confederation” while in my contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, their spokesperson uses “Federation.”  I have been told that these terms mean the same thing.)

At some point during the dialogue about ET/Earth contact, a consensus must be sought that addresses the continued Earth addiction to institutionalized violence:  war.  Probably with some unrecognized “help” from the ETs we have avoided extinguishing life on Earth by accidental or intentional use of our obscene weapons of mass destruction. 

When Carol Rosin and I along with a small support team were drafting a treaty that bans all space-based weapons, the ETs quickly showed their interest in this by asking if we would consider including them as parties to the Treaty.  We were delighted to do this because it completely solved the issue of verification of Treaty compliance.  The first draft of the Treaty included that important relationship.  When we circulated our draft to our contacts in the Russian Federation, they objected to that inclusion.  I speculate that they realized that this inclusion could be considered a formal declaration of Earth/ET contact and they were not ready for that.  This inclusion also caused confusion in some South American countries that apparently were not following the building global public information about the evidence of Earth/ET interaction.

Getting the Space Treaty signed that bans all space-based weapons has some potential to spur action required by current treaties to continue to reduce nuclear warhead inventories.

  1. Sacred literature

India has a significant advantage over other countries because of the cosmic breadth and specific content of its most revered sacred literature, e.g. the Vedas and Upanishads.

There is no such body of literature in the United States

  1. Unclassified scientific inquiry

There is a small amount of unclassified official Air Force documentation that addresses UFOs, ETs, or Planet (versus U.S.) protection.  Some of the most important are:

a.  The 1968 Condon Report (Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects)

The AF considered this a good $500,000 investment with the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Immediately after the National Academy of Sciences approved its principal finding, “Our general conclusion is that nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past 21 years that has added to scientific knowledge.

Careful consideration of the record as it is available to us leads us to conclude that further extensive study of UFOs probably cannot be justified in the expectation that science will be advanced thereby.”

The AF closed down Blue Book and transferred its unclassified files to the National Archives.  The Condon Report was not scientific, the AF paid for and got the findings it wanted, and the National Academy of Sciences prostituted itself in agreement.

A most interesting postscript to the Condon Report is that while the report was being researched at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, one of the most important, well documented contact between the U.S. Air Force and an Extraterrestrial craft took place 759 miles (1221 km) north at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana.  This has been carefully documented by the Air Force launch officer on duty, underground in his protected capsule watching red warning lights coming on indicating that the missiles he controlled were being rendered incapable to launch. The surface security personnel were in a panic reporting a craft hovering low over the gate of the launch facility. 

After three days the ICBMs were back in operational status.  No physical damage was involved.  The hovering craft obviously was not U.S., and no foreign country was accused of an “attack” on the U.S.  The obvious conclusion is that the hovering craft was Extraterrestrial in origin. The book, Faded Giant by Robert Salas details this event.  Salas was the Air Force Launch Officer on duty.

Events such as these have happened more than once in more than one country. One obvious message is being sent. Weapons of mass destruction have no place on a planet that expects to survive.

b. USAF Lesson Plans. Two class lesson plans, 1968, and changed in 1970, Chapter XXXIII, Unidentified Flying Objects, from a course, Introductory Space Science, offered at the U.S. Air Force Academy, are important.  In section 33.4 of the 1968 (pre-Condon Report) version: Human Fear and Hostility, there is a statement that follows an account of Russian anti-aircraft batteries firing on UFOs in July 1957.   “We too have fired on UFOs . . . one F-86 closed on the UFO at about 3,000 feet altitude.  The UFO began to accelerate away but the pilot still managed to get within 500 yards of the target for a short period of time. It was definitely saucer-shaped. As the pilot pushed the F-86 at top speed, the UFO began to pull away.  When the range reached 1,000 yards, the pilot armed his guns and fired in an attempt to down the saucer.  He failed, and the UFO pulled away rapidly, vanishing in the distance.”

When the Condon Report was published, the account of an F-86 attacking a flying saucer was edited out of the 1970 edition lesson plan along with all of the history of sightings for thousands of years.  The obvious reason was that such information added nothing to scientific knowledge. 

What was added to the 1970 lesson plan was a statement of the three-part Air Force mantra: (1) no UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security;  (2) there has been no evidence submitted or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as ‘unidentified’ represent technological developments or principles beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge; and (3) there has been no evidence that sightings categorized as ‘unidentified’ are extraterrestrial vehicles.”

For those who do not currently read or understand Air Force-Speak, the above may seem confusing, even approaching a falsehood.  Here is a translation: for statement (1), if the target is zooming away it is not a threat; the key to statements (2) and (3) is ‘unidentified.’  Some identified sightings are indeed extraterrestrial, and may present technology we really don’t understand.

The paragraphs immediately above address the issue that in the modern era there is documented proof of Earth/ET contact. Those who have researched this subject for many years have no doubt about contact – ancient and modern.  However, for someone relatively new to the field, the issue of proof obviously is naturally important.

For years we thought that trying to make “proof” irrelevant because the White paper is designed to generate a global dialogue about the anticipated results of disclosure of contact, before disclosure takes place.  Clearly we were walking in a garden with Alice in Wonderland. 

Dr. Carl Sagan was most certainly briefed into some level of the U.S. government ET program.  It appears that one of his assignments was to drop clues from time to time that could later be pointed to as hints of truth and soften the blow of sixty-plus years of lies and disinformation in the Unites States.  For example, in a talk to the American Rocket Society, Los Angeles, December 1962, Sagan said this:

“Mankind must be prepared to face the probability that we have already been visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere in the universe - and that they have – or have had - bases on the averted side of the moon.”

This talk was four-years before the first U.S. satellite orbited the moon, and six-years before Apollo 8 orbited the moon with three astronauts being the first humans to see what was on the averted side of the moon. 

However, a U.S. Remote Viewing program had already identified alien bases there.  Now Russia, China, Japan, many European countries and India have their own evidence about this.  However it is likely that only a few in academes have been allowed to see this impressive evidence of ET activity on the Moon. 

To fill this void we have asked our ET sources to provide close-up photographs of ET activity on the Moon.  Additionally we have requested a narrative that supports the photography.  When P.E.A.C.E. Inc. receives this material it will be posted on our website: www.peaceroom.com with the Moon Coin material.

Thousands of people have personally experienced various levels of contact. In 570 pages, the book Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History, by Steven M. Greer M.D., make the reality of contact over and over again.

The broader reality is that most of the world’s population knows nothing about this, and the world they do know is going to be turned on its head. This is a serious concern of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, and the White Paper program has been designed to support a global dialogue on the challenges and opportunities that will follow formal disclosure of ET/Earth contact.

The ETs have told us that they control disclosure.

