White Paper

Table of Contents

White Paper Outline: Challenges and Opportunities Flowing from Disclosure  (See Special Note 6)

Part I. Country/Culture History and Extraterrestrial Knowledge and Interest (Note 1)

  1. Indigenous Populations
  2. Oral Histories
  3. Creation Stories
  4. Lessons Learned from the US Native Culture Experience
  5. Sacred Literature
  6. Unclassified Scientific Literature
    1. 1968 Condon Report
    2. USAF Academy Lesson Plans
  7. Known Unclassified Scientific Inquiry (Brooking Report)
  8. ET Subject in Educational Curriculum
  9. Media Attention and Inattention
  10. ET Subject in Popular Movies/Television
  11. Impact of Private Citizen ET Diplomacy (See Special Note 5)
  12. Influence from Other Countries
  13. Antagonism/Fear Toward ETs: Who and Why?
  14. Fear

Note 1

Part II. Challenges and Responses to Disclosure on Selected Segments of Countries and Cultures (Note 2)

  1. Religion
  2. Political: International, National, State, City, Town, Village
  3. Economics
  4. Academic
  5. Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex
  6. Health/Medicine
  7. Agriculture
  8. Energy
  9. Transportation
  10. Science
  11. Construction
  12. Age Groups
  13. Education Level
  14. Income Level
  15. Degree of Religious Belief
  16. Pleasure/Displeasure Over Way Disclosure is Being Made

Note 2

Part III. Attitudes/Issues with Regard to Disclosure (Note 3)

  1. Fear Factors
  2. Hope Factors
  3. Welcome to Contact
  4. Resistance/Violence Factors
  5. Control Issues for Governments and Other Institutions
  6. Who will be in Charge of Disclosure, ETs or Earth Authorities
  7. Roll of United Nations
  8. Roll of Private Citizen/ET Diplomacy Groups and Activist Groups Demanding Disclosure NOW.
  9. Government and/or Private Exploitation of Disclosure
  10. Military/Industrial/Congress Complex

Note 3

Part IV. Declared Positions

  1. U.S. Government
  2. U.S. Air Force

Note 4

Part V. Recommended Action

  1. By Governments
  2. By Academe
  3. By Individuals
  4. By Other Organizations and Institutions

Note 5

Special Note 6

Pilot Programs 
The Treaty
Federation Rules
Getting Started
One Person Author Not the Norm for a White Paper