  1. Known unclassified scientific inquiry: The Brookings Report

A very important and infrequently cited report is the, Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs. It was commissioned by NASA and created by the Brookings Institution. It was a serious effort to apply massive brain power to what obviously was recognized as an important and complex issue in 1960.

The Brookings staff members and the consultants responsible for the study collaborated through a series of monthly two-day conferences. Additionally, over 200 other people were interviewed throughout the course of the project.

As observed in the letter forwarding the report to Congress: “These persons by contributing their experience, imagination, and critical insight have been of great assistance in the preparation of this report.”

In the Brookings Report of 186 pages, three pages address the implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life.  These three pages are a part of the last chapter,  Attitudes and Values.  I suspect that their location was carefully deliberate.  The report was delivered 14 years after the Roswell incident, but books about that affair were still being cranked out and keeping interest alive at least in the small exopolitics community. Other than the defensive reports on Roswell that the Air Force was forced to create, no other public government reports ever mentioned extraterrestrial issues.

NASA understood that if the Brookings Report mentioned ETs it would provoke a small and hungry exopolitics community starving for any “official” crumbs. There was a real possibility that the ET discussion would be pulled because it conflicted with the disinformation program about Roswell in particular and ETs in general.

An argument can have been made that those three pages were actually a coded “request for research proposal,” without the notoriety of the normal procedure to request bids for government goods and services.

The Brookings report identified 99 individuals associated with 27 universities and institutions that had been involved in creating the report.  That was a huge intellectual investment that among other agendas was an open request by NASA for Congress to fund ongoing research in the areas covered.
Although the report discusses the need for research on many policy issues related to space exploration, it is most often cited for passages from its brief section on the implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life.

The following passages and their footnotes are those most frequently cited in reference to ETs:

"While face-to-face meetings with it will not occur within the next twenty years (unless its technology is more advanced than ours, qualifying it to visit Earth), artifacts left at some point in time by these life forms might possibly be discovered through our space activities on the Moon, Mars, or Venus." – pages 182–183.
"Anthropological files contain many examples of societies, sure of their place in the universe, which have disintegrated when they have had to associate with previously unfamiliar societies espousing different ideas and different life ways; others that survived such an experience usually did so by paying the price of changes in values and attitudes and behavior." – page 183.
"Since intelligent life might be discovered at any time via the radio telescope research presently under way, and since the consequences of such a discovery are presently unpredictable because of our limited knowledge of behavior under even an approximation of such dramatic circumstances, two research areas can be recommended:
"An individual's reactions to such a radio contact would in part depend on his cultural, religious, and social background, as well as on the actions of those he considered authorities and leaders, and their behavior, in turn, would in part depend on their cultural, social, and religious environment. The discovery would certainly be front-page news everywhere; the degree of political or social repercussion would probably depend on leadership's interpretation of (1) its own role, (2) threats to that role, and (3) national and personal opportunities to take advantage of the disruption or reinforcement of the attitudes and values of others. Since leadership itself might have great need to gauge the direction and intensity of public attitudes, to strengthen its own morale and for decision making purposes, it would be most advantageous to have more to go on than personal opinions about the opinions of the public and other leadership groups." – page 183.
"The knowledge that life existed in other parts of the universe might lead to a greater unity of men on Earth, based on the 'oneness' of man or on the age-old assumption that any stranger is threatening. Much would depend on what, if anything, was communicated between man and the other beings . . ." – page 183.
"The positions of the major American religious denominations, the Christian sects, and the Eastern religions on the matter of extraterrestrial life need elucidation. Consider the following: 'The Fundamentalist (and anti-science) sects are growing apace around the world . . . For them, the discovery of other life -- rather than any other space product -- would be electrifying. . . . some scattered studies need to be made both in their home centers and churches and their missions, in relation to attitudes about space activities and extraterrestrial life.'" – page 182, n.3.
"If plant life or some subhuman intelligence were found on Mars or Venus, for example, there is on the face of it no good reason to suppose these discoveries, after the original novelty had been exploited to the fullest and worn off, would result in substantial changes in perspectives or philosophy in large parts of the American public, at least any more than, let us say, did the discovery of the coelacanth or the panda." – page 183, n.34.
"If super intelligence is discovered, the results become quite unpredictable. It is possible that if the intelligence of these creatures were sufficiently superior to ours, they would choose to have little if any contact with us. On the face of it, there is no reason to believe that we might learn a great deal from them, especially if their physiology and psychology were substantially different from ours."– page 183, n.34.
"It has been speculated that, of all groups, scientists and engineers might be the most devastated by the discovery of relatively superior creatures, since these professions are most clearly associated with the mastery of nature, rather than with the understanding and expression of man. Advanced understanding of nature might vitiate all our theories at the very least, if not also require a culture and perhaps a brain inaccessible to Earth scientists." – page 183, n.34.
"It is perhaps interesting to note that when asked what the consequences of the discovery of superior life would be, an audience of Saturday Review readership chose, for the most part, not to answer the question at all, in spite of their detailed answers to many other speculative questions." – page 183, n.34.
"A possible but not completely satisfactory means for making the possibility 'real' for many people would be to confront them with present speculations about the I.Q. of the porpoise and to encourage them to expand on the implications of this situation." – page 185, n.36.
"Such studies would include historical reactions to hoaxes, psychic manifestations, unidentified flying objects, etc. Hadley's study, Invasion from Mars (Princeton University Press, 1940), would provide a useful if limited guide in this area. Fruitful understanding might be gained from a comparative study of factors affecting the responses of primitive societies to exposure to technologically advanced societies. Some thrived, some endured, and some died." – page 185, n.37.

A positive assessment of the Brookings Report includes the following:

  1. It clearly calls for additional future reports;
  2. The team identified that was involved in various phases in the creation of the report was  drawn from 27 universities and organizations what were very experienced in doing business with the US government.  For some of them this business was a significant percent of their income.  It is safe to assume that some of these and unnamed others immediately followed up this report with a proposal to NASA to be selected to provide additional future reports. 

I certainly hope that this happened, and some day when ALL the records of what the US government discovered and experienced with the ET community will be known. That body of knowledge should be declassified and translated into the major languages of Earth’s cultures and gifted to libraries around the world.  It would be a wonderful gesture for our ET colleagues to immediately circulate an edited and annotated edition of this volume.  That would fill the gaps of discovery and serve as a baseline for a potential bright human future.

  1. ET Subject in Educational Curriculum

Only a very few US colleges and universities have ever offered course work on the ET subject.  Rarely have these been predictably offered in repeated semesters.   Not surprisingly, when such a course is offered it is because a professor or instructor has sufficient status in his department or college to be allowed to offer a course on this subject. 

A Native American friend, Hunter Bear, was full professor at the University of North Dakota and department head in history.  For years he offered a very popular ET course that was always well attended.  The course featured his personal ET contact.

While rare, there is a small body of graduate level ET literature that was successfully offered for  Master and PhD degrees.

It is obvious that US colleges and universities are very concerned about allowing course work on this subject.  Their major concern is maintaining a reputation of respectability. 

  1. Media Attention and Inattention

In counterintelligence operations it is critical to handle media interest in what you are trying to protect.  Two classical strategies are the use of ridicule and an argument of need for security based on claims of national security issues.  The US government has very successfully used these two strategies to take the “responsible” print media out of the game. 

Audience popularity of television programs that feature ET and UFO themes opened the vault a bit, but it appears that a compromise may have been reached that offered little government resistance to ancient alien stories.  An increasing number of former AF personnel have marketed their personal ET experiences, and the existence of hundreds of millions of camera ready cell phones have made mainly fuzzy photos of UFOs normal items on the worldwide web.  There are a large number of professional exopolitics experts who appear on increasing numbers of speaking venues.  This is evidence that ETs and UFOs are marketable subjects.  A standard theme of many speakers is to demand disclosure “now.”

There undoubtedly is a built up desire by major print and television outlets to be the first to publish the “now it can be told” stories that they have been sitting on in obedience to government requests. 

  1. Subject in Popular Movies/Television

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been made in Hollywood with very popular series of well-produced movies and TV shows that feature ETs and extraordinary space craft.  These have been high action productions with lots of high-tech weapons and always with a good guy/bad guy theme.  In the end the good guys usually win but the bad guys always manage to regroup in time for the next sequence of the series.  A very large innocent following buy lots of items to feed their space fantasies.

The negative aspect of all of the above is a necessary action theme of enemies in space, but not to worry, the good guys can handle them.  These are two false beliefs.  There most certainly are threats to be faced in deep-space, but they are natural phenomena that probably took the lives of many bold ETs when they first dared deep-space exploration.  There is irony in the situation that the ET culture called the Reptilians are credited by other ET cultures as being the go to group to navigate in deep-space.  Many humans are herpetophobic, (with fear of reptiles).  The ET Reptilians are said to hold humans in low regard.

  1. Impact of Private Citizen/ET Diplomacy (See special Note 5)

The ETs cultivate contact with individual Humans and Human groups for a variety of reasons.  It is correct to assume that they have a purpose and agenda for the contact.  This does not rule out chance meetings. 

I have experiences one such event and remember it well.  It took place during a meeting of the Society of Scientific Exploration in Boulder, Colorado in June 1989.  A mid-week break in the conference was scheduled so that attendees would have some time to enjoy the opportunity of being in Colorado.  One scheduled event was a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park followed by a BBQ dinner at a Guest Ranch down at a lower elevation.  Departing Colorado Springs in a small van, nine members of the SSE were driven up the mountain to the park.  Within a short time we were driving between different layers of clouds.  The driver did this for a living and had carefully briefed us on the schedule we had to keep to have time at the Park to play in the snow and then coming off the mountain to get to the Guest Ranch in time for dinner. I was seated in the rear of the bus with my wife and friends Turtle Woman Singing, and Angela Smith. With the clouds there was little to see and I assumed I had fallen to sleep when I was awakened by Turtle Woman who quietly told my wife and me that we had missed some interesting action.  At the time we were still climbing the road to the Park.  

Turtle Woman told us that all was quiet on the bus when the driver slowly turned off the road into a small observation area.  The driver parked the bus and appeared to go to sleep. A small group of small Grays immediately appeared.  One entered the bus and was surprised to see that Turtle Woman was alert and watching him. Outside of the bus the other ETs were erecting a small tent structure.  When the first passenger in the front of the bus was being guided off the bus and into the tent, Turtle Woman told a second ET who entered the bus that the four humans in the rear of the bus were to be left alone because they were already the responsibility of another ET group in another state.  He gave no argument to Turtle Woman and she watched each other passenger guided off the bus and into the tent for about 5 or 6 minutes.  Her impression was the tent was some sort of energy device.  After the last passenger was returned to the bus the driver appeared to awaken and returned to the road to continue the drive up to mountain.  One by one the other passengers awaken and shortly we reached our scheduled destination in the Park. 

During that last part of the drive the four of us decided to remain quiet about what Turtle Woman had observed, but to ask the driver when we got off the bus how much time we had to play in the snow.  When he looked at his watch he exclaimed, “My God, we are off schedule and need to leave right now! Get everybody back on the bus.”  That caused some confusion and complaints that we had just arrived by the passengers who have left the bus. 

It was noteworthy that none of the passengers who the ETs had taken off the bus showed any interest about the obvious mystery of missing time.  When we arrived at the Guest Ranch the dinner was over, but the kitchen found some beans and ribs for the tardy group.

I suggested to Turtle Woman that she write up this adventure for the SSE Journal.  She never did.  Missing Time is a well-established ET associated event as is a low level of interest to explain what happened to the time.  (See Oral Histories above for more on Turtle Woman Singing).

  1. Influence From Other Countries

Most evidence suggests that the US has taken a lead role in ET research.  It also appears that the ETs have paid more attention to the US than to any other country.  If that is correct it is probably the result of the US use of nuclear weapons and world dominance in arms, and arms sales.  Other reasons would be that the US has a reputation of both generosity and being a global policeman with a strong will and capability to seek “justice” and revenge. 

No country presents a threat to the ETs.  However, among all countries the US is destined to play a key role in the outcome of disclosure.

  1. Antagonism/fear towards ETs: Who and Why?

The greatest area of antagonism in the US toward ET conduct is associated with the ancient “abduction” program.  One of the most important discoveries in the interviews conducted with ETs by Angela Smith detailed in the book, Voices from the Cosmos is their defense of this program.  Boiled down it was, “You don’t understand,” and “It is important.” No one conceded that taking without conscious permission is both unethical and illegal on Earth.  The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth certainly understood this and I am sure planted the “volunteer” idea in my mind.  This enabled me to suggest this idea to them when we were designing Pilot Programs to be implemented on Earth.  They obviously wanted to make sure that I got the message, and gave the same idea to one of my colleagues with whom I discuss these issues. 

It is important for the reader to know that I have received considerable ET assistance while writing “my” comments on the White Paper outline.  Everyone who reads this must decide for themselves if this is a plus or a minus.

  1. Fear

The unknown is a natural magnet for fear.  When someone spins the unknown in the direction of “danger,” watch your pocketbook, another new weapon system needs to be funded.


(Note 1) The term Extraterrestrial encompasses the concept of Visiting Others not normally residents of the surface of earth.  It includes possible origins from the visible universe, parallel universes, other dimensions, inner-earth, and ocean domains, and certainly unknown locations.  They may be corporal or non-corporal in form.  Anthropomorphism is not an issue.

Sir Arthur Clark was an acute observer of reality.  He noted: “How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.”  I would not be surprised to learn someday that the ETs long ago set up and still maintain significant under-Ocean colonies.  Some work I have done with dolphins has given me gentle hints about this.


Part IIChallenges and Responses to Disclosure on Selected Segments of Countries/Cultures (Note 2)

  1. Religion

Research quickly shows that the major religions of Earth can easily find one or more citation in their sacred literature to support the idea of life existing in the Cosmos.  I present these in chapter three, The Flat Earth Society in Voices from the Cosmos.

What I did not include in that chapter was a prediction that disclosure will spawn a host of new “true” religions with charismatic leaders claiming to be in direct contact with the real Cosmic God.  Few of these will survive long and the ETs will not intervene to tidy up the mess of confusion they cause.  Earth ending predictions will be commonplace. To say that this will be a vulnerable time is certainly an understatement.  Evangelical Christians will have to face their belief that the ETs are the fallen Angels.  They are not.

The politics of religions are discussed below.

  1. Political: International, National, State/Province, City, Town, Village

There is no confusion at some level of every major country about the reality of life throughout the Cosmos.  The ETs realized the requirement for this many years ago if Humans were going to survive the challenges of disclosure. The outcome of disclosure will either be: that Humans fail to work together to save civilization and the lights will all go out; or that compassion, cooperation and compromise kept the flame of life burning enough for the ETs to determine that the Humans have learned and shown the will to survive and thereby earned ET support in the remaining work to be done. 

The key to this happy ending is clear.  Violence at all levels of society must be diminished. War as strategy to solve problems must be recognized as the failure it is.   One of the last knots to be untied will be the sad and evil role that religions have played in fermenting and supporting wars.

At this stage of the game, Humans cannot successfully handle the religious issue.  The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth will become directly involved.

  1. Economics

The current global banking system has been very successful – for a few, and a vampire for the rest.  In the US, the Bank of North Dakota, (BNK), a public bank founded in 1919 is a model to consider if disclosure goes through a phase of economic collapse and banks that previously were considered too big to fail are allowed to fall off that high perch.  If state legislation was in place that authorized new public banks, that loss will become a blessing as the BNK is considered to be.  These new banks could be capitalized by the Federal Reserve’s purchase of bank shares.  The BNK receives deposits from ordinary citizens and importantly the state deposits collected tax revenue that can be loaned within the state.  This creates jobs in the state and the cycle of more jobs creating more tax revenue is accelerated.  There are international examples of publically owned infrastructure banks in Germany and China that are successful.  Similar banks in the US in the 1930s and ‘40s also were successful.  Disclosure may shine a light on a better system than the dominant banking model that only well serves the few.

  1. Academic

I believe that the current US academic community can be reformed rather rapidly in response to a crisis of disclosure; the public systems less so than private colleges and universities.  Younger professors and instructors will recognize the opportunity for academic advancement and recognition if they focus on the new, and quickly dump what is obviously not what disclosure signals about the future. 

They will get ET assistance if it is requested.  That will quickly accelerate the new learning curves.

  1. Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex

This monstrous cabal will be dissolved when disclosure is recognized as a welcomed event.  This will be the heart of the battle.  Both old hot and cold warriors will fight to keep control of the power and profit that perpetual war provides. There will be an open Pentagon rebellion, a first for the US.  A collection of young Army Colonels and Navy Captains will win this battle, and Generals and Admirals will survive at the sufferance of this group. The Air Force will not fare well with a purge of officers in all grades who have unwisely identified themselves as God’s Christian warriors.

The salvation of the Department of Defense and the Armed Forces will come when they propose to the White House and Congress a bold plan of new Roles and Missions.  These R&M’s will feature a disciplined military force trained and ready to work with global counterparts in every type of rescue and recovery situation that is life threatening.  Most of these will be the result of climate changes and natural disasters.  It will take a generation of this performance to fully establish to the ETs and the world that the US has earned respect for life saving rather than life taking.

Industry will quickly adjust to this unprecedented shift in the military’s R&M’s.  Space related contracts will greatly increase.

Congress will have to be reformed if they are going to be relevant after disclosure.  It is doubtful that they will be able to do that that without amending the constitution to bring it into the current century.  The constitution of the cosmic Federation may provide a model for that.

  1. Health/Medicine

This field will go through a rapid transformation with direct ET input. The amended US constitution will state that health care is a fundamental right of all citizens. (Not just for Members of Congress).  Energy medicine will completely replace manufactured drugs. The longevity curve will rapidly rise and the quality of life in every country will greatly increase.  Major ancient causes of war will disappear.

I suspect that the ETs have learned from Human behavior that the physical body model has a number of defects that make it vulnerable to environmental issues that are the direct consequences of poor economic and political models. Economic and political models that favor profit over the health and quality of life for all species will ultimately fail.

  1. Agriculture

Many years of desertification and other consequences of climate change have taken much acreage out of food production. Only a rapid successful introduction of new highly productive hydroponic technologies will avoid global starvation. Israeli scientists will be awarded Nobel prizes for this technology. 

  1. Energy

Carbon and nuclear based energy production will finally be abandoned in every country, environmental costs finally being admitted.  The replacement energy systems will meet new basic requirements:  they are environmentally benign; highly scalable from an individual household to industrial and dense population needs; low installation and maintenance costs; long life; high safety record.

Surprisingly, these systems were quickly produced from careful plans that were available.  The ET hand was most visible.  The old and ugly national grid was dismantled.

  1. Transportation

A ultra-speed coast-to-coast non-stop rail system will be built.  A Mother train will start on one coast and will be fed and discharge passengers throughout its non-stop journey by small sized “catch-up” train cars that will connect and disconnect.  The average speed will be close to four-hundred mph.  A parallel freight train system will exist.   The system will be essentially straight and flat.  The ETs will provide a rapid tunneling technology that they have used for years.

The combustion engine will be retired.  Electric cars will be the only option.  Nationwide, an in- ground recharge systems will be everywhere cars are normally parked.  They will start when the driver selects “recharge” from his car, and automatically disconnect when the car is driven away.

Aircraft will be powered by several new systems that are quiet and non-polluting,  Take-offs and landings will be slow vertical. Speeds will be in the Mach 10 realm.

The postal system will largely be via teleportation from a postal facility directly to a teleportation address.  An argument will be whether a home edition of this system should be allowed.

  1. Science

Techno-Science education will become the most popular course in educational systems at every level.  A tricky gift from the ETs will be mind-technology that will support the physical creation of whatever can be visualized in the mind’s eye. The system can be gated to stop the creations of obvious weapons and anything dangerous to the class.  These will be functional items that will de-create if removed from the classroom.  They will automatically de-create at a time selected by the instructor.  This will test the theory that once something is successfully created it can forever be created again.   This practice will stimulate and encourage developing brains to early high levels.  No less than half of the course will be instructions on a code of secular ethics.  Each class “invention” will be discussed in terms of its ethical significance. .

  1. Construction

The ETs will introduce new models of construction that will be less expensive and quicker to produce than anything currently used.  In currently unexplainable ways the building will become organic and become naturally anchored to the earth.  This will become highly important when Earth becomes much more seismic active as it heals itself.

Some experiencers have reported that ET craft appear to be organic in nature.  I made this observation over 80 years ago.  This technology is obviously quite mature with many applications. Working with nature is a wise decision.

  1. Age Groups

I suspect that the impact of disclosure changes will have a strong correlation with age.  Youthful openness and naiveté many make the great changes of disclosure equally exciting and hopeful as frightful. Older and more experienced and cynical minds may endure a more negative and fearful experience of “losing” everything they knew and believed and worked for them.

  1. Education Level

Less educated persons may suffer more anxiety, confusion and stress than people with higher education levels.  The quality of education is obviously an issue here.  It is likely that the less educated community has paid less attention and therefore has less information and knowledge about the ET subject.  I do not believe that ignorance will provide a protection buffer.  When the buzz of disclosure commands radio and TV time, the less educated may become very concerned about “what” is going on.  They will be vulnerable to fear based exploitation. 

  1. Income Level 

The known correlation between low income and low education is well established. 

  1. Degree of Religious Belief

Religious zealots are easily lead into violence. In times of dramatic and unsure change this is even more so.

  1. Pleasure/Displeasure Over the Way Disclosure is Being Made

The White Paper program is the best opportunity that countries will have to thoughtfully  express opinions, concerns and hope for what is ahead with disclosure. They will be carefully read and assessed by the ET controllers of disclosure. Any country that does not get its oar in the water will seriously regret that missed opportunity. 

Every sector that currently defines Earth civilization will either transform or destruct.  Those that move first and fast have the best chance of survival. Every political-ism will be found wanting.  There will be a great opportunity for a heroic transformation of the global economic system that has miserably failed to serve the best interest of Earth.


(Note 2) Formal disclosure may occur by announcements from official government sources or credible non-government sources, or informal disclosure by the accretion of unofficial evidence, i.e. sightings, increasing media attention, leaks of information from official sources, until there is a consensus that disclosure is underway or has actually happened.  For purposes of the White Paper the premise is that formal disclosure has been made by responsible, globally respected political leaders, i.e., there is no doubt about the integrity of the disclosure announcement.


Part III.  Attitudes/Issues with Regard to Disclosure (Note 3)

  1. Fear Factors

It was previously noted when the Brookings Report was discussed that certain groups over others would be more negatively affected.  That comment was:

"It has been speculated that, of all groups, scientists and engineers might be the most devastated by the discovery of relatively superior creatures, since these professions are most clearly associated with the mastery of nature, rather than with the understanding and expression of man. Advanced understanding of nature might vitiate all our theories at the very least, if not also require a culture and perhaps a brain inaccessible to Earth scientists." – page 103, n.34.
That “speculation” may reflect an opinion from a majority of social scientists, and not really supported by engineers and scientists.
What I believe is a more accurate general comment about “fear, hope and welcome” attitudes toward contact is that thoughtful minds will experience fear and hope and ultimately welcome, regardless of professional disciplines.
The voice of fear is frequently anger.  Decisions made in anger rarely reflect wisdom.

  1. Hope Factors

 From my experience with ETs, it is wise to keep hope in check.  This is not a recommendation to court hopelessness. It is wise to honor the significance of the reality that humans were created by ETs as a work force, servants to them. While it is clear to me that they want the Earth Experience to succeed, the rules of that game are that this will only happen if humans exercise the will and skill to survive without direct ET intervention.  They have repeatedly said that the problems you have created are yours to solve.  Obviously this is the consequence of humans being granted free will, something rare in the cosmos.

  1. Welcome to Contact

When a consensus forms that welcomes contact, humans can expect increasing indirect support to solve remaining threats to survival.

  1. Resistance/Violence Factors

If the US spins disclosure as a threat to Earth and humans, it may well become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The ETs will likely withdraw from all contact with Earth and humans and watch from afar what they have seen many times in the history of the Cosmos. Earth as a planet will eventually heal and new life may be inserted when it can be supported. Hopefully that will be a smarter species that humans turned out to be.

  1. Control Issues for Governments and Other Institutions

ET’s knowledge of outcome of thousands of fledging planetary civilizations when disclosure of ET reality and contact was decided to be made has given them a model for this process.  They have proposed a global dialogue that assesses the anticipated challenges and opportunities of disclosure of ET/Earth contact.  They are in charge of disclosure and the White Paper Pilot Program is what they will use to support the dialogue. What you are reading is what P.E.A.C.E. Inc. has been asked to implement.

They want the world’s college and university system to be major players in this program that is detailed in other sections of this outline.  Their basic concern is what will happen on Earth without a previous mature global dialogue about disclosure.  Apparently cosmic history of such events detail economic and political chaos, sometimes leading to convulsive violence.

The expected response from the nation-state system is to maintain the nation-state system.  Similarly, other great institutions such as the world’s major religions are expected to tenaciously attempt to hang on to their faithful base.  The Vatican has been public in this mode for a matter of years and opened that strategy by announcing that the “ETs are our brothers.”  They moved silently through the Fear and Hope stages and have officially “Welcomed” them.  As the "central government" of the Roman Catholic Church, the Holy See has a legal personality that allows it to enter into treaties as the juridical equal of a state and to send and receive diplomatic representatives. It has formal diplomatic relations with 179 nations.  This is a very important reality and we will request the Vatican to participate in several of the Pilot Programs; the Treaty banning all space-based weapons, and the White Paper of this outline. The Vatican certainly has good relationships with all the world’s Catholic Colleges and Universities.

The People’s Republic of China, more than any other nation state, has been open with its population on the subject of ET reality and contact with Earth.  Most countries appear to ignore the subject.

  1. Who will be in charge ofdisclosure - Visiting Others (ETs) or earth authorities or both?

The ETs are in a commanding position to control disclosure and have made that known to Earth.  Some ET cultures have technology vastly superior to anything known on Earth. Some ET cultures have demonstrated superior intelligence.  Some ET cultures are not burdened with a physical body, yet can manifest one if that is necessary.  Mind-to-mind communication, telepathy, is the norm throughout the Cosmos, but rare with humans on Earth.  The significance of telepathy being the norm suggests that in the Cosmos there is a very high standard of ethical conduct.  Because you have nothing to hide it is immaterial if someone can read your thoughts.  One unique ET culture the Orb, has a service mission of Cosmic communication.  They link the Cosmos as message carriers.  They are perfectly designed for intelligence operations.  They can pass through any physical barrier and maintain invisibility.  They are frequently seen in photographs by humans because they want to demonstrate their presence.

From open records the US government does not want disclosure (now?) and has brazenly lied to the public on this subject.  It is reasonable to believe that they do have a strategy to get out of the deep hole they have dug for themselves when their current policy of denial becomes intolerably dysfunctional or until there is a positive reason to do so.

There are a number of conspiracy theories why the US government is “not allowed” to disclose contact. None of these are attractive except the obvious option.  The US has been in direct contact with the ETs for years and that it agrees that disclosure cannot safely be done except after a mature dialogue about it has taken place.  Yes, the US and other major governments have been in direct contact with the ETs for years.

Here is the obvious problem.  If major countries of the world suggested something like the White Paper Pilot Program, that would for many, signal the truth – and the truth could be devastating without the prior global dialogue.  That is the reason why the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth requested P.E.A.C.E. to design a White Paper outline for global universities to consider when they write their White Papers.

  1. Role of United Nations

Most of the above paragraph about major governments and direct ET contact applies to restricted areas of the UN system.  They are also in a holding pattern until the global dialogue has matured.  

  1. Role of Private Citizen/ET Diplomacy Groups and Activist Groups Demanding Disclosure NOW.

The citizen groups can play a helpful role in supporting the Pilot Programs that were designed with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth (SHE).  There was early agreement with SHE that the current “abduction” program run by the small Grays should be redesigned to make it a pure  volunteer program.   The current program is a gross violation of humans “free will” when they are taken without conscious agreement given.  The Invite and Return (I&R) Pilot Program is designed to replace what was wrong from the beginning. 

The argument of the US activist community that demands immediate disclosure appears to be based primarily on the fact that the government has kept this secret for seventy years and keeping it any longer cannot be justified.  Their argument and success in promoting disclosure would be greatly strengthen if in their speeches and various productions they would clearly acknowledge both the justifiable and other reasons for this secrecy.  These are certainly well known, but not so much by the general public.  In a rough chronological order they are; fear and confusion whether the unidentified craft presented a security threat to the country from the Soviet Union.  When their source was determined to be alien and not from Earth, the fear and confusion phase recycled, and finally settled down when it was determined that there was no ET threat. With early success in reverse engineering of crashed ET craft, and some ET assistance, the secrecy was to protect our intent and success in creating technologies for various purposes.  This deepen the security for the benefit of the Military-Industrial complex and sucked in selected members of Congressional leadership. At this point a rational argument could be and probably was made that it was time to make disclosure of both the ET reality and what that could/would mean for the benefit of the world. This was blocked by an unholy alliance of global financiers, some in arms industries and rightwing politicians who realized that it might not be easy to spin disclosure as a ET threat to the world and their great power and profit would be placed at risk. 

The “time” for disclosure will be when it can be safely accomplish.  This is why the ETs should be and are in charge.  

  1. Government and/or Private Exploitation of Disclosure

Until the Pentagon realizes that the current model of using force to solve problems is seriously flawed and has been since the US used nuclear weapons, we will continue to make enemies on a global basis.  That is a dangerous violation of an iron rule of successful international relations: the conservation of enemies.  The US 2003 war against Iraq, based upon the lies of neocons in the George Bush administration, continues after 13 years on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and every country in range of US drones and in the streets of 48 countries around the world that have suffered terrorist’s attacks by Islamic extremists.

The Perpetual War spin we are in is because of the venality of those who gain so much from it. I cannot imagine much more than petty scams from the private sectors trying to exploit disclosure.

However, the forces behind Perpetual Wars are powerful and skillful in surviving.  They will not give up without a battle.

  1. Military/Industrial/Congress Complex

A surprising large number in the first two groups of this powerful complex are knowledgeable about the reality of ET contact with earth.  They are nervously disciplined in keeping this knowledge secure from the public.  War is their cash cow and they realize that disclosure will end that for them.  What they and no one else knows is how war will end.  It could be in a ghastly eruption of confusion and violence with the ETs sadly withdrawing and writing off what they consider to have been a grand experiment with a hopeless human race that lacked the leadership and will to move into cooperative relationship with each other and the ETs. 

Or, it could be that honest and effective leadership will materialize and Earth slowly moves out of the modern Dark Ages into a period of successful cooperation focused on action needed to survive. 

The Congressional group in this complex has been such a disappointment that it is difficult to see any solution that does not recognize that the current capitalism model has been so corrupted that it is incapable of serving the needs of any group except the one percent.  The priority must be survival not financial profit.   


(Note 3) Disclosure may include increased numbers of daylight sightings of ET craft/vehicles, and at a later time, personal interactions with occupants of these craft and vehicles with governments that previously were left out of direct contact and communications.

It is interesting to note that for years, as detailed in other parts of this outline, the Peoples Republic of China has openly been involved in preparing its population for disclosure without putting that label on its program.  So far, no other country has been as bold and forward thinking.  (See special Note 5)


Part IV. Declared Positions

  1. The US Government

In November 2011, The White House released the following statement:

Thank you for signing the petition asking the Obama Administration to acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth.

The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.  In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.

This is a significant and grossly false statement.  It is important because for the first time in U.S. history, the President has released a statement on this subject.  The political significance is that the subject could be in play in future presidential campaigns.  A critical important time would be when the White House decided that they were losing the election and needed a new war or something equivalent to a new war.  However, the problem for the White House is that the president does not have the power to unilaterally make the disclosure announcement.

The White House press release noted that SETI (Search for Extraterrestrials
Intelligence) is a project using an array of ground-based electronic telescopes to search for ET life.  There are a number of technical reasons why the SETI program is a farce.  However, the best proof of its intent not to find evidence of ET reality is a statement in their operations doctrine that prohibits the use of UFO sighting in their search program.  This immediately eliminates thousands of sightings reported by military and commercial pilots, law enforcement personnel, and other professionals.  SETI is an embarrassment to science.

Because the whole planet is involved, the White Paper approach is a global project.   Within this reality is an important sub-reality.  For reasons that are currently imperfectly understood, the United States has assumed a lead role in trying to keep the lid of secrecy on over sixty years of modern Extraterrestrial/Earth contact.  That has now become an impossible task, and the United States appears to be trying to control the degree, timing and content of disclosure. 

  1. US Air Force

Within the United States, the Air Force has the primary mission assignment of defending the country from threats from the air and space.  This raises the critical issue of whether claims will be made that contact with Extraterrestrial presents a threat to earth.  There is absolutely no evidence of an ET threat to earth.  There is also over a fifty-year history of a misleading and deceitful hints and false claims being made that there is an ET threat.  None of these hints and false claims can be openly identified as an official statement from any country.

The most likely source of these false threat claims comes from some members of the Military/Industrial/Congress Complex (refer to President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address of January 17, 1961). That very important and powerful economic and political combine would be greatly weakened or greatly strengthened by disclosure.  It depends upon the spin placed on disclosure.  If the spin is one of threat, and accepted by the public, an ascendant status quo bellicus would result.  On the other hand, the opportunity to flip strategies of opposition to strategies of cooperation would open a gateway to space with partners who have thousands of years of experience in that realm. 

While all branches of the military services will be significantly impacted by disclosure and contact, the U.S. Air Force is the best service to use as an example for some of the details to be assessed.  One of the earliest public programs, Project Blue Book, was Air Force run.  More than any other military service, Air Force operational commands and service schools have published plans and studies on protecting the country from threats from space, and have been central to weapon systems designed to meet those threats.

The US Air Force has produced some unclassified versions of a few of its long range planning studies that boldly claim a mission to control space.  We do not know if the classified editions of these planning documents provide a realistic assessment of the likely outcome of provoked combat with ET forces. That would be an easy question to answer for any low grade Airman with a high school education.  The Air Force has some serious problems as noted in other parts of this outline.  However, the Air Force Academy graduates well trained officers capable of accurately placing warheads on any target in the world.  It is not impossible to believe that new role and mission assignments could redirect the energy of all the military services to constructive activity that creates global stability rather than more global enemies.


Note 4.  As a matter of power and authority the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth could announce disclosure without the cooperation or approval of any country.  It might even be able to calm economic and political disorder with a frightening public display of removing leaders by teleportation to an unknown, but safe temporary location.  For several obvious reasons they will not do that. Even done peacefully it would implant a deep level of fear, and set a model of Super Cosmic Man to the rescue.  They have repeatedly stated that the problems we have created are ours to solve.  The facts that some of the world’s major powers are in contact with the ETs can, when announced, have a calming effect.  


Part V.  Recommended Action

  1. By Governments

The end of colonialism following World War II created a nation state system made up of countries many of which were seriously handicapped by the serious sins of the colonial powers.  These included borders that split ancient cultural tribal areas, ignored natural geographic borders, and favored former colonies who agreed to maintain a special relationship with its former colonial power, and tried to harm new countries that had strongly resisted their colony status. 

I think it is too late to collectively address these issues with an argument that since disclosure is going to cause so many changes and adjustments that we might as well throw in all of the old ones.

 Instead, the strategy should be for a collective effort by geographic contiguous countries to work together to make the absolute priority adjustments required to receive the greatest benefits from disclosure.  I suspect that this approach will make the older heartaches either irrelevant or much easier to solve.

For the major powers the mantra should be “Surrender current fears and receive the promises of a future.  Without surrender there will be no future.”

Consider the wisdom and courage it will take to surrender.  Are there current leaders on Earth with such wisdom and courage? 

Don’t pretend not to understand the meaning of fear in this context.  The fact that the “fear” may be real and justified is most relevant. 

The current bellicose conduct of North Korea is fear based and certainly justified.  The combined power of the US, Japan and South Korea arraigned against it drives it crazy, and increases the odds that it may do something “crazy.”

The solution involves what the world is capable of doing to decrease and then eliminate nuclear weapon inventories.

The US is responsible for a huge amount of fear in the world. 

  1. By Academe

The role of academe has been clearly detailed in other sections of this document.  This document is a suggested outline of that role.

  1. By Individuals

Working with the ETs is not “by invitation only.”  Your High Self is an ET of great stature.  Learn to work with your High Self.  It is waiting.

  1. By Other Organizations and Institutions

Look for organizations in your own country that are already in action if you want to become an activist in this field.  P.E.A.C.E. Inc. is a very small non-membership organization.  Our plan is to lead in activating in the US all the Pilot Programs jointly created with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.  We will then work with individuals and organizations in other countries to share our experience and to assist them to do the same thing.  


Note 5.  The transformation needed to survive is easy to identify but will be a real challenge to accomplish.  No matter what the difficulty, the required move is from Conflict to Cooperation. 


Special Note 6

The White Paper program is also identified as Plan C.  The faculty and students of every college and university and the supporting community planning to research and write a White Paper will be greatly assisted by reading the book, Voices from the Cosmos, co-authored by C.B. Scott Jones and Angela Smith, and published in 2014.  In Chapter 1 of this book the background of Plan C is briefly detailed.  The concept grew out of the failure of the Rockefeller Initiative to get the Clinton administration to review the policy of secrecy about UFOs and ETs it inherited from previous administrations. Jones and Smith reveal much new and important information in this book that will be helpful in handling this challenging and complex subject of preparing for disclosure.


Pilot Programs.  This note goes beyond what we revealed in Voice from the Cosmos.  Both Jones and Smith have had personal contact for many years of their lives.  The new relationship is highly professional and we believe it is typical of an unknown number of other ET/Human relationships throughout the world. We are working with the ETs on Pilot Programs that are important to Earth and the ET community. One Pilot Program to be established will address the ethical issues of non-consensus taking of humans to harvest human DNA and other material used by the ETs to create a special hybrid designed for deep space exploration and to establish colonies on newly discovered inhabitable planets. For years this process has been labeled the ET abduction program.  In the book Voices, the ETs vigorous defend this program and point out that a more accurate description is Take and Return (T&R).  We have proposed a Pilot Program that would directly address the ethical issues of talking without asking permission and then placing humans in a state of amnesia about what has happened to them.  The new Invite and Return (I&R) program involves human volunteers with full conscious memories of the event.  This program has been approved by the ET Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.  Two other pilot programs have also been approved. One involves human medical personnel to establish a support group for the I&R program, and the other provides potential for faculty and students undertaking the White Paper program to have direct ET contact.  The ET interest in the White Paper program is their deep concern about serious political and economic trauma and chaos that formal disclosure of ET/Earth contact might cause without a previous mature global dialogue about all of these issues.

The Treaty: P.E.A.C.E. Inc. is seriously concerned about keeping weapons out of space.  Under the direction of Carol Rosin, the Executive Director of P.E.A.C.E. Inc., we drafted a Treaty that would ban from space all classes of weapons.  Both the Peoples Republic of China and the Russian Federation had also taken this step.

When we were in the final drafting phase of our Treaty, the ETs asked us if we were willing to include them as parties to the Treaty.  This is one of our most important programs. Countries concerned about the consequences of placing weapons in space will recognize that with ETs onboard, the issue of treaty verification is solved.  

Getting invitations to meet Heads of States is a challenging problem.  Once we get an opportunity to meet they cannot ignore the evidence we are willing to share with them in making the decision to sign and ratify the Treaty.

There is a direct link between the Treaty and the White Paper.  When a Head of State signs the Treaty he/she will be asked to identify a college/university that will research and write the White Paper for that country and culture. 

The third approved Pilot program is the Leader Program.  This is a highly inclusive program that certainly includes leaders in academe.  We have asked the ETs to consider inviting a small group of those involved in researching and writing a White Paper to experience space with them.

The following is very important:

All of the above programs are voluntary people-to-people programs.  There is no involvement at the government level.  None of these programs rise to the level of formal disclosure.  All of them are designed to prepare for formal disclosure at some unknown future date.  There is no lack of logic in this statement.  The ETs have been in contact with individual humans since the dawn of humanity.  The ETs created humans as Homo sapiens and have maintained contact from that beginning.  There have always been ETs living on Earth.  There has been extremely limited ET/government contact compared to individual/ET contact.  However, the ET approved Pilot Leader Program can be a vehicle for members of government as individuals and not representing governments to participate.


The Federation Rules.  Some readers of Voices from the Cosmos have contacted us and said that in our interviews with the ET races there are a number of references to the rules of the Federation.  One such reference was that Earth would not merit an invitation to join the Federation because Earth does not follow Federation rules.  This Catch 22 situation might be resolved if we knew the rules.  We have gone back to our ET friends and asked if they would provide us with a list of the Federation rules.  Their response was most interesting.  “Regarding Federation rules, look to the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Mohammed, etc.”  I sense that this reply was deliberately incomplete because the “etc.” number will be rather large and an important issue in the dialogue the White Paper is designed to promote.  Including Confucius in that short list is significant in that he is not considered to have been a spiritual leader but certainly concerned about ethical conduct, particularly in government.  Additionally, including Jesus and Mohammed in that short list is a reminder of the historical tragedy of the crusades that some current followers of Islam and Christianity insist must be settled by more violence.

I think the “etc.” group will include poets and artists who speak in their special way.  Teachers certainly include more than are found in the spiritual realm.  One of my favorites is from science: Albert Einstein.

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion.  It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity.  Buddhism answers this description. If there is any religion that could cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism.”

The Dalai Lama would smile and approve that assessment.

The subject of Federation Rules should be addressed in the White Paper. This can be done by research of Earth’s great ancient rule givers and contemplate what the rules will be for Earth to be invited to join the Federation.  The assumption is that the Federation is a rule based system and the rules are enforced to assure that peace and mutual support are the norm.  This issue certainly will add richness to the dialogue.

Getting started

We have contacted dozens of the world’s great academic institutions, and with some of them talked with faculty and administrators about the importance to the world of the White Paper program.  These discussions have been frank and friendly.  A small number said “not now, but perhaps in the future.” One said “yes” but was later stopped by a government that was concerned the U.S. would not be pleased if they continued.  Several U.S. universities said that without political cover they would lose funding and face peer ridicule.   These are understandable concerns.

It is not expected or desired that the White Paper be watered down to a consensus document.  Strong differences within the drafting group may be handled in several ways, i.e. a footnote written that presents an alternative position identifying those who drafted the footnote.  Or, if the major disagreement is philosophical in nature – e.g. pessimistic vs. optimistic in outcome, the report could be composed of a majority and minority reports. The subject is certainly populated with many unknowns.  The purpose of the White Paper project is to start a dialogue on the anticipated outcome of formal disclosure of ET/Earth contact, not to predict the future.  Be serious and thoughtful, but enjoy the opportunity to make a responsible contribution to the future of humanity

One Person Author Not the Norm for a White Paper

This example of a White Paper was completed by one person and it is of limited value because of that.  However, some sections were apparently considered to be particularly important and my ET colleagues joined me in writing about those subjects.  I did not edit any of that material, some of which was new and unknown to me.  I was delighted to receive that help.  Some of it is predictive in nature and positive.

The problem of a single author is that he or she could not speak for all the cultures that are found in many countries.  That certainly is the case of the United States. 

To compensate for the shortcoming of one author I will identify my tribe in the US and the experiences in the early years when I was being acculturated into the tribe.

I was born February 19, 1928, on a snowy winter morning in Emporia, Kansas.  This was eight months before the October 24, 1929 market crash that ushered in the Great Depression (1929-1939). To this misery was added three Dust Bowls waves, 1934, 1936, 1939-40, when more than 2.5 million people fled from the region of the Great Plane that was affected.  This was the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles and neighboring sections of Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico.

At birth I joined a happy, white, Middle Class, Protestant (Methodist) family.  Eight months later we slipped out of the middle class when my father who had borrowed and became seriously invested in the stock market was suddenly in deep debt and out of a job. As grim as this was the saving grace was the broader family support that was always available.  I had joined a family with one brother 2 ½ years my senior.  Three generations lived comfortably together in the home of my maternal grandparents. My paternal grandparents lived three blocks away.  My father’s father was retired from Supervisor of Grounds at the College of Emporia. My mother’s father was an evangelical Methodist minister.  Half-dozen grandaunts and uncles lived in town or on farms outside of town.  A number of cousins were teachers and administrators in Emporia schools.  Several times each month my family would have a chicken dinner with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Liddy on their farm.  This was prepared on a wood burning stove as electricity had not reached farms around Emporia. Uncle Jimmy used two huge Clydesdale horses to plow and harvest the fields 

There was no shortage of food in the family circle.  Father and grandfather were expert fishermen and the nearby Neosho and Cottonwood rivers supplied a bounty of fish.

 The population of Emporia was probably around 10,000 when the two colleges in town were not in session.  When they were, it would add about 2,000 more to the population. It was a conservative community that routinely supported the Republican Party.  William Allen White was the editor of the Emporia Gazette and recognized nationally as a responsible voice on political issues.

My early formal education started in Emporia. Ms. Ferguson was the principal of Walnut Elementary school I attended.  She had also taught my mother, father and brother. 

There were only a few black families in town.  Marty Hooker headed one of these and with a horse drawn wagon was a garbage collector.  Scrapes from meals were placed in a garbage can located on the alley behind houses and picked up once a week.  My brother and I were instructed to always call him Mr. Hooker.  He collected the garbage without charge, and used it to feed his hogs, his principal income source.

With three years of college education my father dropped out of school to raise his family.  His first job as a lineman for the electric company paid well but his true talent was recognized by the company and he was transferred into sales and management in their Emporia office.  This job disappeared in the depression and my father joined millions of others looking for employment.  The cycle that developed for him and the family was simple.  When my father found employment he would move to that location and shortly thereafter would be joined by my mother.  My brother and I would remain in Emporia with the loving care of our grandparents until the end of the school year and then join our parents.  As frequently happened, when that job disappeared we would return to Emporia and start the cycle again.  In this cycle I attended 12 different public schools in Kansas, California, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Maryland and Texas before finishing High School and joining the Navy. 

I asked my current ET colleagues to show me some important early ET contact.  What they selected both happened during my early years in Emporia.  In this life we have been together for 88 years.

(Here is a closing note about on my tribe’s ethics.  The financial debt that my father had accumulated during the 1929 depression was rarely discussed until many years after the end of the depression. During a visit by my brother and me to my father he raised a glass during dinner and said “I propose a toast to a task completed, I have paid off all of my debt from the depression era.”)

C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D.
President, P.E.A.C.E. Inc.

November 2016